Sunday, March 24, 2013

Table and Chairs (and Shoes)

I recently saw these chairs at World Market and knew I'd make them fit in my house somewhere... one wall of the family room had never been quite how I wanted it, so here they are:

World Market Emma Tufted Chairs

I'd had a larger black table with one chair there before and that table just overwhelmed the smaller scale chairs so it has moved and been replaced by this new one from Ballard Designs that arrived (quickly and in perfect condition) last week:

I purchased the lamp in Thailand - I think Pattaya - years ago, and the vase in Dan Kwian...  I bought many pottery pieces there when we lived in Thailand.  The paint color on the walls is Benjamin Moore Chestertown Buff.

Looking at the pics, I see I really need to tuck that lamp cord somehow.

Also, I cannot wait to wear these shoes.  It's still cold but we've had lots of sun breaks lately (a term that I'd never heard growing up but is now quite familiar) so I'm wanting to break out the Spring shoes.  I won't wait for it to get really warm, but I do need a pedicure.

These are past season and I bought them on sale from Bergdorf Goodman.  They shipped directly from SW though, so even though they are sold out all over (Duchess of Cambridge effect), there still may be some stock available.  I recently noticed the somewhat similar Reins style is featured in the March 2013 Nordstrom catalog (p. 75).

Stuart Weitzman Minx Sandal


Monday, March 18, 2013

Prada from Bluefly

While I was recovering from kidney stone surgery I had extra time for online shopping.  I placed my first order with Bluefly and found the shipping to be timely and package nicely wrapped.  I got the shoes at a great price point - they were of course marked down from retail, and I believe an extra $50 off that day (some days I've seen $30), along with shipping at no charge.  When I ordered there were only two sizes available, 39 (mine) and another... I was a little concerned because after I ordered I checked availability again and 39s were still showing as available, with the other sold out.  I checked back a couple of times before they arrived and noticed that different sizes became available and unavailable.  I'm not sure how they work their stock but this makes me think it's worth it to request notice if an item you want is currently not available and comes back in stock because there is a chance it will pop up.

I'm delighted with the shoes.  I noticed a pair almost exactly the same - I'd say looked to be the same style, just a different color - at the Nordstrom flagship later which, at full retail, cost more than twice what I paid for these.

Going through some old iPhone pictures recently, I noticed this snapshot that I took during the Neiman Marcus fashion show last Fall.  I think these may be the same shoes - there were some Prada in the show.  Here are the ones I think they are on their website, in black.  I loved the blue shoes and color combinations in the show but had no plans to pay that much for a pair of blue shoes at the time so forgot about them.  Happily my pair popped up on Bluefly at a fraction of the price.

Have you shopped Bluefly?  What did you think?


Sunday, March 17, 2013

OOTD 3.6.13

It's a long time between posts lately! I've been busy with the usual kids' activities, home and office, and not getting as many pics of shopping and outfits... though I have had posts in the back of my mind. Here is a recent OOTD with the Zara dog print top... it's sheer so I have a nude tank underneath.  I've ordered a couple more Zara blazers recently which I'll photograph for a review.  I already have photos of those Prada shoes uploaded too - my first Bluefly order - so that will be next.

I've been putting off writing about our family's adventures in China because that trip was just so amazing I don't know how I'll ever capture the experience in a few words or pictures... but if I'm too concerned with that I will never get them up.  So I will start working on that soon.  My hesitation reminds me of my visit to the Prada outlet in Montevarchi which I never shared along with the other Italy posts.  I'm going to put those pictures up too... I wonder if things have changed too much since Summer 2011...

On another note, I have been reading a bit lately.  I recently finished the three Sara Blaedel books that have been translated into English from Danish - Call Me Princess, Only One Life, and Farewell to Freedom.  If you like crime fiction or novels set in Denmark, I'd definitely recommend them.  I have been meaning to learn Danish for years now but I'm hoping they translate more of her books because it looks like it will be a while before I ever get around to that.  I've also caught up to season 1, episode 12 of The Killing - the US version set in Seattle.  I'd really like to get my hands on the Danish originals.  Any ideas how to view?

So back to clothes, here's an outfit from the other day:

OOTD 3.6.13

Zara top, J Crew cardigan, J Crew boots, F21 denim


Friday, March 1, 2013

Tea at The Peninsula

live music from balcony overlooking the lobby

One more Hong Kong post before I start sifting through hundreds of pictures from Southwest China...

So at the top of my children's to-do lists were seeing giant pandas, sailing on a junk, and shopping.  High on mine was tea at The Peninsula.

I'd been to Hong Kong a few times before this trip but had never fit this in.  I've really enjoyed tea at The Empress in Victoria, BC, so wanted to give it a try.

This was in October, so the tea was "Peninsula in Pink" themed, with special pink pastries and treats.  Each pink tea sold generated a HK$20 donation to The Peninsula Hong Kong's chosen charity THE REGISTRY (Hong Kong Hereditary Breast Cancer Family Registry).

Two of my children opted for milkshakes, and both the vanilla and chocolate varieties were declared The. Best. Milkshakes. Ever.  I tried a sip of the vanilla and wholeheartedly agree.

Tea is served in the lobby and reservations are not accepted.

Here are some pics: