Saturday, February 28, 2009

Merona Collection = Two Thumbs Up

(Another Target post) ...I don't know if the Merona Collection is something new but I had never noticed it before if it isn't.  Uber-cute jackets, dresses & tops.  Navy and green - perfect for Spring!  I tried on two jackets this morning and they felt and looked SO much higher end!  Seriously.  I would not have thought...  Anyway, I didn't buy them as I was in bargain hunt mode and just couldn't drop $45 - $50 on a rather dressy Target jacket... but I am keeping my eye on these.  I may have to go back for the Solid Jacket with Trim.  (I am almost hesitant to link to the website as the picture there does nothing for the jacket - it really is fabulous in person... the fit, the weight of the fabric...)  I can't get the photo I took of it to transfer to my computer, but it is hanging in the background on the first pic below.  The other coat is super nice too (again, so much more impressive in person than on the website) - I immediately thought Tory Burch (!) as soon as I saw it.  Beautiful fabrics and cuts.  This shirt was also very nice in person.  The only clothing item I did bring home, though (other than the "Waverly-esque" jacket in the previous post), was this Merona  blouse in navy for $17.99.  It also comes in pink and brown.

navy Merona Collection A Line Jacket $49.99 (whoops, the flash went off!)

close-up of fabric


  1. Great info on the Merona collection. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don't think we have the Merona Coll at my local Targets. I'll have to try another city. I see the navy jacket in the background of the photo. That's a better shot than they have on the website. *lol* I hear you on not wanting to fork $44.99 for it. It's a low price, but would have to look REALLY good.

  3. It was just on one little 4-way display. There weren't any signs - I just noticed that the tags were different. The also had a display over in handbags that I noticed were "Merona Collection". They are all on the website.

    I know... the Target photos are terrible! The jacket is really so nice I was contemplating running back there today to grab it... when I was looking at it I couldn't believe I was standing in the middle of Target.