Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OOD 3.24.09 and Good Things

Well it is all gloom and gray out there again.  I've lived here for years but I am from The South and this time of year in the Pacific Northwest is always hard for me and I am dreaming of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas...  

My outfit, too,  is a little uninspired... I just wanted to have a little pop of color and wear my Burberry scarf wrapped around my neck all day... so I went pretty basic - (Polyvore below).  Color and my scarf make me happy - plus I have a few other Good Things to report:  

1. Easter pictures yesterday went great!  Nobody ran away and we didn't have to bribe anyone with anything!  Afterward the girls just twirled and twirled in their pretty dresses - feeling like princesses - and I love seeing them like that.  I didn't even have to take any Advil.

2. I am able to stand in my sky-high heels without having to hold on to anything!  Gigi asked for some IRL pics to gauge the height on these so I will work on posting those in the next day or two...stay tuned.

3. The eagerly anticipated email from J Crew came through!  My order has shipped!  In its entirety!  I knew the cardis would make it but I was worried about the Golden Olive Victoria Cami... It popped up early one morning in my size (hadn't been there and believe me, I had been stalking) so I ordered and three minutes later looked at the item again and my size was gone.  I guess J Crew is just getting really efficient!  I have so many plans for this little beauty... (guess what, she's going to Paris!)   I'll post when the goodies arrive!  Have a lovely day everyone!

ON red layering cami, Target Mossimo black cardi, Joes Jeans, Donald J Pliner boots, Burberry scarf, Damier Speedy 30, pearl earrings, Ann Taylor trench coat from ages ago


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  2. Looks cozy and warm! Have a great day

  3. Paris, eh!!! I am posting those pics from the Paris catalog later...I think you will love it, especially since it is gross where you are living! The olive cami will look so nice on you and I bet the Parisian women will all ask where you got it...

    I love the outfit today...I bet you look amazing. Donald J Pliner shoes are awesome, huH?

  4. Are you posting your easter pics of the kids? I bet they looked too cute!!!

  5. Yay for easy pics and getting your coveted top! Orders shouldn't be a nail biter, but that's what J Crew has created. Everytime I see your Burberry scarf, I want one I have a navy/green tartan plaid cashmere scarf from Nordstrom but I love the colors of Burberry.

    I can't wait to see those shoe photos! Did you take your true size or go a half size down in the peep-toe, like the reviewers said?

  6. thanks ladies!
    Dina - I was just thinking about that catalog and how you loved it - was going to ask you about it as I didn't save mine, so yay! Can't wait to see your post. For Easter pics just posting their little outfits :)
    Gigi - just took some pics & getting ready to post. I ordered my regular size for both - the peeptoes are slipping a little bit in the back but I'm not going to size down. I think I could but they didn't have these in-store and I don't want to reorder - I'll just put those little heel things in back.