Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zara Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace

Zara Sparkly Crystal Bead Necklace Ref. 1856/240

Before I get back to the travel posts, I have some snapshots of this great necklace that I was happy to be able to order online when it came back in stock.

If you google Duchess of Cambridge and Zara necklace, you can find some shots of the Duchess wearing this one not too long ago.  It sold out pretty quickly but then appeared under women's accessories though it was not available.  I filled in my email to be notified when available and did receive an email that it was back in stock - though when I tried to order it wouldn't work.  I tried later on in the day and it went through, and the necklace arrived via FedEx pretty quickly.  There are also some images online of Princess Beatrice and Mary Berry wearing this same necklace.

I don't see it online anymore, but I do like the looks of the Necklace with Metallic Flowers for a similar feel.  There are some other very pretty statement necklaces available too.

It seems very glam but I've already been able to incorporate it into my more casual wardrobe a couple of times.  Here are some close-up pics, and how I've worn it so far:

 the back

brown herringbone jacket (Gap, couple years ago), cashmere shell
Essie "Fifth Avenue" nail polish

Zara plaid jacket (last year), plain white shirt