Saturday, March 7, 2009

Old Navy Report 3.7.09

I know that Gap/BR/ON Friends & Family is coming up thanks to some wonderful blogs like J Crew Aficionada and Gigi's Gone Shopping so I ran in today (I did *not* go to Target, btw.  Drove right past.) to check things out, keeping in mind my future 30% discount on the prices.  (So many cute, cute floral prints and great basics!  The selection of dresses for little girls was great too... I am going to have to take my girls back to pick out some things for summer.)  

I did go ahead and get a few things... this cardigan was on special for $15 (regularly $19.50).  I'm sure it will be back up to regular price during F&F so it won't be that much more of a discount.  This cardigan is very, very similar to the Reading Room Cardigan which I recently tried on at Anthropologie for $68.00 and was considering purchasing - similar color, similar style, very soft just like Anthro's.  The Anthropologie one has nicer sleeves and smocking at the shoulders -  which is a beautiful detail - but not worth $53.00 to me.  I can use the ON one in that same way.  Also, the perfect tanks were $5 - I got a brown one - and I couldn't resist the  ruched slub-knit tank in a soft turquoise ('airwalker') - very J Crew-esque - and a great deal for $10.  It is online for $8.  Under the putty colored cardi, the color combo reminds me of a beautiful outfit that Slastena (About All and Nothing at All) put together and showed on her fabulous blog here.  There was also a darker turquoise ('pacifica')  that was virtually the same fabrication/color of a J Crew tank I have.  Pretty!  I also picked up a skinny elastic double headband in black for $4.50.  I'd been looking for something like that at a reasonable price for awhile.  

I also purchased the beautiful Heathered Jersey Scarf - it feels like the softest t shirt - for $12.50.  When I saw it on Shasta on her blog I absolutely had to have it!  It is the prettiest shade of blue!  I am not a Bergdorf Blonde, but I do have blue eyes and I love to wear this color.  (I do have Plum Sykes' book and loved it - fun read.)  This scarf sold out at the closest ON to me, so I had it held at another and zipped up to get it.  Couldn't take a chance on missing that one!  So here it is:

These I didn't buy but tried on:

The print on these tanks really reminds me of J Crew's Gladiola print!  They are $10 but I can wait for F&F.

These dresses were darling!  If I get one, I will put a cami under it - it was a little too low-cut for me in the fitting room.


  1. I tried on that blue cami. I haven't reviewed it. Maybe I'll post it if I saved the pic. It looks great w/the open cardi. I like your color combos! You were very smart to buy some things now, knowing they may go up in price next week.

  2. Great finds. I remember seeing that cami a few weeks ago, but it was after the fitting room, and didn't want to go back in. Love it with the putty cardi!

  3. I love the cami... such a J Crew look. And tons of colors... I will pick up a couple more during F&F. The cardi is also one of those pieces to get in a couple color too imo if you like the style... so versatile, great for summer travel etc etc.