Friday, January 20, 2012

Danish China, Film Noir and Lavender Tea

We've been a little iced/snowed in around here lately, with most of our usual activities cancelled - including school, which means I've been out of the office - so I've had some time to think about some other things.

I've been window shopping on some Danish websites lately, as my husband is making a biking trip over there this year, and I'm sure he wants some ideas for something to bring back since I won't be going... Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl...

...which got me thinking about a pretty set of china that my mother-in-law gave me several years ago that I wanted to learn more about. I found this website: which has a wealth of information about marking and dating systems for Royal Copenhagen china and collectibles.

The pieces in my set, I learned, are from a few different years. This cup is from 1957, indicated by the little line under the "N". "E" indicates the artist (the X can be used to indicate "painted by" so this one may just have one intial, not two). The use of upper case letters indicates (with a few exceptions) painting done in 1950 or later.

We have some collectible pieces and old silver I'm looking forward to learning more about also.

So, I've caught up on my DVDs recently and one of the movies I most enjoyed was The Fallen Idol from 1948. If you like British films, film noir, old black and white movies, thrillers, suspense, or looking at pretty interiors or European balconies, I highly recommend it. The Seattle Art Museum is going to be showing it as part of their series "Shadow Street: The Best of British Film Noir" in April.

Hot tea is so soothing on these cold days. Also, when watching suspenseful movies. I recently found this one, and while I wouldn't say I have a "nervous stomach", I sometimes find myself a little anxious or stressed and I think lavender is so incredibly comforting. The combination with chamomile is lovely and it is caffeine-free and organic:

I'll be continuing on with some looking-back-at-vacation-days posts over the next couple of weeks. I haven't been wearing anything remotely interesting lately or doing any clothes or accessories shopping. Once we thaw out and start thinking about Spring (and I get my closet cleaned out and organized) I should have some more dressing and shopping related posts. I have a couple of new recipes I'm going to try too - featuring quinoa and polenta. But tonight, I think it's out for Mexican. Hasta luego and Happy Friday!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Orange Suede Shoes + Astounding Art {Positano + Oplontis}

We only spent an afternoon in Amalfi, mainly eating gelato, with a short walk in the sand, so I don't really have good pics to post, but here are some snapshots from Positano and Oplontis:

Positano is known for its dress shops and I had also heard about the places that will custom assemble sandals for you.

I had some made by Giovanni:

orange suede with gold hardware

my girls had some made also, at another shop

my kids attacking a pizza for lunch

the view

the other view

supper at Ristorante Bruno the night before

A few more pics around the town:

The Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium was filming. We just may have been extras. I don't think we'll ever know.

And Oplontis... I am so glad we decided to visit Villa Poppaea (thought to be the villa of the second wife of Emperor Nero) in this town that was an aristocratic resort area back in the day. The colors and details on the walls here are astounding. Some of the best preserved Imperial Roman frescoes - and absolutely gorgeous. Just incredible. If you visit Pompeii, I highly recommend a visit here too:

Some pics from our hotel are up next.


Sunday, January 15, 2012


You wouldn't believe how many pictures I have from our Summer vacation. Well, maybe you would. Pompeii has to have its own post as I'd been dreaming of seeing this place since third grade. It was breathtaking. What a tragic day in 79 AD, but what specatcular ruins left behind.

Also, hot and dusty. I saw a woman in white espadrilles and felt for her. Our shoes (and probably a lot more of us) were covered in gray dust when we left.

Here are some snaps from Pompeii, July 2011:

And of course I documented lunch afterward, right outside of the archeological site:

Up next I'll be posting some pics from:

Amalfi, Positano and Oplontis
Castellammare di Stabia + The Medusa Hotel
Rainbow Magic Land + outlet shopping
Arezzo + Badia di Pomaio


Shopping Prada at the Space outlet (this was really, really fun)


Friday, January 13, 2012

OOTD and coffee + tea {+ I forgot about Italy}

So. I know I'm not the only one who goes over lists, projects, ideas, responsibilities and plans perhaps a little too much and ends up losing sleep. I've been a little too tired or overwhelmed or just busy lately. I know we all have lots to do and I am working on my balance. Hot baths and vitamins help me, I think. As does a good night's sleep which I finally got last night. What helps you keep it all together?

Here is today's OOTD. It's just been so COLD lately. Thanks to the myfitnesspal app and getting back to eating reasonably, I am three pounds down and back in button-and-zip pants again after a lot of stretchy pants and dresses over the holidays.

Loft Lurex Fair Isle V-Neck, ON tank, ON corduroys in gray (couple years ago), Stuart Weitzman Big Buck loafers, Mulberry Bayswater in black, pashmina scarf from ages ago

also wearing pink Versace sunglasses - cold but sunny

I have a new favorite coffee:

And I'm also adding this to my list of favorite hot drinks. I'm always open to suggestions for good teas.

A long weekend ahead and a forecast of probable (possible?) snow! Looking forward to a little time at home. I've also recently been thinking about how I never finished posting travel pics from this past summer. I'm hoping to have a view of snowy trees while putting together a couple posts on the Amalfi Coast and surrounds before too long...

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OOTD 1.4.12 {cooperative weather}

The weather around here has been extremely cooperative lately... allowing me to wear my new Christmas gifts. Not the silk scarf or the patent, raffia covered wedge LKBs, naturally, but those wonderful wellies.

The more rain-sensitive pieces will see the light of day sometime in July.

I find wrapping up in a blanket-y cardi (Target), Hunter wellies and some stretchy pants (Target, last year) the perfect solution to cold, gray, rainy, and just coming off the holidays.

Hope you're staying warm and dry.