Sunday, May 31, 2009

{one more birthday week post}

With the whirlwind, emotional trip to Florida, I didn't get around to the rest of my posting about birthday-week.  I wanted to share the sweet gifts from my little ones...

Hubby got me kate spade's tulip Quinn, and inside was this box, which held a gold Juicy charm bracelet.

My oldest daughter gave me an orange charm, because I had mentioned seeing it and she new I'd like it.  Ends up, it also will be a reminder of the Florida trip, what with those fabulous Florida oranges and all.  She is not a big shopper like my younger daughter, but she has a great memory for details and I thought it was so sweet she remembered that I liked this.

My son picked out a daisy bunch charm.  Any mom out there knows that the most beautiful bouquet you will ever, ever, EV-ER receive is a little bunch of dandelions or daisies freshly picked from a patch of grass and offered up in the sweet little hand of your child.  We cannot pass a patch of grass this time of year without my son picking dandelions or daisies for me... and I know it won't always be like this.  So, I love that he chose this for me and I will always remember these days.

My younger daughter is a Shopper.  Her favorite place is Nordstrom and I think she could live there for a good month,  with the cafe and all.  My husband took each child out separately and when it was her turn she spent most of her time in the perfume section, trying out about thirty different scents.  (She came home smelling quite flowery by the way.)  Here is what she chose; I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but this is what I will be smelling like for the next year (roses and lavender, mostly):

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ritz Pics {Orlando}

view of pool from our balcony



mosaic floor

pretty sitting area

decorating ideas at every turn

OOD 5.26.09: Orlando, Day 2 {Walt Disney World!}

So back to Day 2 of our trip: I must preface by saying I love warm/hot weather and denim capris didn't bother me in the slightest despite the temps and crowds... And although I looked slightly insane with even a thin cotton cardigan tied around my waist amidst all the people sweating in tanks and shorts, I was happy to have it later in the evening after the massive downpour!

I think Jackie cardigans have become my security blanket. I just have to have one (or something similar) around. And they make them so thin now that they easily fold up and slip into your bag. Works for me!

Old Navy denim capris, J Crew outlet ruffle tank in white, J Crew Jackie in Misty Lavender, J Crew outlet necklace, Steve Madden Seeri sandals

And for a late, late dinner after over 12 hours at Disney, room service is the way to go:

Also, I was half-way through my dessert when I thought to take a pic of it, so I didn't... but it was the most amazing warm round little cheesecake wrapped in phyllo (super thin caramelized layer that tasted like the crispy top of a creme brulee) on top of crumbly buttery graham cracker with apricot coulis and berries... still thinking about it, can you tell??

Thursday, May 28, 2009

OOD 5.27.09: Orlando Day 3

J Crew Lisa dress in navy, J Crew outlet Jackie in pink, Coach wedges, J Crew outlet necklace, Juicy charm bracelet not pictured, but shown on Polyvore

Out of order I know (we spent Tues at Disney) but here's a quick OOD from Wednesday. This pic is in the ladies room on the lower level of the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes - outside the restaurant where we ate dinner Sunday night and breakfast each morning. I couldn't resist - I just love the pretty decor so much. I want the mosaic floor for my own bathroom! I've also made up a Polyvore but I can't figure out how to cut and paste it on to my blog on my laptop. I should learn how to do that, I know.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Orlando, Day 1

Well, we made it through the day-long travel yesterday and I managed only to forget toothbrushes (Hubby packed 4 extra that I had just bought for at-home back-ups. Smart.) and car seats (we now have three more booster seats). Not too bad for how hectic everything has been.

I am blogging from my husband's laptop which has quite a different photo program (I use a mac), and it's going rather slowly, so I will probably catch up on posting about the hotel (Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes), which is beautiful, the surprise visit to Disney we are planning for the kids tomorrow, and my brief shopping excursion to the J Crew outlet this evening, after we get back.

I hope everyone has had a nice Memorial Day weekend.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

OOD 5.24.09: Seattle to Orlando

Today is going to be a loooong day.

This is a very last-minute trip - my grandfather passed away. While we are very, very sad, he was blessed with a long, adventurous, Christian life and I am happy that my children will get to see their grandparents this coming week and we will have our family together for a few days. Since we'll be in the Orlando area, we're also going to take the kids to Disney one of the days. That part's a surprise.

Sporadic posting to follow - I will have my mac and camera. I don't think I'll be doing OOD's (I just hope I threw some presentable outfits in the suitcase and have time to iron) but I will definitely have to share some pics of the surprise-ees at WDW and the beautiful surroundings.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Coppelle Comparison

First of all THANK YOU to Gigi for this post!  I love J Crew's Coppelle print!

I ran to Target within a couple hours of reading about Gigi's latest Merona Collection find, and sadly my size was not there in the skirt, which was my fav piece (well, haven't seen the tunic IRL).  Today I went back for my regular Target shopping and hey - there was one in my size!  They must still be getting pieces in.

So, here is a side by side comparison of Target vs.  J Crew's prints.  Target skirt on the left, J Crew boatneck silk twill top on the right:

Today's crewcuts Visit

So, I recently got a notice in a catalog that a crewcuts store was opening in Seattle, along with a $25 off $100 purchase card... so guess where I was today?!

crewcuts is adorable. The store reminded me somewhat of Janie and Jack although at every turn I saw some scaled down, child-like version of something I would love to wear myself (or own already)!

The headbands alone are a reason to skedaddle on over to this store... big flowers, little flowers, chiffon roses, sparkle... in lovely colors! They are currently having a promotion where if you buy 2 or more hair accessories, they are 30% off, which made the flower clippie $5.95 and the headband $11.55. Not bad. However, this was just about the only deal... prices are high! A couple colors of a polo were on sale in the boys' section, along with plain tees and some seersucker. In the girls section, the hair pretties were the only promo except for some plain tees. Once they start running some promos and marking down, I'll be back.

Here's what I got:

Flower Headband in pink, Fluffy Flower Clip in navy, the Cecelia Skirt in pink and navy ($28. ea.) and the Slub Cotton Habotai Tank in pink and navy ($24 ea.).

just like the rolling ruffles tank in a skirt... I want one!

... and I also picked up the June catalog and can't wait to flip through. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Hello, Quinn! {and a very plain OOD}

Today's outfit is very plain because it's all about my fabbie new Fairchild Gardens Quinn!  When did my husband develop such great taste?! ;) 

While I will think about some more interesting wardrobing options later, I don't have time today so jeans, white tank, leopard sandals, and latte colored ATL cardi it is...

Why am I in such a hurry?  Because now I have to rush to Target between dropping the kids off at school and heading into the office for a couple hours, because of this post.  Thanks Gigi!

More Treat-Week shopping and gifting updates to come (and better, less blurry pics, I promise!), stay tuned :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

J Crew June Roll-out

Any favorites from the June Roll-out?

Here are my picks... I've tried on the skirt and seen the necklace IRL, otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing these in-store:

Monday, May 18, 2009

kate spade hula!

If you haven't seen it yet, you must click over to katespade to check out this *fun* hula hoop video

I am not going to go for the fringe bag (still pining for the Tangerine Tulip Quinn), but how I'd love all the rest:  

...the bracelets ...the dresses ...the shoes ...the martini, ...oh my!

I love all the summer critters on the jewelry, too, and check out this lime slice ring!  I can taste summer already...

OOD 5.18.09: kicking off the week (and a pretty rose bowl)

I think it is finally warm enough to wear this little knit dress, though I am going to throw a jean jacket over it in the am... I ordered the dress on J Crew super sale a while ago... I don't think it has a special name... but I remember the color is rhubarb.

So today after volunteering at school, I'm heading for a pedicure... OPI's South Beach collection really caught my eye last time I was in so I want to choose something fun for my toes to kick off my birthday week.  

The older you get, the longer I think you should stretch out your birthdays!  So fun stuff all week long: mani/pedi, solo shopping (I have that Anthro discount card to use still, and the little birthday gift waiting at Sephora... both of which are conveniently near a J Crew) and scheduling a massage and facial (I've had the massage gift certificate for 2 years and the facial for 1 year... I think it's time!), special dinner with the family.

Here's my Polyvore for today.  

And a picture of my lovely little rose bowl I put together with some roses FIL brought over yesterday.  

Happy Monday!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not to spoil the sunshine, but...

If you haven't already, please hop on over to Heidi's blog to catch her lecture on sunscreen... it is an important reminder as we head into summer.  

We have had a beautiful sunny weekend in the Seattle area after much gray and rain... but it is also on my mind because my Hubby had a surgery in March to remove a pretty big area on his abdomen where a tiny little mole that turned out to be a malignant melanoma had been.  He now has about a 3-4 inch scar... can you imagine this on your face?  Luckily his was only .2 mm deep (the depth is key... I believe if it is 1 mm it can be very serious.), and he is fine. He is blonde and blue eyed and, while younger than the usual first time diagnosed patient, has a history of spending time in the sun without sunscreen on.  He now has to go for skin checks every three months.

So, stock up on that sunscreen folks!  I personally like Burt's Bees Chemical-Free SPF 30 and Neutrogena Sensitive Skin SPF 30, both of which can be found at Target, along with lovely displays of many, many other kinds!

Syttende Mai! {and OOD 5.17.09: Green and Gold}

First of all today, May 17th,  is a national holiday in Norway celebrating the signing of Norway's Constitution in 1814.  I am of a very Norwegian background and though Hubby was born in Denmark, he is half Norwegian.  So, Happy Syttende Mai!

Maybe I should be sporting red and blue, but I am already dressed and have about 15 minutes before we're off to church, so green and gold it is today.  The gold bracelet I purchased at Target yesterday... they seem to be re-doing their jewlery wall... simple silver tags on the jewelry, new designs trickling in.  I tried on this new stretch beaded bracelet and it was a must-have.  I love the textured, aged, hand-made look.  I can't find it online but on the back it says "Bracelet Gold/10817" and it was $12.99.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The MBMJ Mouse {opinions, please}

So for quite awhile I have been intrigued by the Marc Jacobs mouse flats from afar but hesitant to try them for myself... now this variation has popped up on my shopittome radar on sale at piperlime with free shipping...

So I wanted to get some opinions...

Would you say:

1) Yes! Go for them! They are super cute and will one day be a classic, if not a conversation piece.

2) If you got them, you could only wear them to Disneyland/Disneyworld.

3) They're fine if you are under 8 years old, or over 80 and quite eccentric.


piperlime's pictures

Black & White + Gold: OOD 5.15.09

New shoes in a box on the porch yesterday = wearing them today!

I didn't have much time or energy last night to put together elaborate Polyvores for my new shoes, what with an early evening school event and the RHNYC reunion show that started at 9 (missed the first ten minutes... ack) so very simple today... white cami, black cardi, new Revas, new F21 necklace.

Today = office, kids & house, the girls' ballet costume pictures, dinner out.  I think this outfit will work it all.  

Happy Friday already again... this week flew!

Here's a close-up of the fabbie F21 bib necklace I purchased a couple of weeks ago - I also saw it in silver.  It has really pretty cut-outs of flowers and butterflies and is a nice size - substantial but still delicate and not at all overwhelming.  Oh, and $5.80, so not a whole lot more than a Starbucks venti nonfat caramel macchiato!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello, Reva!

My new Revas just arrived from shopbop!

... now I know these are a pretty basic combination (black/gold), and who is buying black flats right now anyway, but I am so happy to have them!  I'll wear them a little now (and on the Paris trip) and then lots and lots and lots in the Fall.  TB ballet flats fit me a like a glove and up till now I'd only had them in orange suede and bright cricket green (plus the Amy pump in brown, which is a similar style with a bit of a chunky heel)... so these are a perfect addition to my shoe collection.  

Next shoe wish... the metallic gold Reva espadrilles!

Blue Jasmine + Rose: OOD 5.14.09

Soft and Spring-y today, despite the uncooperative weather.  I originally had some ON silver braided flops with this, but it's just too cold and windy and drippy out there and I need to get in for a pedi anyway, so I'll wear my shiny silver slingbacks.

I have all morning in the K again today and then the usual around the house.  Tonight... Housewives reunion part deux!!  I need to stop by the store for a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio in honor of Ramona and the ladies... any recommendations? (for a peek behind the scenes on Tuesday's show, see here)

And... Is it really the middle of May already?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pink + Cricket Green: OOD 5.13.09

Alright, this is going to be short... I need to check out some recaps of last night's RHNYC and RHNJ before my little ones wake up, as all the craziness is spinning around in my head!  Anyone making sense of it all?  Cah-razy.

This morning I am chaperoning a Kindergarten field trip so going for comfy jeans and cotton (and an extra cup of Tony's Organic Cafe Carmelita), and super comfortable flats because I don't know how fast I may need to move!  My black TB Revas are still en route, so the happy Spring Cricket Green Reeses it is.

By the way, I sooooo enjoyed wearing my Olive Victoria yesterday that I am now  stalking the website for another color... no popbacks as of yet.

I hope everyone is in the middle of a wonderful week -  and also, today, I am wishing a very happy birthday to my sweet friend Lissa!

The J Crew pop art top is a M and very full and  flowy - I should have purchased a S or XS... but I still love the top!  The neckline has a drawstring that ties so is adjustable.  Paired here with a white ATL cardi, and Paige Jeans, TB Reese, $14 girls' watch from Nordstrom.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

extra! extra! at shopbop

Well the F&F was only on full-priced merch... but if you saw something you liked in the 50% and/or 70% off sections, here's a code to take an extra 20% off in those categories:


It ends on Thursday at 11:59 PDT. I breezed through and spotted some cute Milly, Catherine Malandrino, Ella Moss...

Happy Hunting!

Golden Olive + Leopard: OOD 5.12.09

Today I am finally wearing the lovely Golden Olive Victoria that I stalked for weeks in J Crew's sale section. It was a popback - please see Gigi's glossary - and I was so excited to score it, but somehow just never got around to wearing it.  Well, Dina really rocked it last week so I'm inspired.  It is way too cool out there to wear it sans another layer, and while I would love to pair it with an olive-y cardi or sweater, I don't seem to own one... hmmm... so I am adding a black ATL Jackie look-alike and putting it over cropped white jeans with my new SM Seeri leopard patent sandals and we'll see how it goes!

A couple hours in the office this morning and then hanging out with the kiddos and house, organizing, playing and planning.  Happy Tuesday!