Friday, March 27, 2009

OOD 3.27.09 Lemon-Lime

Once again I find myself dressing expressly to counteract the gray. Gray. Drizzle. Gray. Drizzle.  But not me! I am citrusy lemon-lime!  

I love, love, love my Tory Burch Reese flats... these and the Revas are my absolute favorite ballet flats.  And the colors!!  So... motivated by the weather and the desire to finally break out my bright green Reeses, (and possibly inspired by a bubbly citrus soft drink), here I am today:

How cute are these?  Bows, tassels, gold hardware, scalloped edges, and bright green - all in one shoe!

It's kind of difficult to photograph the back of your shoes - but I had to show Tory's little gold logo in back and a detail of the scalloped edge!

J Crew's cotton-cashmere Primrose Cardigan.  I have a lot of texture and color going on today (for me) so I kept the jewelry minimal!


  1. LOVE those shoes. So Yummy! I need your help with a technical question, how do you put a link to an item in your post and not show all that techno speak? I am such a newbie.

    Thanks! Have a fab weekend.

  2. You know I love this color combo. Those flats are amazingly pretty. And you look so nice!!! Beautiful outfit!

  3. You are so springy I just can take it. Love love love. Gorgeous flats!! Beautiful sweater. You look great.

    Dude, you're "lymon" just like Sprite. :)

  4. Nice! I like the green and yellow together. Have a good weekend!
    I WANT those shoes!!!!

  5. too funny...I'm wearing that cardigan today too!! I put it with my blue seersucker skirt so i don't get my jeans all soaked in the rain.

    love the blog and thanks for sharing your fun outfit ideas!

  6. I love your blog! Those Tory Burch shoes are so adorable and work well with you outfit.

  7. Dina, Beth & Emily - thank you so much!

    Anna - I bet blue seersucker is perfect with this! Thanks for the idea :)

    Heidi - YES! That's what I was going for :) Dude, I'm Lymon. LOVE it! You made me laugh :)

    Mindy - Thanks! OK - I will try to explain (I am so not tech-savvy) - write up your blog post, then go to the page on the web you want to link to and copy the http://blahdyblahblah. Then go back to your post in the create or edit mode and highlight the text that you want to link and then click on that little green ball up at the top where you can change the font or color etc (it will say "Link" if you hover over it). A new box will pop up - just paste the address in there. And you're done! Hope this made sense!! Let me know if I made things worse! :)

  8. I especially like the shoes! But the outfit is great altogether! :)

  9. The primrose cardi is so cute on you!

  10. I love your outfit! Fabulous shoes and sweater!!! :)