Friday, March 20, 2009

OOD 3.20.09 - Breaking out the Fireballs

Fridays feel like a marathon around here - one thing after another all day long.  But there's almost always a reward in the evening with dinner out or getting together with friends.  And it rolls into Saturday morning which means Hubby makes breakfast for and plays with the kids while I get to get out and about a bit on my own, then return to a houseful of happy (though crazily dressed with messy hair) children for fun family time and more non-cooking!

So here's today's Polyvore, which should be subtitled  "First Wearing of the Fabulous Faux Fireballs!"  I can't stop looking at them in the mirror!  Perfect.

J Crew's Portland Merino Cardi in Melon, a Banana Republic silk ruffly sleeveless blouse (not JC's Victoria as pictured), Sofft caramel suede boots (not quite as sky high as the Guccis), Nordstrom Crystal Collection pave earrings and Anthropologie's Plucked Fruit Necklace


  1. I am loving your outfits! I have never been the best at putting outfits together and certainly not great with accessories, so I'm very grateful for the inspiration! Plus, since I don't know you personally, I feel totally fine stealing your outfits exactly as they are :)

  2. Thanks Heidi!
    Nikki - of course! And thanks for the compliment. Polyvore helps and all the blogs out there - especially the bloggers buying all the same stuff I am :)

  3. The Fireballs look FABULOUS on you! I love mine, too! :)