Monday, March 23, 2009

Loubou-you-know-who Copies Arrive

Oh, I know these wouldn't pass for Louboutins... not even if I painted the sole red... but they could be considered slightly similar...

My husband doesn't like cheap shoes.  He's kind of a shoe snob (he so would not like me saying that because he so is not snobby about anything else)... though he really doesn't care about anything else I clothe him, myself, and our kids with... But you know what, I wear this type of shoe SO rarely that I decided to go with these super bargain lovelies and see how it turns out.  If Hubby only knew how much a pair of sky high patent peep-toe pumps *can* cost, he might agree.

(update:  He knows now and when he saw the black peep-toes sitting on the stairs he gave me a look and said "Heeeeyyyy... I hope you didn't pay $800.00 for those.", honey - $26.99 at Target heehee!!)

So this box with the telltale bullseye packing tape was on my porch this afternoon!

Let's take a peek inside:

Wowzie - look at these HEELS:

I hope these girls like their new home... they have lots of new friends to meet upstairs!


  1. Oooooh, pretty. Hope you love them! I am afraid of heels that high, but you will be one hot mama in them!!

  2. I have the navy ones. They took a few days to get used to since they are pretty high but they are so cute for being so cheap :)

    Hope you love them!

  3. Wow! High stuff.

    Please post a irl pic of the peep toe shoe. a pic of both, please, if you can. I'm curious how they look on the foot. :-)

  4. Everywhere I look in blog-land I see your corkboard jewelry display. You have inspired a nation of jewlery collecting women. Thanks for sharing

  5. Mindy - I wouldn't have thought to post it if you hadn't asked! So really thank you :)