Sunday, March 22, 2009

F21 Review: Necklaces

So I found a couple of super cute necklaces at F21 recently and they came home to find a spot on my corkboard! I think I need to buy some more pushpins...

This is the Hilda Chain Necklace. It is a longer length, five strand necklace in turquoise/gold and priced at $6.80. The tiny "turquoise" beads have little reddish flowers on them. Cute! I won't wear it with the gray/stripe & navy combo shown below - I just slipped it on to show the length. I think this necklace will be great against white and also with yellow and browns.

I also purchased the Double Faux Pearl Necklace in light pink/gold for $5.80. It is a very very pale pink but you can definitely see the difference compared to the cream version. I think this shade of pink will work really well with all the grays, browns, and navy in my closet. It is not very pink , though, so I think it would be fine against just about any shade. I like how the pearls vary in size. I featured this in a Polyvore, and also have a pic wearing it IRL, in this post.


  1. Just love your necklaces - especially the last one with the faux pearls. I am in such a necklace rut, and you are helping me dig through my jewelry box (which should be a cork board, apparently) and find things to wear!

  2. Oh yeah...the gold/turq necklace will look great w/white. I saw the double faux pearl in creme and it was all I could do not to pick it up. The pink is nice. Haven't seen that one irl yet. Great pics. :-)

  3. Wow! I need to go check that store out. These really are great looking necklaces. I did a double take!!!

    I need a cork board too!

  4. thanks Nikki and Gigi!
    Beth - yes! It took me awhile to actually walk in there... just be prepared to be surrounded by 15 year olds and piles of things you would never wear lol... and you can really find some great things at unreasonably good prices! :)

  5. Great finds! I really like the turquoise one - very different. Nice job!!