Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Nick & Nora at Target + A Happy Candle

I bought these two jammie sets this weekend at Target. The berry print and flowery pink with bee accents are awfully cute too.

"Sitting Pretty" Woodrose/284991 $27.99

"Python" Blue/284991 $27.99

Also found this candle, which I have burning right now. It's soy and has a happy, citrus scent. I don't know what sparkling yuzu is, but I like it.

I'm reading some P.G. Wodehouse now and he's just so funny. I don't know how I went so long without reading any of his books... he's written so much. I also recently watched the first episode of Cranford - really delightful - going to find time for two and three soon.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Check In {reading, bright color, hair + summer plans}

Happy February! How did that happen so quickly?

I'm still going to look through those hotel photos from Italy and post a few along with a report on the Space (Prada) Outlet and some Italian shopping... toward the end of February I should have a little more time.

There's been a little bit of cooking going on around here lately, so I'll have some things to add to my recipe section over on the sidebar soon too... one thing that turned out especially good was an almond flour cake made with boiled clementines (thank you Juliet). It was fun, too, to see tweets from Faux Fuchsia over in Australia just hours later, saying she had been making a similar cake from boiled lemons right about the same time.

Recently I finished Below Stairs by Margaret Powell, the memoirs of a kitchen maid/cook in England originally published in 1968. If you are a Downton Abbey fan, I'm sure you'll find it interesting. Julian Fellowes had this to say about it: "...Her memories... haunted me until, many years later, I made my own attempts to capture those people for the camera..." So there you have it.

I've been wearing bright colors lately. I think that helps so much in dreary weather:

Loft sweater in orange, ON tank and Jeans, Hunters, citrine necklace

knit top in fuschia from Anthropologie (don't know the brand but there are three butterflies on the tag), Loft cardigan (last year)

I also recently made some time for a hair cut and color. I conveniently had a couple issues of Hello Magazine on my ipad when I went in for the foils, so scrolled through some Duchess Catherine pics. My highlights are just slightly different and I really like how it worked out. I also had my hair styled differently than my usual so now I'm on the look-out for a big curling iron so I can try to replicate some loose curls like this myself:

I haven't been at all in a shopping mood for awhile now. Don't know what that's about either. We will be going to Vancouver for a little getaway later this month though, so I bet I'll have something to report from Zara.

We're also starting to make plans for the summer. So far we've got five one-way tickets booked to NYC and I'm researching fun things to do with the kids (ordering Wicked tickets today!). We plan to take a train down to DC and spend several days there before heading further south to Atlanta to stay with family. Any NYC or DC tips (especially restaurants and kid-friendly excursions) are very welcome! We've been, but not with the kids, and it's been quite awhile.