Friday, March 20, 2009

The Friends and Family Box Arrives

Yay!  Happy Friday from the UPS man!  As I drove out to pick up my girls from school I saw this lovely little box sitting on my front porch.  Everything is great!  14 items - 14 very wearable, useful, and cute items, more importantly - for under $115 before tax.  Yes!  

I have to get my girls to ballet in 30 minutes but I wanted to do a quick post.  Just about everything was just as I expected... the braided sandals are cute, cute, cute... ruffle neck cardigan in "Dark Night" is a perfect basic navy cardi... the tanks and tees are, well, ON tanks and tees, and perfect layering pieces.  The sleeveless button front cotton shirt in "Bright Coral" is brighter than I expected - kind of an orangey-red - but they did say "bright".  And I LOVE the jacket!  I posted about it here and I liked it... but that was in a M size in olive.  I ordered a S size in Radiant Red and now I love it.  SO Cute!!!  And only $21.00.  I snapped a couple quick pics in it in front of the mirror in our entryway.


  1. Ooooh, package!!! Love love love the jacket on you - such a great color, so glad you got it. Hope you love it all!

  2. The red jacket looks so pretty on you!
    I need a navy cardigan and the ruffle sounds pretty--will have to check out ON!

  3. YAY a package! That is ALWAYS exciting! The jacket looks great...can't wait to hear about all of your other goodies! :)

  4. The jacket looks really good. The color is great w/your skin tone.