Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kohl's also tries for J Crew's Frances blouse

Yesterday morning, when Gigi reviewed Kohl's knock off of J Crew's Fiona jacket on her wonderful blog Gigi's Gone Shopping, I was literally at Kohl's within the half hour.  She does amazing reviews from several stores.  My Kohl's did have both the black and the white, and it is a lovely jacket - the fabric feels good and it is remarkably similar to the Fiona.  I tried it on though, and I guess I had forgotten that I had passed on the original Fiona because it just didn't do anything for me.  Well this one was just the same.  I don't think boxy jackets are good on me.  So if the Fiona fits you well - you will probably love this too.  Anyway, while in the same section, I saw hanging on the wall the axcess Ruffle Blouse, an  incredible replica of J Crew's popular Frances blouse!  They had it in "Tropical Pink" and a bright reddish coral called "Coraline".  They were priced at $49 and on sale for $19.99.  I checked on the website and they also show white and lavender - but I didn't see those at my store.  I did pass on this one also  but I might have been inclined to buy the white if it were in-store. 

J Crew's Frances Blouse - J Crew's photo

Kohl's axcess Ruffle Blouse - Kohl's photo


  1. Looking at the pics, the JC blouse looks very soft, while the Kohls blouse looks very starched/stiff and like it would wrinkle easily. Did it feel that way in person?

  2. Wow -- that's amazing. Good eye! I have the Frances in sour lemon & white. It's too thin. If the Kohl's version is more fluid, but not uber thin then they did a better job. If it's stiff or starchy, as Heidi asked, that's probably no good. Great price, though! Thx for the blog reference :-)

  3. It really wasn't stiff - just a plain thin cotton (I'm actually not sure of the fiber content) - but it *did* look like it would wrinkle easily. It was similar to thin cotton blouses I have seen in other, higher end stores. I never did see J Crew's Frances in person, only on the site.