Monday, August 31, 2009

I received the lovliest package today!

Recently I won Mommy Pastrami's blog giveaway and I just have to share a couple of pics of what I received today!  My 7 yr old daughter said the Lilly wristlet is the "adorable-est" purse ever.  I am going to enjoy this so much.  Thank you, thank you Mommy Pastrami!

just look at this lovely gift wrap - what a fun surprise!

Lilly Pulitzer Beachy set - Love!


Oh yes, I tried the Fried Snickers

We're back home and getting into the swing of things here again, but I do still have just a few snaps and stories from our trip back South. Aside from all the family fun & usual activities, I toured an amazing "green" show home, tried on some things at J Crew, visited a huge Target... that sort of thing! I will try to get some more posts up over this week...

But first, I must mention this amazing little restaurant we went to up North of Atlanta. It is called the Magnolia Thomas Restaurant and it was incredible! We had Sunday brunch there after church once (the tomato basil soup was so good I don't know if I can ever eat tomato soup from anywhere else again) and then went back for dinner the night before we left. Of course I took pictures:

fried green tomatoes

buttermilk fried chicken with grits and more fried green tomatoes

cobbler - half cherry, half peach

fried snickers (with blueberries) - My 6 yr old ordered this and we shared :) I must warn you fried snickers are rather rich though and we couldn't come near finishing it!

And of course I had sweet tea. I also must mention that I had my first ever Sonic cherry limeade last week. Oh my gracious. Is there anything like that out here?? If not - does anyone know how to make one at home??

Happy Monday!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Perfect Sunnies (+ Fun at Bloomies!)

So I found my perfect sunglasses at Bloomingdales today!  I don't collect sunnies - I just have a pair of classic Chanels in black with silver that I wear all the time - so I've been on the hunt for a nice pair of tortoiseshell/gold.  I wanted oversized to protect as much of the eye area as possible and round but not too round, and found exactly what I was looking for in the Gucci Oversized "Coin Logo" Sunglasses in Havana!  Even though they are big, the tortoiseshell frame is thinner/more delicate and not overwhelming or heavy.  They feel great on.

It started pouring rain right after I put them on!  Boo!

Bloomies has also been running a promotion  - 15% off pretty much everything in the store - which I think was ending today.  Yes, this included designer sunglasses (except Chanel).  So I got a discount too!  They were serving espresso, passing around cookies, and had a photo booth set up - my girls had fun with that.  In the children's department, they had a very talented lady doing face-painting, so we walked out of there with a fairy, a flower, and this little tiger:

I also finally, finally scored my Amber Maya cardigan at the J Crew at Perimeter Mall (Atlanta) after looking for it at the North Point and The Avenue stores to no avail.  I spotted one lonely cardi hanging on a rack with some velvet jackets.  I seriously was astonished when I looked at the tag and saw it was a small!  (If you follow my tweets you may have noticed that I tweeted happily immediately from the dressing room.)  Later I noticed two larges on a table.  This one is selling through quickly.  

While at the counter to check out I noticed three of the darling little sparkly gold bracelets that I remember Summerilla blogging about awhile back... and marked to $29.99!  I had just seen it yesterday at another store full price.  So, I scored one of those as well!  I don't recall ever seeing it online, but I believe it originally retailed for $55.  Overall, a very good shopping day.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Dress That Could Have Done Without Pockets

I spotted the lovely Geo Print Shift Dress on the floor at Banana Republic today and loved it!  In the dressing room I slipped it over my head and still loved it.  The splashy mod print, the braided detail at the neckline, the blousey 3/4 sleeves... 

...and then I looked down.  

At my hips.  

Now, I am not a size zero (this is a Small), but please believe me that my hips do not naturally look like this.  Why oh why did this dress have to have pockets placed right here and cut just like this? 

 I could totally see myself sporting this shift in Vegas next month with some platform peep-toe pumps.  I didn't try a size up, but even if those pockets could hang completely straight, it then wouldn't fit everywhere else - and really it did not feel tight at all.  It felt great.  It just didn't look it.  Sigh...


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OOD 8.23.09: Spearmint, Gray, & Gold

On Sunday I thought I'd try out my new J Crew corsage cardi with my gray $9.99 skirt score from Target for church and brunch.  I've checked the skirt out online since I bought it and found it is called the Grecian Draped Pencil Skirt in "Grey's Harbor".  I still can't believe it is priced under $10.  I added a simple Old Navy tee in white and my gold metallic SM Seeris and really liked the combo of Gray, Spearmint, and Gold. Would be great with silver also.

 I think I may wear this for my upcoming cross-country flight back to Seattle.  So comfy!  And in this skirt it would have been easier to run up the down escalator to get my 4 yr old son in a crowded airport because he didn't step on the escalator to the train with the rest of the family when he dropped his toy and ran back to get it.  I had to do that in my maxi dress in the Atlanta airport recently.  It's hard to move that fast in a maxi up an escalator in the wrong direction but you do what you have to do - someone told me to look for that on youtube later ;)  .

J Crew cardi, ON tee, Target skirt, Michele Diamond Deco watch, Tiffany & Co. necklace

I tried on some things at J Crew today so have a couple of snaps to share in a day or two.  I didn't have any luck buying - they were out of a lot of sizes in new arrivals - so I am going to hit one more J Crew tomorrow to see if I can find my Amber Maya and some other pieces I'd like to try.


Monday, August 24, 2009

A Couple New Cardis: Maya and City Tee Corsage

Despite wearing just about the worst top I could've picked for trying on the gathered, drapey Maya cardi buttoned up, I could still tell that I loved the Merino Maya and also the City Tee Corsage. I purchased the Maya in Dusty Blossom and think I may go back for the Amber color. In the corsage I got the spearmint color which I don't see online. I think they will both be great Fall transition pieces.

The J Crew I was at was super busy, crowded and messy, but had tons of Fall and new arrivals (though not all sizes) so I am going to try to hit one more J Crew during this week while I am still in the Atlanta area.

Happy Monday!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Target: A Fabbie $9.99 Skirt or Two {+ a Necklace and Madmen-esque Dresses}

OK, I did not find this one.  My cousin had this cute cute little skirt on when we went shopping at the beach and she told me it was a $9.99 purchase from Target.  I checked her tag and it was Mossimo so headed to that section of Target that afternoon.  Not one single Small left, so I checked another Target this afternoon back here in Georgia, and was lucky enough to snag the last Brown and a Gray.  Such a perfect little basic for an incredible price.  I love the shirring at the side and mock wrap detail. It is 55% cotton, 45% modal and machine wash.  It also comes in Black.

Draped Knit Skirt #242732

And I will also admit my cousin found the neckace first.  We have very similar taste.  I had no idea it was Target when I saw it on her dresser and they just happened to have two or three at the PCB Target so now I have one too!  I believe it was around $14.99.

Now these last dresses I stumbled upon by myself.  The minute I saw this purple one I thought "Mad Men!".  The black also looks like another Merona Collection winner.  I didn't get a chance to try either on but I will as soon as I am back to my local Target and have the time.

Belted Dress Purple #234842 $39.99

Dress Zebra Jacquard #241217 $39.99

Also, today at Lenox Square in Altanta I found my favorite Lilly Fall dress.  I think I must get it soon... and also bought a couple J Crew cardis for myself after loading up on Gymboree and Gap for my girls for Back to School.  More on that in a day or two.

Happy Weekend!


Friday, August 21, 2009

First Lilly Fall Try-Ons {+ Two OODs}

Well, I ran into a small Lilly section at Dillards in Panama City Beach.  They didn't have everything I wanted to try on, but I gave a couple Fall dresses a try.  I'm still thinking on these and interested in getting to a store with a larger selection now that we are back in Atlanta and will have a little time.  Here are a couple close-ups of the necklines (my favorite part) of two dresses from the new collection:

I also came across these cute little candle/perfume sets decorated with a mini Lilly shift.  Cute, cute, cute.  The shift is labeled "not a toy" but they sure looked like they might fit a Barbie.  At any rate, my daughters would love one or two of these sweet little shifts to put on a doll.

And here are my OOD for AM pool and PM shopping:

Talbots cover-up (purchased at the outlet for less than $10.), J Crew swimsuit from a couple seasons back (not shown) & Steve Madden Seeris in gold

Anthropologie top in gray, ATL cardi in ivory, J Crew bracelet, Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM
I added a gold Target necklace two minutes after I bought it later that afternoon - more on that once I get a Target post together !

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fun with O.P.I. {Espana!}

First of all, have you seen this great brochure?!  I love it!  It showcases the new Espana collection along with O.P.I. classics, softshades and brights.  What a great reference guide.  I picked mine up at Ulta at Pier Park in Panama City Beach, where, I might add, I also got to see the new Fall Espana collection in person finally!

I tried out 3 of the new colors on my thumbnail and settled on Barefoot in Barcelona and Give Me Moor.  Suzy Skis in the Pyrenees looks much more gray than I thought it would.  I dabbed it on next to Russian Navy:

L-R: Barefoot in Barcelona, Give Me Moor, Russian Navy; Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees is at the top

Ulta was having a "spend $10 on OPI, get a little set free" deal, so with the two polishes I received this lovely "pretty little pinks" set with three mini lacquers.

3.75 ml sizes of Princesses Rule!, I'm Indi-a Mood for Love, and You're a Pisa Work

I also checked out a little Lilly and perused Target today after a morning at the pool, so stay tuned for more on Panama City Beach shopping in a day or two!


Hello From Florida! {and a super quick OOD}

This was yesterday at the beach:  J Crew cover-up, Kenneth Cole swimsuit (yes, this is as much as I'm showing - but it's very cute!), Chanel sunglasses, hat from local Panama City Beach shop

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thrilled! {and Hello from Georgia!}

I am sooo excited to have won Mommy Pastrami's fabulous Lilly giveaway! Yay and Thank You! Hop on over to check out her lovely blog (if you haven't already!).

We are just back from a weekend spent at Georgia's Stone Mountain Park - more adventures to come over the next couple of weeks!

This carving is huge - 3 acres of sculpted granite... a person could literally stand inside a mouth of a horse in the sculpture.

If you have seen any of my Tweets you know we have wasted no time getting into some fabulous Southern food. More Southern food, fun at The Beach, and some fantastic Atlanta shopping (you know they don't have Lilly stores in Seattle, but they do here) coming up!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

On the Road Again...

On location shopping & travel posts coming up over the next couple of weeks... taking my mac & camera along to Georgia, Alabama, and Florida!  Here's the outfit for tomorrow's cross country flight:

ATL maxi in black, ATL cardi in blue, JS Jeannas, J Crew outlet necklace, Juicy charm bracelet, LV Neverfull MM, elsapel of Portland tote


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

OPI Mod-ern Girl(s)

OPI "Mod-ern Girl" on the toes.  I'm wearing Stuart Weitzman; my girls are wearing Lilly Pulitzer McKims.

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Giraffe Dress. And New Nail Polish. Oh, and Cleaning Off My Bathroom Counter.

So here's an OOD with the Target giraffe shift I had mentioned... love what Target has been doing with Merona Collection lately!  I wore this on a family dinner out the other night - it's in the 60's here lately so I added an ivory ATL cardi.  What would I do without my J Crew Jackies and ATL look-a-likes?!  So handy!

Also, over the weekend I went polish-hunting at Ulta.  I never knew Ulta was soooo much fun!  They had loads of OPI and Essie and lots of high end skin care and cosmetics as well as all the great drugstore brands too!  Most of you probably already knew all this, but I had never really ventured out of the Sephora/Target/Walgreens realms.  I'm glad I did. 

OPI Mod-ern Girl, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Tickle My France-y, and Essie Mademoiselle

I had recently asked for coral polish suggestions and many of the polishes weren't there - but I did find a few - and after a side by side comparison, chose OPI's Mod-ern Girl. (This is the same one Stephanie settled on when she did her search.)  Because I like a pale shade on my fingernails but still like to coordinate somewhat, I also picked out the pale-peachy Coney Island Cotton Candy.  Can't wait to take these to my next mani-pedi!  

Now, Ulta was having a "Buy 2, Get 1" on OPI that day so I set about choosing one more... and the winner was:  Tickle My France-y.  Why?  Because Heidi G. likes it and she is my nail-polish-guru.  Read her review here.  It looks like a perfect late-Summer/early-Fall transition color.

I also wanted to get one of the sheer Essie classics... I have heard great things about Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle.  There were two bottles of "Ballet Slippers": one was pink and one was clearly more white.  I was confused.  So I went with Mademoiselle.  Thank you so much to my tweeting friends who later let me know that the pinker one was indeed "Ballet Slippers"!  What did I do before Twitpic??!!

...and lastly:  I am getting my bathroom counter cleared up!  I have tons of make-up and skin care products, but tend to use a certain few items and always end up leaving them out on top of the counter rather than putting them back into a drawer.  I found this cute little mirrored 3-drawer jewelry chest at Target on Saturday and decided I could use it for make-up.  I keep my most-used products in it and can rotate them out as seasons/favorites change.  I love how it is mirrored on all sides and appears to take up very little room on the counter.  And it's kind of glam and retro too!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm no Top Chef contender, but...

...I made the best tomato salad last night.  Seriously!

I bought Southern Living's August issue on Saturday (also found Mating Rituals of the North American WASP to read on an upcoming flight, yay!) and decided to make the Caramelized Cajun Chicken and Heirloom Tomato Salad.  So easy and such a perfect summer dinner.  Here's an approximation:

heirloom tomatoes (plus I added some sweet snacking tomatoes like grape tomatoes that my kids love) and 4 oz goat cheese + the dressing

You just need to whisk this together for the dressing:

1/3 c. canola oil, 1/4 c. lemon juice, 1 Tbsp. honey mustard, chopped fresh basil, a dash of red pepper (not shown but I did add some when I remembered)

Now.  The recipe calls for "Fresh Lady Peas" which I surmised I would have a difficult time finding out here in the Pacific Northwest and I was right.  SL says you can substitute some kind of pink peas or purple hull peas - but, again - no luck.  So I searched and searched and decided I would just grab a can of these Crowder Peas and see what happened.  Well, I got home and did a quick google and found an entry where someone said these were pretty darn close if not just about the same thing... so I rinsed them off and added them to the salad. (The fresh peas you are supposed to cook in boiling water.)

Aren't the colors amazing?! And it was delicious.  The peas add lots of protein and the combination of fresh basil, lemon and juicy tomatoes is just perfect.  The goat cheese is supposed to be crumbled but mine turned out to be more "creamy dollops" as it was not so crumbly - but that worked out great also.

SL's chicken was also super easy.  All I did was mix together equal parts of brown sugar & Cajun seasoning (this is 2 Tbsp each), flattened out the chicken breasts and coated them, then handed them to my husband to grill.  Delish!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  Happy Monday!