Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Time (and OOD 3.19.09)

So I was up at 4:30 am this morning with nothing to do... well, I could do some laundry or clean the stove, but that could wake the children, no?  So... I give J Crew's dwindling sale section a check and what do I find?  The Victoria Ruffle Cami that I have been stalking in golden olive is finally available in my size!  MY size!  Golden Olive!  Three minutes after I order, it is off the website, so I am hoping J Crew is just working in real time and getting right to packaging up this little Victoria with my name on it - and that I won't get the dreaded email informing me that, actually, it was an early-morning coffee-deprived figment of my imagination that the Golden Olive Victoria Cami was ever in the Sale Section in a size 4.  I also ordered the Tissue Ruffle Cardi in warm blush and the Chiffon Pleated Cardigan in honey.

Dear Victoria: 
Hope to see you soon!  

Anyway, today is going to be a lovely, relaxed day!  No office, no extracurricular activities to speed off to in the afternoon.  I have nearly three hours to myself in the morning to go through my calendar & paper pile (actually more considering I got an early start this morning), plan a decent dinner, run an errand or two... and... ahem...*possibly* stop by Banana Republic to check out their latest sale.  I also may go see what Nordstrom's shoe department is looking like lately.

Inspired by Dina's darling pink ensemble she posted on yesterday, I am putting a little soft pink with my jeans & cozy gray today.  Happy Thursday :)

ON cardigan, ON V Neck Layering Cami (baby pink not shown on website), Fleur de Lis necklace from a little boutique, pearls


  1. Congratulations on your great purchases! I can't wait to hear if you get it and see pics!

    I'm contemplating the Tissue Ruffle Cardigan in Charcoal to wear with my Tissue Ruffle tank. Lauren Hutton has it on with the Merino Crewneck in Charcoal with Navy in the catalog and it looks fab. I'm just not sure if the Tissue Cardigan will look as good...what do you think? Should I just invest in the Crewneck instead?

    Your outfit today is adorable! I'm sure you look beautiful. :)

  2. My post sounded a little unclear there in the second paragraph. I am contemplating the Tissue Ruffle Cardigan in Charcoal to wear with my Tissue Ruffle Tank in Charcoal. Lauren Hutton has on the Charcoal ruffle tank and charcoal merino crewneck with Navy capris in the catalog and it looks pretty. I am considering recreating the look with the Tissue Ruffle Cardigan...what do you think? Will it work or should I break down and invest in the Merino Crewneck instead?

  3. You are killing me - I have been so good, but I have been coveting that tissue ruffle cardi after seeing FFM's and Slastena's polyvores - and it's in my size in navy, my fave color. Ugh!!!

    Do love your pink and gray outfit today, though.

  4. Heidi, thanks and stay strong! :)

    FFM, I was just looking at that catalog pic last night. My initial thought with the tissue tank/tissue cardi was that the mix of vertical and horizontal ruffles might be too much - but looking at them near each other online I think it could be really really cute and not too much since they are the same fabrication and color - and the cardi really isn't too ruffly. Sort of an updated girly twinset. My only other concern would be - is the tissue cardigan heavy enough of a weight to lay nicely over those ruffles on the cami? I don't have either piece (yet) so I'm not sure. Let me know what you decide to do!

  5. We have awesome. You are wearing pink (and looking beautiful at that)...and you bought the victoria in olive (which I did to...probably at the same time). :) I LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks for liking my preppy little outfit yesterday. It held up well considering the abuse I put it through. I must have been in Costco for 2 hours. Exhausting! ;)

  6. That cardi looks so great w/pearls. I own the same one & love it. You look great. Score on your victoria cami. You are going to love it. I recommend a triple strand of chunky pearls if you have it. That's a cute look.

  7. Dina - so funny!!! I hope we both get our Victoria... I am eagerly awaiting shipment confirmation. My size had not been on there for so long and all of a sudden popped up then disappeared right after I ordered... so we'll see!
    Gigi - thanks! I have a triple but they are charcoal... I could probably wrap my new super long around three times though :) thanks for the styling tip :)