Monday, November 30, 2009

Let It Rain! {my kate spade rainboots are here!}

Pulling in our drive from the pre-K pick-up today, I saw a large box on our front porch and said "Ooooh look!  A box!  I wonder what it could be?!"  My four year old son quickly responded "Maybe some shoes for you!" and I had to laugh because I was sure it was a Christmas present for one of the kiddos.  But he was right - my new kate spade Randi rainboots have arrived.

The lipstick pink is the perfect, happy shade, and the bows are just the right size.  Fun, fun, fun.  Love.

Eddie Bauer jacket, ON jeans & tee, kate spade Randi boots


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Southern Prize Shrimp Dip

This is always such a popular appetizer - it's adapted from my favorite cookbook St. Louis Days St. Louis Nights which was published by the Junior League there when I lived in SL and was a member.  I served this for Thanksgiving with crackers, alongside a honey almond brie with lots of red grapes.  Perfect - and went quickly!

So... you need - some frozen little shrimp, thawed, 2 pkgs of cream cheese or Neufchatel (16 oz), Tabasco, Worcestershire, a bunch of green onions, a little mayonnaise, and some lemon juice (about two lemons worth):

Let the cream cheese soften in a bowl with the lemon juice and coarsely process the shrimp in a Cuisinart or the like.  Just a few pulses - you still want the dip to be a little chunky.

Now mix together the shrimp with the cream cheese/lemon juice mixture and chop up your onions:

Add in some mayo to get it to a nice dip consistency.  I added about 3 Tbsps I think.  The Worcestershire and Tabasco really are to taste.  I do a few swirls around the bowl of Worcestershire and several good shakes of Tabasco.  You can always add more.

Mix well and serve with your favorite crackers!

Happy Saturday!


Friday, November 27, 2009

OOTD 11.26.09

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!  We celebrated at our house and I cooked (which I love because I get to have leftovers for breakfast... and tomorrow too).  Here is my OOTD and, above, a snap of the buffet - not too complicated but with all our favorites.  The shrimp dip (not pictured) turned out especially good this time and I'll share that recipe soon.

J Crew tiered cami, ATL cardi, J Crew necklace, ON jeans, Tory Burch Reese in gold metallic

Happy long weekend!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Wine Line-Up

So all of these wines had little pictures of turkeys in front of them on the shelf indicating that they were good matches for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (wasn't sure what people would feel like so I bought a selection).  Bogle & Kris I've tried, but I thought I'd share these four local grocery's recommendations!  We of course always have some Martinelli's sparkling cider on hand too.  These were all reasonably priced - marked-down to $9.99 - $10.99.

Cono Sur Pinot Noir (Chile), Bogle Zinfandel (California), Barnard Griffin Rose (Washington State), Kris Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Things are crazy busy around the Sweet Tea household as I'm sure they are with you all too - so sporadic posting over the next few days.  I do hope to share a couple of my favorite appetizer recipes (which are good any time of year but I am making them Thursday) from my favorite Junior League cookbook, so stay tuned!



The Cable Scarf Gets Out & About

Couldn't resist wearing my new scarf today - despite the fact that I should be wearing head to toe rain gear.  Drippy rain again (still) and so misty and dark out there! At least my kate spade Randis are on the way... those are enough to make you wish for puddles to jump in!

Juicy Couture corduroy Jacket, Eddie Bauer scarf, with jeans, ON white tee, and Uggs


Monday, November 23, 2009


I didn't get one of these today, but I just had to snap a BlackBerry pic when I was in Eddie Bauer this morning because I liked the display and thought they were reasonably priced for 100% cashmere (especially if you have one of their coupons or promos which there have been a lot of recently).

Cashmere Scarf $69.00 (I only see gray on the website)

Anyway, after seeing a few pics of the fabulous Patina sporting her adorable Metallic Aran Isle Scarves from J Crew (oh my goodness Patina - I love how you are wearing the scarves lately!), I couldn't resist when I saw these stacked on a table at EB.  I ran in because today is the last day for their Friends 25% off promo.

Cable Scarf $39.50 (I see a similar one on the website but not this exact one.  It has shiny gold threads sewn through for a little sparkle and there was also a gray one with silver threads, and matching hats.)

LOVE that they include this tying guide - great idea!

Happy Monday!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

OOTD: The ATL "Boyfriend" Cardi in Rosette

Today I'm wearing the second piece from my spree (not very creatively, sorry, but I was in a hurry and just wanted to wear it!)... this cozy cardi in the Rosette colorway.  I love the sleeves and slouch-factor on this sweater - perfect for a Saturday.  I plan to get another pewter gray tee or cami or two tomorrow to wear under it.  I love that color combo so much but currently just have the sequin cami in the pewter.  Thought that might be a little much for Target and a kids' soccer pizza party.

ATL cardi, ON tee, Vigoss jeans, Gray Uggs, J Crew outlet necklace, Michele watch, LV Neverful MM
...and that's Shelby in the background.  She is just about the most sociable cat I have ever seen and she ends up in the background of lots of our pictures.  We brought her home with us from Thailand 11 years ago!

love the sleeves on this cardi

close-up of the necklace
(and see -- there's Shelby again)

Happy Weekend!


Friday, November 20, 2009

The ATL Flannel Skirt IRL {+ kate spade on the way!}

Today I'm wearing the first piece from my recent ATL shopping spree... the one item I hadn't put on hold - the Flannel Skirt from the sale rack.  This was $59.50, marked down to $39.99 and then 30% less with the F&F.

I love the fabric on this skirt and the wide panel under the waistband that keeps it smooth across your tummy before there are some gathers that make it a little fuller.  It even has pockets!  A little less serious than a pencil skirt I think, if that makes sense.  You could wear just about anything with this skirt so I had a hard time deciding and finally just threw on one of ATL's cardis from last year over a tucked in tee so that the waist detail showed.  Also wearing J Crew Brewster boots and black tights.

Sorry about the darkness of the pictures, but it is just sooo dark here lately with all the clouds and rain.  Which brings me to these lovelies:

kate spade's boot, kate spade's pic

Yes the rain and cold and wind finally got to me and I ordered myself some happy Lipstick Pink kate spade Randis last night!  Review coming up when they arrive!

Happy Friday!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

The HollywoodIntuition 4-in-1 {My Target Best Buy of the Week}

So today I had to run into Target for a birthday present for a party my six-year-old is going to tomorrow.  Naturally, I had to do a quick run through some jewelry and accesssories.  Over near the handbag section I found this great 4-in-1 metallic bag set by Jaye Hersh (owner of Hollywood boutique Intuition). (I think this may be the bag set I heard some tweeting about awhile back??)

It's four little quilted bags in varying sizes (the smallest is about 6 1/2" long, and the largest about 9 1/2") connected by a removable strap that runs through grommets in each bag.  So I'll organize all my day-to-day "must-haves" in these and then toss them in my handbag.  I'm going to be sooo organized!!! And not only that, this is going to make it so incredibly easy to switch handbags.  Love.

They also had a set of colored metallics.  Hanging with the scarves & hats next to handbags.  $12.99.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another Good Reason to Make Friends {with Eddie Bauer}

When I was shopping Eddie Bauer at the Mall of America in September, one of the associates offered to sign me up for their Friends membership card.  I really do like these loyalty programs - as long as they are *not* a credit card - which this one is not.  I don't mind at all if my purchases are tracked when I receive special perks like free shipping, easy returns, and advance notice of sales.  I've also recently signed up for Gymboree's and Anthropologie's cards.  ATL's I have passed on because it is an actual credit card.

So this morning I received an email with a great offer because I enrolled in the program: 25% off my entire purchase when I bring in the email and my Friends card.  Unfortunately, it says to the Mall of America store (and I don't have any plans to visit Minneapolis any time soon) but I am pretty sure they would honor it here in Seattle.  

There is also an online code for the 25% off plus free shipping (they do still charge a $3 handling fee - so I suppose the offer should be 25% off plus $3 shipping - still, not bad).  The code is REINDEER and it does look like you have to have a membership number to be able to use this - not sure.  At any rate, it is easy to sign up.

Also, last night I was able to see some of Eddie Bauer's ideas for Fall 2010 as I was asked to participate in a small focus group/discussion panel session for their women's wear (EB is headquartered locally).  I really liked quite a bit of what I saw.  Of course, styling, fabrics, and colors will surely be adjusted between now and Fall 2010 so I can't really say what their final collections will look like - but I did see some lovely hues, great details like ruching and cute buttons, and some very nice layering ideas.  I appreciated the substantial fabrics - no "whisper thin" merino or fabrics woven so sheer you see right through them as you'll find at other retailers even in cooler seasons.

I can also say that I will be keeping an eye on Eddie Bauer's offerings.  The enthusiastic and friendly group of young women leading the departments and designing the garments really do appear to be steering Eddie Bauer into a more fashion-forward brand while maintaining the integrity of the Seattle-style basics (like cozy down outerwear and durable corduroy) for which they're known.  (And, really, (full disclosure) I'm not just saying this because I received a gift card for my time. You all know I would not point you in the wrong direction!) 

If you want more information on the Friends card - here is the link.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Loft Loot {some IRL pics}

I wanted to go ahead and post these - even though they are just some quick snaps -  in case they could help anyone with online shopping decisions.  When I have a little more time I'll start putting together outfits - can't wait, as I love all of these pieces!  All of the pieces are mentioned/described or linked in the previous post except for the black Flannel Skirt which is from the sale rack and also comes in gray.


Monday, November 16, 2009

What I Have on Hold at ATL

OK.  I just spent an hour perusing and trying on clothes at ATL - I rarely spend that much time in a store - but I just found so much I like and can mix and match.  I put several pieces on hold that I'll run back tomorrow and buy with the 30% off F&F coupon.  Here's what's waiting for me (I didn't take pics until I was almost done, so not all are IRL snaps):

Metallic Leopard Skirt $89.50 (love this and love it with the two tops below)
(ATL's pic)

Ruffle Front Top $44.50 - online the color is called Dusty Teal - what I tried on in-store is more of a true blue to me so not sure if it's the same color - looks like it though
(ATL's pic)

Cascading Ruffle Shell in Lavender Dusk $44.50
(ATL's pic)

Here's the skirt & ruffle top together IRL

I plan to wear this V-neck Cardigan in Rosette - $59.50 (love the cut/feel of this!) over the Sequin Sparkle Tank  in Pewter - $59.50  (I only see black online) - they are showing the Rosette and Pewter together a few different places in store and I really like this unexpected color combo.

You may think "ruffle overload" but I looooved this Petal Detail V-Neck Cardigan in Violet Stone - $69.50 over the cascading ruffle top.

Both of these are beautiful - but I ended up putting on hold the Pewter in the Sequin Top and the Black in the Cardigan.  These colors just didn't work as well with my coloring.

Sequin Sparkle Tank - $59.50 & Chiffon Rose Cardigan - $89.50

I also have the Clear Stone Chandelier earrings and a colorful beaded (blue/red and the metal was mixed gold/pewter) necklace that went great with the blue top - I don't see it online so I'll get pics of that after I buy tomorrow.  

Anyone else excited for ATL/AT Friends and Family??


Saturday, November 14, 2009

another little sale box {it's my Thanksgiving outfit!}

**Update: Banana sale top pics/info added below**

Another little sale box arrived from J Crew and this is what I'm going to wear for Thanksgiving. I'll be cooking for 10-11 and it will be warm in my kitchen! Of course I'll have an ivory cardi handy too.

J Crew Silk Tiered Cami in Bright Papaya and J Crew Heirloom Flora Necklace in Butterscotch

I love the three enameled buttons at the shoulder on the cami and if you haven't seen the necklace in person... it is stunning! There are set stones/crystals all the way up the links of the necklace which I hadn't realized. So super sparkly! Love. I don't see Butterscotch on the website anymore but Chocolate is in the sale section for $49.99.

So for my F&F shopping yesterday, I found lots of gifts at Gap, cute things for my three at Janie & Jack, and two sale tops at Banana:

Tiered Silk Top (I believe they may be calling this color Grape Wreath online but mine looks Dark Blue $69.50 - sale + promo = $25.20
Printed Knit Top $39.50 - sale + promo = $17.49

I also saw the tiered top in a bright green and the print top in a solid tomato-red in-store.

...And does anyone have any details on an ATL F&F coming up??