Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today's Target Report 3.5.09

Really... I really don't go to Target everyday!  I ran in for something - just for a sec - on my way to Anthropologie and thought I might as well do a quick run through...

btw, still no Alexander McQueen - we must not be one of the lucky 250!  I have seen pics online, though, and have a feeling not much of it would work for me anyway.  So *now* what I am looking forward to seeing is:  Felix Rey, arriving at select Targets (mine, please) and March 29th.  Lucky Magazine has a two page ad at the front of the April issue showing one of the styles.

Anyway, have you checked out Target's sleepwear section lately?  Oh my word!  These cute, cute pjs from Nick & Nora are $24.99.  I resisted, but I will probably end up getting them.  

I did go ahead and purchase this adorable xhilaration Sleepwear "Sunny Sip Soda" tee for $7.99.  They had a few different colors with different vintage-y, summery themes... one had fish, another a cabana, etc... It is a thin cotton but by no means sheer (at least the one I purchased isn't) - definitely able to be worn as a regular tee shirt. 

And then, on an endcap in the shoe department... why I was walking toward shoes rather than the checkout lanes at this point I don't know  ...maybe these lovely Mossimo snip-toe pumps were calling me: (just four or five pairs left and one in my exact size!)


  1. S&S - I can't see the pictures? But based on the link, the pumps look very cool!

  2. I was afraid of that! I went through Picasa since Blogger won't upload my pics... Picasa says it is "still waiting for results" although I can see them on my computer... frustrating! Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. Now I can see them! Those PJs are very cute. I love the sunny sip sode tee. And way cool shoes.

    As far as upcoming lines. The Felix Ray bag looks like a really fun piece. But I have to admit, I am most excited about Miss Trish of Capri, out April 5.

  4. I saw the tees and almost picked one up, but somehow resisted...I was good that day. ;) I've seen the pumps and think they are cute, but know I wouldn't wear them enough to justify the current sale price. I do have my eye on these shoes Women's Mossimo® Peace Heeled Sandal . They DO look better IRL, and I think they would be fab with sundresses and capris this Spring/Summer.

    Thanks for sharing your finds! :)

  5. Heidi - yes I am so looking forward to Miss Trish too! I think I am ready for summer.

    FFM - those look great - and really versatile. I know, just about everything at Target is better IRL than that crazy website!