Thursday, March 19, 2009

AT Loft Review: Rosette Scoopneck Top

Well I breezed right through Banana today... nothing really stood out.  I saw a big "25% off" sign outside the door but the fine print was that it was only on certain tees when you bought 3. 

So I walked down to Ann Taylor Loft... and was quite surprised... lots of ruffles and rosettes and pretty, pretty colors!  ATL is hit or miss for me - many times I don't find much - but other times (like today) I see tons of possibilities.  I tried on some tops and dresses which I'll try to review in posts over the next couple of days. Here's the first one:

ATL's top, ATL's picture

The chiffon rosettes on this drew me in right away. The tee was comfy, on the longer side, not too loose and not too fitted.  This is a size small I have on.  The colors were great.  I especially like the soft aqua and soft gray.  The gray was much "gray-er" in person than in my 2nd pic above (ATL's and my first pic show the aqua).  They also had a nice bright pink and a few other colors.  I'd like to get this, but in light of all the specials and sales ATL usually runs, I'll wait for a better price.  Swiss dots up next!


  1. Love the rosettes on this! I'll have to check that out...

  2. It is really pretty. As soon as it goes on sale, I'm going to grab one! I would be happy with any of several colors so I think I am safe waiting :)

  3. Very nice detail on the tee! I have one last AT reward to use, so I may have to head over there sometime soon.

  4. *lol* I tried that on the other day. Maybe even in the same color. I'll link to your blog when I post about it. I thought it was a nice alternative to the rosette tee for ppl who don't want the chiffon all over the front.

  5. This is so pretty...I like it a lot! Thanks for the pics. :)