Saturday, March 14, 2009

Target takes on J Crew's Jeweled Posy Capri Sandal

Lookie what I saw in a bin at Target this morning!  Spitting image of J Crew's jeweled posy capri sandal from last year.  Of course the quality is not the same, and the paillete posy embellishment is smaller, but I have the J Crew version (in pink & orange) and I can say it isn't the most comfortable shoe in the world.  I didn't get these today, but with the cuteness factor and low price there is a possibility they could end up in my red cart before too long.

Merona thong sandal - $12.99

J Crew's shoe, J Crew's picture


  1. I saw those in Target the other day too! I was tempted...but do I really need another flipflop? Yes, why, yes I do. :) Especially one that is cute yet very affordable as this one.

  2. Ohhh...very cute! Thank you for the info and pic! :)

  3. I have been a longtime fan of Target's knockoff of the regular capri sandal. I always wondered how it compared to JC's but then started hearing that JC's wasn't any more comfortable or supportive.

    Even though I have been trying to (and succeeding) reduce my flip flop wear to be kinder to my feet, I think these would be a great summer "special" sandal.

  4. Oh cute. This is the type of thing good to wear around the house, too. I love flip flops.

  5. Very cute. I need to go check these out. I do love a flip flop!