Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's Target Report 3.6.09

The alternate title for this post is "What Is Wrong  with Me.  Not Only Have I Been to Target Three Days in a Row, but I Am Writing About It."

About 9:15 this morning I arrived at World Market to get some things for Hubby's get-together because they open at 9:00 am, right?  No.  10:00 am.  Has it always been like that?  I really don't think so.  Anyway... what to do with 45 minutes? Nothing is open.  Except Target.  Right next door.  And I did need some dishwasher detergent.  So I get that, some birthday cards, a soy candle, Envirokidz rice bars (which they wouldn't sell me - important recall info - read this) and try on a Merona Collection sweater really quickly because it reminds me of one of J Crew's current styles (review coming later).  Then I check jewelry just in case they have this ring that I want... I found it yesterday but they only had one and it was defective... so just on the off chance they restocked... and guess what -- they did!  So now I have this:

And also this:

When World Market f-i-n-a-l-l-y opened, I got in and got what I needed, including some Pilsner glasses, as Hubby had recently remarked that "we don't have any beer glasses" and I take that as a birthday wish.  I found it interesting that one of the glasses had a Crate & Barrel sticker on it.  Reminded me of the time I was buying pottery in this tiny little village called Dan Kwian in Thailand near the border to Cambodia... way out there... and one of the pots had a "Pier 1 Imports" sticker on it already.  Kind of ruined the moment.  Anyway, *no* usual Saturday morning Target trip tomorrow because I have done it for this week!  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.


  1. Too funny...your post sounds like my life. ;) Love the ring...what a great purchase! Congratulations! :)

  2. I am enjoying your shopping escapades. Love that ring and nearly bought the necklace. question for you... how do you store all your necklaces? i have so many and am looking for cute new ways to store. thanks, mindy

  3. Thanks Mindy! Several months ago I got a big corkboard and pushpins and I hang my bracelets and necklaces on them... keeps everything from getting tangled and I can move them around - plus it's all right there on my wall in the closet so I can see what I have. I'll try to get a pic up in a post :)