Friday, January 18, 2013

Zara Sweater with Asymmetric Hem {Zara Sale}

I've found some great sweaters recently at the Zara sale online (have branched out from their blazers).  I particularly love the color of this one... the Sweater with Asymmetric Hem.  I think I've worn it four times since it arrived, which wasn't that long ago.  Someone asked me if I knit it.  I wish!  I need to get my eleven year old to teach me.

Here it is last weekend with some boots I bought at Horse Town in Georgia last summer, and that F21 $10.80 denim that I wear all the time.  I'm wearing my usual size in Zara - medium.

 also wearing the Judith Jack Eiffel Tower Necklace in sterling/marcasite (Christmas gift from my children)


Friday, January 4, 2013

Sailing Hong Kong Harbour on the Aqua Luna

While my younger daughter wanted to see a giant panda, at the top of my seven-year-old son's list for Hong Kong was sailing on a Chinese junk.  (He's a big Lego Ninjago fan and I believe this has something to do with "Destiny's Bounty".)

We were happy to discover the Aqua Luna, and enjoyed a wonderful 90 minute one-way sail to Stanley Market (we took a double decker bus back to our hotel). The boat's staff was wonderful, the boat itself just beautiful, and the views amazing.  I seem to recall pricing was reasonable, and included one drink.  Information (and fabulous photography) on their website here.  I would highly recommend and would definitely go again!


perfect for lounging

gorgeous red sails

viewing Hong Kong

downstairs from the lounge-y chairs (inside)

 Ocean Park as seen from the Aqua Luna

Some pictures after we arrived at Stanley, before we were immersed in the crazy, crowded, fun shopping stalls:

My older daughter wanted to shop Hong Kong.  I have pictures from some of those outings too, up next.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve Buffet Supper

Happy New Year!

I put together a super easy NYE buffet last night for friends.  The cheese fondue didn't turn out exactly right (not hot enough maybe? The cheese was too gooey), but still tasted okay, and everything else seemed to turn out fine.  Here are some snapshots:

Chopped Holiday Salad
recipe from here

smoked salmon with some usual accompaniments

shrimp cocktail courtesy Whole Foods (moved to my own platter and bowl)

baguette slices baked with an olive oil drizzle, then topped with goat cheese and orange marmalade

I also served up small crab cakes from Whole Foods (just fry a few minutes on each side) and a great roasted corn and crab dip (recipe here) with crackers, and a Whole Foods tart.  Pretty stress free.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2013!