Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OOD 3.25.09 Crisp White With A Little Sparkle

Today I am feeling like a little crisp white and shine... so I am just putting a tank and freshly pressed button-down with my jeans and sparkly silver Sam Edelman slingbacks.  Yes, it is still gloomy (and currently pouring rain) outside, and no, I do not always dress weather-appropriately!  I am going to be wrapping a super cozy grey-blue pashmina around myself all day though.  I got this on my first trip to Paris nearly nine years ago!

Ann Taylor Loft button down, ON tank, Joes Jeans, Sam Edelman slingback flats, blue pashmina

PS:  My J Crew order is on the truck and out for delivery!


  1. And a little sparkle...cute post title...

    very pretty outfit, love the blue scarf.

  2. i love those shoes! im so jealous!

  3. Love the sparkly shoes!! Great scarf - I love using pashminas as scarves because they are so cozy!!