Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Suede Sneakers

I haven't shopped the Nordstrom sale very seriously like many people out there.  I'm still enjoying summer and not very interested in getting ready for fall and back to school at this point but I did see a pair of newer shoes walking through recently (not part of the sale) -- which I noticed because they remind me of some gray suede plimsolls by Mint Velvet I saw in pics of the Duchess of Cambridge awhile back and really, really liked.  I've never worn Mint Velvet so wasn't sure of the fit (I do see a good range of sizes available on their site right now) but I like the idea of some grey suede sneakers for fall.  (You can see the Mint Velvet ones on Kate here.  The "click to buy" link will take you to the Mint Velvet website - the shoe is called the Bibi.)

Today I received an email that ebates is currently 10% for Nordstrom so I went ahead and ordered these.  I'll instagram a pic when they get here.

Ugg Australia 'Tomi' Suede Water Resistant Sneaker in Pewter
You can find them at Nordstrom here.  Don't forget ebates!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. The sneakers look fabulous...
    I have a similar pair in a metallic gold which are better for our rainy weather but I see those are rain resistant, how clever!

    1. Thanks hostess! Yes - I thought the water resistance would be a nice feature in this area :)

  2. How do you like them? I ordered them in black this morning.

    1. I really like the way they look and they are pretty comfortable. I walked a couple miles in them first wear and got a couple blisters in the back where my socks didn't come up high enough. I'll be wearing them with bandaids for a bit.