Saturday, February 28, 2009

Merona Collection = Two Thumbs Up

(Another Target post) ...I don't know if the Merona Collection is something new but I had never noticed it before if it isn't.  Uber-cute jackets, dresses & tops.  Navy and green - perfect for Spring!  I tried on two jackets this morning and they felt and looked SO much higher end!  Seriously.  I would not have thought...  Anyway, I didn't buy them as I was in bargain hunt mode and just couldn't drop $45 - $50 on a rather dressy Target jacket... but I am keeping my eye on these.  I may have to go back for the Solid Jacket with Trim.  (I am almost hesitant to link to the website as the picture there does nothing for the jacket - it really is fabulous in person... the fit, the weight of the fabric...)  I can't get the photo I took of it to transfer to my computer, but it is hanging in the background on the first pic below.  The other coat is super nice too (again, so much more impressive in person than on the website) - I immediately thought Tory Burch (!) as soon as I saw it.  Beautiful fabrics and cuts.  This shirt was also very nice in person.  The only clothing item I did bring home, though (other than the "Waverly-esque" jacket in the previous post), was this Merona  blouse in navy for $17.99.  It also comes in pink and brown.

navy Merona Collection A Line Jacket $49.99 (whoops, the flash went off!)

close-up of fabric

Remember the Waverly?

If you don't , this Target jacket will take you right back... the J Crew Waverly jacket started out at $168.00 and when it went on super sale I kept trying to get one online but it would jump out of my cart every time it appeared. Today I found this Merona jacket on the sale rounders. There were tons of them... a solid ivory and then navy, yellow, and I think one other color - in the slubby cross-hatch sort of fabric like J Crew's. Regularly $34.99, on sale for $17.48. I checked online and it is available, though still full priced. Still a pretty good deal I say!

this is the yellow, size medium - way too big - navy and ivory are in the background

J Crew's Waverly jacket - J Crew's photo

outfit of the day 2.28.09

Today is just really simple and comfortable for cold Saturday morning shopping and running around.  I am sporting my new Plucked Fruit necklace from Anthro, which really I bought for Spring, but love against the chocolate brown J Crew cable turtleneck.

J Crew Cambridge cable turtleneck, last year's Old Navy tank (largest size from girl's dept as they didn't have this color in women's), Joe's Jeans, Anthropologie necklace, (cozy Brown Uggs not pictured)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Major Anthropologie Score!

So I tried on this cute Taikonhu jacket from Anthropologie's sale section this morning - originally $158.00, on sale for $39.95 - and decide to get it.  It is a lovely soft, gray, flannel-y feeling fabric with ivory piping & pickstiching.  As the associate is ringing me up, she tells me that actually it is $9.95.  What?!  Yes.  Nine-dollars-and-ninety-five-cents.  Score!  I also purchased the lovely Plucked Fruit Necklace in pink (I think it is the same as on the website - the numbers don't match up but it looks just the same).  They also had green in the store.  While in the area, I also picked up the new catalog at J. Crew.  It was a good shopping day!

necklace - I think the colors will work well with J Crew Spring

Taikonhu jacket

the buttons have little cursive t's on them

Cute, cute lining!

$39.95?  Anthro's just kidding!  It's $9.95!

outfit of the day 2.27.09

It's a Target day!  I purchased the cardigan and tank last year but the ruffle tank is in a very similar fabric to one they have out now  - the current one has the ruffles going vertically rather than horizontally.  I showed it in my very first post in smoked turquoise but there were other colors as well.

Target Mossimo ruffle tank and cardigan, True Religion Billy jeans, Urban Outfitters necklace

close-up of J'taime necklace from Urban Outfitters

Stuart Weitzman "Big Buck" loafers

Happy Friday Everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cabanarama Latte Da!

How cute is that for the name of a coffee cup?!  The Preppy Princess is giving one away along with a Lilly Pulitzer Take Note Mousepad.  Hop on over to her site to enter! :o)

Snow & My Lille

Since we woke up (surprise!) to snow this morning, I added my long Brewster boots and Stormy Tweed Lille coat to today's outfit.  Now don't get me wrong - the tweed Lille is by no means an appropriate coat for snow or cold weather.  But it is an extra layer and just so cute!  I love how it is belted in just the front.  The fabric is a little stiff but it is so fun and sparkly.  And really I'm the kind to just wrap a scarf around and walk really fast from car to building unless I have to be out for a while.  So it worked. :o)

J Crew Stormy Tweed Lille Coat

fabric close-up - sleeve

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

outfit of the day 2.26.09

I got the idea for this ensemble directly from the J Crew catalog.  I never realized how hard it is to actually put things together that will look decent in a photograph once you start really looking closely at just the clothes.  The tank and cardigan are from J Crew and the necklace is from Target.  I bought it a few months ago so can't remember how much it was exactly but I can't imagine I paid more than $15.00 for it!

J Crew outlet cardigan (like a Jackie) in purple and  Serengeti tank in grey maple, Paige Premium Denim Hollywood Hills jeans, Target necklace

Target necklace close-up

...and here's where I got the idea:

photo from J Crew

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Joy of a New Box of Goodies...

fresh off the UPS truck!  (Even if not for me personally...)  This box chock full of pink and green just arrived from Gymboree for my girls.  This latest collection is rather Lilly-esque!  I love pink and green so I had to order some Spring outfits.  I am trying to cut back on shopping for myself... but kids... kids grow. And last Spring's wardrobe is not going to cut it for them!

Gymboree has been having some great deals.  I got all of this new collection at 25% off and earned $75.00 worth of Gymbucks to use later.  The patchwork skirts are adorable and the pink cardigans look like they could be from CrewCuts.

Corsage Flower Cardigan (the fabric flowers are darling!) in Azalea - $34.75  ($26.06 with the discount)

HOW cute are they going to be in these?!

This watercolor floral print on this dress is lovely and the grosgrain bow in the back  is the perfect touch

and can't forget my little guy - Pieced Polo Shirt $19.75  ($14.81 with discount)

Ballard is determined...

to get me to finish my decorating.  Another promo just came across my computer... this time you can save 10-25% depending upon how much you spend.  I doesn't look like there is a code - the promo is splashed across the front page of their site.

One thing I love about Ballard is that they have so many pieces of furniture that can be upholstered in quite a range of fabrics.  You can even mail them your own fabric and they will use that.  Personally, I like to order their swatches and then tape them around my house for 6 months to a year until I decide what is going to be perfect!  ;o)  You can also play around on the website to see how different fabrics look on different pieces.  I am considering this bench to place in front of our new bed:

Ansley Bench upholstered in Venetian Brown, photo from Ballard website

My brown and ivory swatch looks great against the tufted chocolate velvet upholstered headboard and with the Benjamin Moore Grecian Green walls.

Restoration Hardware Italian Satin Stitch bedding in Chocolate and Silk Shams in Eucalyptus

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Fashion Magazines,

Please stop writing about how I can wear jumpsuits this Spring (example: InStyle March 09, p.166).  Because most girls who are old enough to read?   Can't.

photo from

J Crew swimwear shipping for free

No code needed - but only applies to swimwear.  No phone orders.  Through Tuesday 2/24 11:59pm ET.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

destination: Vancouver, BC

the view from our balcony

So we are heading back from a wonderful mini-vacation in beautiful British Columbia! Vancouver to be exact. I love this city! Great food, fun sights, hanging out by the (indoor) pool, lots of family time, and of course a little bit of shopping. It's been about eight years since I have stayed here and I kind of forgot what it was like. I honestly had a couple of Becky Bloomwood moments as we arrived in our section of the city and drove past all those window awnings printed with names like Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. My girls and I walked to LV on Saturday and I found the handbag I had been saving for, (tried it out in the MM and GM) and the MM was perfect, just as I thought! So, I now have my lovely LV Monogram Neverfull MM! A versatile classic... some people may not like LV, or other people's monograms on your things, or monograms at all... but I say if it's good enough for Audrey Hepburn...

Here are some brief reviews of a handful of wonderful places in Vancouver:

We stayed at The Sutton Place, right on Burrard St. and steps from fabulous shopping, in the La Grande Residence section. When you have three kids, no one wants to put you in a regular room, and you really don't want to put your five selves there either, so it is either a suite or two connecting rooms, which can get pricey. They have a two bedroom suite here that is ultra-roomy and we got a pretty reasonable rate. The lobby is grand and my 7 yr old said it was a place a princess could stay. She was really liking having valets and doormen! The suite was basic, but very roomy with two bedrooms, two bathrooms (only one with tub/shower though), a kitchenette, a couple of flat screens, a balcony, and great views. Family perfect.

Zefferelli's Spaghetti Joint: Fun place! A little hard to find as there is just a door at street level. You walk upstairs to the restaurant which is above the Cactus Club on Robson. Wine bottles line the walls, windows look out onto the busy street, the staff was friendly. They made a mean "Capri" martini which is pretty much a lemon drop I think. The fettucini I had was excellent... so fresh and cooked perfectly with a light buttery cream sauce, chicken, leeks and fresh tomatoes. Yum.

Cafe Crepe: Another fun place, ambience-wise. Black and white tiled floor; filled with cushy black leather banquettes and mod posters. I had a double non-fat latte which was perfection, and the banana walnut crepe. A good way to start the day.

breakfast at Cafe Crepe on Robson St.

Sequoia Grill at the Teahouse: After a wonderful time exploring Stanley Park and Vancouver's amazing aquarium (where we saw the famous white Belugas and the gray baby) we hung out in a grassy area near the water and spotted this charming place. The design was lovely and just the style I like. I actually snapped some pics of the decor. The shrimp avocado club sandwich was excellent and was served with a generous salad of fresh greens in a vinaigrette on the side. Hubby had the granola which looked yummy, and of course we had tea.

brunch at Sequoia Grill

Fleuri Restaurant: Saturday night dinner was here. The staff really is exceptional and the restaurant is white tablecloth fancy but they had children's menus and crayons and were great with the kids! I didn't really see anything on the dinner menu that was floating my boat (lamb, duck, heavy meat dishes) so the waitress brought me a vegetarian menu and also the bar menu which featured lighter dishes & pasta. I went with a cheese ravioli with chicken in a "Thai" sauce - which would not seem to be a good combination but I completely forgot that it was supposed to be Thai while eating it. It was just a nice slightly spicy cream sauce. (I love Thai food by the way... just never thought of it with cheese ravioli.) The piece de resistance here is that they have a chocolate buffet for dessert on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. At $13 per person, half price if you've ordered an entree, this is a bargain! My girls LOVED it and I kind of enjoyed it myself.

Bellagio Cafe: What a find! Immediately recommended by our concierge when we asked about a breakfast spot, this is a gem! It is on Hornby St, across from the Vancouver Art Gallery. As it was sprinkling a little (and February) we did not take advantage of the picturesque outdoor seating. Instead, we were lucky enough to be situated in a charming corner booth, upholstered in a beautiful burgundy and gold scrolly fabric, surrounded by stacks and stacks of books - mostly about art - and paintings, with a real tile roof lining the walls overhead for decoration. My Neptune Benedict was topped with crispy capers - excellent - and I usually don't like breakfast potatoes, but these were cooked perfectly and I had to keep shooing my daughter away from my plate.

Bellagio Cafe

Shopping: Shopping is good here. Very good. Robson and Burrard are the main shopping streets and you will find Tiffany & Co, Hermes, Chanel, LV, Ferragamo, HMV, Roots, Banana, Gap, Aveda, Lush, and lots of charming cafes and restaurants. There is even a Starbucks but I managed to go the whole weekend without visiting it with all other the lovely spots to find a latte or cup of tea here.

driving down Robson St. - my Neverfull MM is waiting right in there!!!

and here it is, drawstrings pulled...

...and open which makes it quite a bit bigger. Fabulous!

Friday, February 20, 2009

February Date Night

My sweet, sweet hubby took me to the Shopaholic movie last night!  I had just seen He's Just Not That Into You with some girlfriends a couple weeks ago, so we made this one Date Night. We counted two other brave men as we were walking out.  Anyway, my new Target Stephanie pumps got a night out (I must say for under $10 and such a high heel, these were very comfortable).  I paired my seafoam green Odille Esja blouse ($39.99 at Anthropologie) with *the famous* Target cluster pearls - got the idea from Chloe over at the (chloe) conspiracy - along with my new Joe's Muse jeans and the J Crew V-neck pima cotton cardigan in Snow (originally $88, on sale for $29.99 online).

Odille blouse, J Crew cardigan, Joes Jeans, Target necklace

Target "Stephanie" pump in black

MBMJ is doing it too...

Yesterday I mentioned the Balenciaga gift with purchase... this morning my inbox has an offer from Marc! At Saks Fifth Avenue online, use code MARCSCARF when you purchase $250 worth of women's apparel and they'll throw in a scarf for free. The deals just keep coming...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why do you keep doing this to me, Nordstrom Rack?

OK.  I am really trying hard to save up for a little treat.  No, a big treat for me.  It's this handbag I want.  Really want.  And I am almost there after several setbacks from things like 30% off at J Crew and Gymbucks.  And I did also swing by Nordstrom Rack last week.  But, while I contained myself fairly well, buying one pair of Joe's Jeans (Muse style, Blanche wash) for something like $79.90...and I did really need these because I am up a few pounds and really, until I drop a good ten, my several pairs of barely worn to unworn fabulous jeans bought on a very good skinny day cannot be worn.  And I can't live in ON yoga pants, Juicy velour (especially since I only have one pair) & J Crew khakies everyday.  So I needed these.   

I couldn't believe the big names I was running across.  I mean.  Standing at a rounder - flip a hanger: hey Marc Jacobs! flip: Diane Von Furstenburg!  flip: Leifsdottir! flip: Ella Moss!  flip: Marc & Diane *again*!  flip: Burberry!  You get the idea.  And these were from the regular Nordstrom store - all at about a third of their normal retail price.  I tried on a cute Nanette Lepore jacket - $370.00 retail, marked down to $99.97.  But it stayed there.  There was even a big Tory Burch shoe display, all cute with her pink & orange boxes stacked up and flats and boots artfully displayed.  But I resisted.  Because I really want this new bag.  And I think, really, the Rack will not be getting anything else fabulous for sooooo long.  So I will just stay away - they tend to be hit or miss for me and I had never seen so many big brands before.  But then this morning I get an email  warning me:

"get ready for new arrivals!  fabulous styles from your favorite brands from ... t.b.d. ..."  (t.b.d. and savvy are my favorite departments)   G-r-e-a-t.  For those near a Rack, it starts Feb 24th.  

Joe's Muse jean - higher rise so you can actually bend over in public; super soft & lightweight

Nanette Lepore jacket - $99.97 (was $370.00) - this is how they roll at The Rack!

Balenciaga GWP

I just got this email.  Buy a Balenciaga "City" or "Part Time" Handbag, get a *complimentary* Planet purse.  Exclusively from the Balenciaga online shop. I know, just a little something extra for your $1500... but even high end retail is getting into the promos these days it seems.

Coffee + Anthropologie = Good Morning!

OK, since I usually list "coffee" as one of my top likes or interests, I think it deserves a post. I *love* my morning coffee. I *really* look forward to waking up and that first perfect cup. It is usually followed by two or three more if I'm at home; occasionally by a Starbucks grande nonfat caramel macchiato or vanilla latte if I'm headed out. On Saturdays, make that a venti from the drive through on my way to shop or run errands.

So, here is a picture of my morning Tully's 100% organic Compadre Blend (I like Tony's too) with a little 1%, in one of my fabulous Anthropologie Butterfly Study Mugs. It makes me happy. Good Morning!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

new arrivals (and a good deal) at

The sun & milder temps today have me ready to think about Spring shoes... but where do I start?  I've been flipping through the magazines and surfing the net and it looks like the trends include wood, fringe, beads, nudes/naturals, brights, metallics, round-toe pumps, sliver wedges, open toe flats, espadrilles, huaraches, multi strap heels, even low western-style boots... basically just about anything goes.  Great!  I've got a lot in my closet that is still very "in".  So I am planning on keeping my focus on what works for me - which would be wedges, ballet flats (I *heart* Tory Burch), and strappy flip-floppy sandals.  And really, I have plenty of those.  Maybe just a new pair or two for the season... is featuring some cute, cute wedges (and also new Marc by Marc Jacobs, by the way) and on certain brands, (not Marc by Marc Jacobs, by the way) when you spend $125, they deduct $25 from your order.  I've ordered from them a few times and have been really happy with their service.  Free overnight shipping, free returns, price guarantees, great sales and offers.  Right now I am kinda liking this, this, and this!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a little Ballard around the house...

Ballard Designs has been running tons of promotions over the last several months... the latest ends tonight - 15% off sitewide (discount applied at checkout). I've been trying and trying to find something to take advantage of this offer but maybe I have enough Ballard for now... Here's a peek at some of it - a few pieces are no longer available as they get in new things all the time - but their general style tends to remain the same.

Warmth Print, Small Bell Shelves (glass candleholders from Target - I misplaced the candles over the holidays... where are those???)

Scrolled Shelf in White

40% off Juicy? Run! (love them - I've ordered some Juicy & a couple pairs of Tory Burch shoes in the past and they packaged well and shipped speedily - for free!) is offering 40% off all of their full-priced Juicy Velour... three days only.  Use code VIVAVELOUR at checkout.  Offer ends 2/19 at 11:59 PST.  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tweet, Tweet

It's still cold out there, but I have seen the robins flitting around... which takes me right to Spring.  So do these darling little birdie dishes.  There were stacks of them at Anthropologie last week in yellow and blue.  Perfect for keeping your earrings at night.  #15188634 - $14.00, on sale for $1.95.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

flip flops and tea towels (and some chickadees)

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am happy as a clam to spend the better part of an early-Saturday-morning hour wandering around Target with a Starbucks venti latte in hand.  Where else can you find all this under one roof: Hayden-Harnett!  Thakoon for less than $20!  Mossimo that looks like Anthropologie!  Organic shampoo that smells like fresh pomegranates! along with your paper towels and toothpaste?  I had three happy finds today:

Don't these bear a striking resemblance to Born's Begonia sandal ($84.95 at They are very nicely cushioned & comfy too.  Merona "Edie" floral sandal in pink - $22.99

Orla Kiely!  YAY!  I knew this was here somewhere after seeing the two-page ad at the beginning of the March Domino... but there was just a tiny little display on an endcap in the towel section.  I almost missed it.  Orla Kiely for Target pear kitchen towels - (2) for $5.99

How cute are these?  They taste like Goldfish.  Market Pantry Chickadees cheddar crackers - $1.39