Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OOTD 9.29.09: A Target Cardi {+ Orange Revas!}

It's time to pull out my orange suede Revas again!  Love these shoes... comfy & Fall-like & bright & happy.  The weather is gloomy today so these (plus a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte) are my antidote to the drippy gray-ness outside.  I am also wearing the new Target cardi I found on Saturday.  It came in some other colors too - black, and gray I think, and maybe another - and is priced at $27.99.  The tag says LS Cardigan/Brown/247961.  Love the pointelle detailing & belt.  This is a Small.

Target Mossimo cardi, Paige Premium denim, ON tee, Target necklace, Tory Burch Revas in orange suede, LV Neverfull MM

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Restoration Hardware Lighting Sale {+ my new lamps!}

It is that time of year again - the RH Lighting Sale!  I love the classic yet modern vibe at Restoration Hardware (and those colors!)  and around the beginning of the year purchased our master bedding there.  Our new bedroom furniture was delivered on Saturday and the end tables were looking very bare so I zipped down to RH this morning to purchase a couple of lamps I have been eyeing for a year or two, or maybe three... (I was actually quite excited about finally getting these and may have possibly tweeted about them three times already today.)

Stacked Crystal Block Table Lamp with silk Drum Shade Size D in "Bright White"

I still need to work on the sitting area part of the room and getting something up on the walls, but so far I am happy with how it is all coming together.  Check out the sale if you are in need of lamps or sconces - lighting can really transform a room.


OOTD 9.28.09: The $15 Old Navy Dress

Alright - it's downright chilly out there so I am pulling out my boots and corduroy.  This is the Old Navy shirtdress I recently found on promo for $15.00.

I still have that third Las Vegas post coming up, along with a couple of cute Target finds - a cardigan & a dress that I actually wore yesterday - and I am also re-doing our bedroom, so hopefully I can get those posts together within the next few days.

But for now, here's today:

Old Navy Fine Wale Cord Shirtdress  in "Wise Owl", black tights, J Crew Brewster boots from last year in black, Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo in "Grape Juice"

Happy Monday!


Friday, September 25, 2009


Let me just start off by saying that I have very fond childhood memories of The Sonny and Cher show. I looked up to Cher for being just so glamorous, talented, and funny. My mom tells me that when I was little I cried and cried when I found out they were getting divorced.

So, when my husband told me to pick a show for our Vegas trip and I saw that Cher was at The Coliseum, I was really excited and he went online a couple months ago to get the best tickets we could. We ordered Orchestra seats and best available were around the 10th row, slightly off to the side. Great seats in a venue that seats about 4,000 and I was very excited.

So, on Tuesday night, we have a fabulous dinner at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill and then head over to Will Call to pick up our tickets. The lady is looking up our seats and checking Hubby's ID when the manager standing next to her looks at me and lets me know that:

OK. Some front row seats have just opened. Now, she (that would be Cher) is going to be looking right at us and if we have energy and are excited about this show he'd change out our seats. I asked him if he was kidding and, no, he was not. At this point I am so excited I don't know whether to squeal or cry. I really don't quote Rachel Zoe that much, but at that moment, I die. DIE.

We're escorted to our front row, center seats by a nice lady who says we got the "catcher seats" (if she falls, we catch her). The fan sitting next to me introduces us to some other people in the front and second row. One of the dancers did in fact fall in my husbands lap but it was staged.

Well the show was amazing. Cher was beautiful and put on a fabulous show. Her toenail polish looked like a pretty coral and her eyeshadow was sparkly pink. I was so beside myself the entire show I seriously almost cried a couple times. Anyway, I realize this is not a Cher fan blog and I am here to post my outfit but I just had to say.

So, anyway, here's what I wore:

ATL dress, Target peeptoe pumps, Anthropologie earrings, Michele watch, LV Eva clutch

Hubby was having some camera difficulties

I have one more Vegas outfit to post, along with some city & shopping venue pics & the wax museum. Total touristy fun.


Awww, thanks!!

Thank you SO much to Preppy Buckeye and Marisa at According to Moi who sent me the Kreativ Blogger Award and The Dishy Decorator who sent me the Cutest Blog Award! They all have wonderful blogs, so if you don't know them already, you should hop on over and check them out!

Both of these awards ask that you list 7 things about yourself that most people probably don't know and then ask others to do the same. There are so many wonderful blogs that I read that right now I don't know where to begin.... But I wanted to go ahead and thank According to Moi, Dishy Decorator, and Preppy Buckeye and share my list of 7 things about me (I thought I would combine them instead of subjecting y'all to 14 things!)


1. My husband and I never lived in the same state until we were married.

2. The day after our wedding, we loaded up a U-Haul and drove to Boston for grad school. It's been a great big adventure ever since.

3. I once saw Lindsay Wagner at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok and before I could help myself blurted out "The Bionic Woman!!!!!" My husband says she heard me but I maintain that she couldn't have possibly. Because I'm cool like that.

4. I skipped 6th grade.

5. I was a vegetarian for 3 years.

6. I taught preschool in Thailand in exchange for Thai language lessons for Hubby and myself.

7. My hands sweat during airplane take-offs, at the slightest turbulence, and if I even think about being up somewhere very high. Still, I do fly, and have been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, up the St. Louis arch, in that super high skyscraper in Hong Kong, some crazy swan ride I had to pedal high up over an amusement park (Bakken) in Denmark, and on the glass elevator at The Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. Sweaty hands, anxiety, and all. Uggghhh...

A couple more posts on Las Vegas coming soon!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

OOTD 9.22.09: Vegas Shopping

Alright I am still on Cloud 9 from those fabulous seats at that fabulous Cher concert so more on that later.  Also, I've received a couple of blog awards from two wonderful bloggers who definitely deserve mention in a separate post so I also have that coming up.  

But first - just wanted to post on the simple little travel outfits that I wore on our super fun trip to Las Vegas this week.  Here's Tuesday:

Talbots blouse, ATL pants, TB Revas, LV Speedy, Target necklace

close-up of the Target necklace

yes I know it was in the 90's in that desert town but gotta have a cardi for that chilly hotel/shop/restaurant air


Monday, September 21, 2009

OOTD 9.21.09: Seattle to Las Vegas

Target Mossimo top in blue print, ATL black pants, TB Revas, LV Speedy
(I'd wear that long gold Target necklace that I love with my Mayas, but last time it set off the airport security buzzer.)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Deal(s) of the Day: ON & Target

** update:  I added IRL pics here**

OK.  I went out for white tee shirts and toothpaste but also ended up with a cute dress & top which often happens when I walk in to Old Navy and Target.  So here are my finds today:

First, a simple soft corduroy dress from Old Navy in a lovely mushroom-y hue (ON calls it "Wise Owl" I believe) - such easy dressing.  I picture this with black tights and my tall black J Crew Brewster boots.  Makes me wish for cooler temps! Priced at $29.50 but on promo for $15.00.  That's FIFTEEN dollars! Online "Black Jack" is the only color marked down, but in my store all the colors were $15.00.

And from Target, the Mossimo "long sleeve double vee top", Blue Print/248451 $16.99.  This looks much better on than on the hanger - just watch the sleeve openings because on the one I tried on the elastic was not gathered on one of them.  It has a slightly wide double v-neck but did not at all feel like it was going to slip off my shoulders.  Again, very comfy.  Also came in a purplish-black print, but this blue print reminds me of something Tory Burch might do.  I plan to wear with black capris and my TB Revas.

Next posts will be on the road... Happy Sunday!


Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's That Time Again {Packing for Vegas}

Time to pack for another trip!  Here's the start to my pile system of travel wardrobe planning.  This time it's a quick few days in Las Vegas for just Hubs and me so I'm not taking that much (I am imagining there will be some shopping involved anyway...).

So I'm looking forward to some fun dining, checking out the shops, and seeing the one and only Cher.  I'll of course have my camera & mac, so on-location blogging coming up next week!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OOTD 9.16.09: The EB Christine in Ivory

I just happened upon this blouse a few weeks ago running into Eddie Bauer with my mom and purchased it in burgundy. I liked it so much I bought another in ivory. Such a great, versatile piece. It's a silk/cotton blend - a sheer fabric but not at all "fragile" feeling and with a double layer so you don't need a cami under it. Nicely priced at $39.50.

Eddie Bauer Christine Ruffle Tank - worn with an ATL cardi in black & my usual jeans + ballet flats (black TB Revas today); Gucci sunnies, Michele watch, Anthropologie earrings


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OPI Tickle My France-y

I've had this polish for a few weeks - I purchased after reading HeidiG's review.  So today after a fun week with OPI's Give Me Moor on fingers and toes, I took in my Tickle My France-y for a manicure.  The color on me looks lighter and less gray than it does in the bottle.  I took a couple of pics - the second with more natural light - as I felt it was a little difficult to get the color in a photo.

I think this is a great color for transition and Fall when you are feeling like something soft but not too sheer or pink:


Trophy Cupcakes & Anthropologie Earrings {and Lilly Grapefruit Juice}

My purchases at The Bravern yesterday:

L-R: Snowball (Valrhona chocolate cake & coconut buttercream), Snickerdoodle (cinnamon & sugar butter cake & cinnamon buttercream) S'more (Valrhona chocolate w/graham cracker crust & toasted marshmallow)
Lemon (lemon butter cake & tangy lemon buttercream), Chocolate Vanilla (Valrhona chocolate cake & Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla),  Red Velvet (Southern buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa & cream cheese frosting)


Anthropologie Lobelia Bud Earrings in Clear #944090 $28.00

(wearing today of course)

Oh, and look what I found over the weekend (I know I'm a little late on this but I was excited as Lilly is so rare in Washington State):

Happy Tuesday


Friday, September 11, 2009

OOTD 9.11.09: The Amber Maya

J Crew merino Maya in Amber, Old Navy tank, Target necklace, Juicy bracelet, LV Speedy, Gucci sunnies
(btw Thank You to mrs.anketell for giving me the idea to wear this necklace with this cardi - I love them together)

still rockin' the OPI Give Me Moor

I love the gathers on this.  Bought it in the dusty blossom hue also.

Oh, and I just realized I match my kitchen & family room walls and drapes.  Apparently I really like this color!

Benjamin Moore "Chestertown Buff" walls, Pottery Barn drapes


I have a very busy day today, like we all do.  Mostly I am happily going about my usual activities with the kids, work, errands, etc., but also I am  reflecting on the horrible loss so many families suffered on 9/11/2001.  

We probably all remember where we were when we heard the news.  I was nearly 8 months pregnant with my oldest daughter and watching the Today Show. My father was in Washington DC right near the Pentagon.  It took him a while to get home but he made it home.  My heart goes out to all of those whose loved ones didn't.


Switching Out Scents for the Season {Home Edition}

New nail polish, new Starbucks drinks, new sweaters... with all this going on I thought I'd run out and get some new candles since the last ones I bought were beachy. Specifically, I was looking for Pumpkin Spice which had been recommended by a few people. Not quite ready to go all-out-pumpkin yet, I also picked up some Citrus Sage as a transition from Beach to Fall.

When I have a little more shopping time, I'll also pick out some new Rendezvous in Paris candles - I absolutely love their Travelesque and Gathering Places collections.

some new Yankee Candles

YK Citrus Sage in the guest bath

a little YK Pumpkin Spice in some sparkly votives from Z Gallerie

Happy Friday!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

OOTD 9.10.09: Hello Again Cheetah Cardi!

I haven't worn this cardi for a long time... I must have bought it close to ten years ago. I know there is a picture of me wearing it Thanksgiving 2001. With all the leopard/cheetah prints out now I thought I'd bring it back out, so here I am today:

Ann Taylor cardi (ancient), ON tee, Vigoss boyfriend jeans, Gucci coin logo sunglasses in Havana, OPI Give Me Moor polish
Happy Thursday!


OOTD 9.9.09: It's Definitely Fall Around Here

Well I've been drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes for several days now, the temps are dropping into the 60's, and leaves are actually starting to change color,  so I was feeling like a big wooly Fall sweater yesterday and pulled out the Tweed Shawl Collar Sweater in Dark Orange I just bought at Eddie Bauer.

I hadn't been in EB for ages but shopping with my mom one day I happened upon the Christine Ruffle Blouse and bought the burgundy color (I see Berry on the website, but not the Burgundy).  I was still thinking about it days later so went back to get the ivory and came upon a table of cozy sweaters and couldn't resist.

If you want to try out some of the new EB, I received an email from them this morning:  save 20% on your entire order through 9/21 with code EMAILONLY.

EB sweater in Dark Orange, ON tee, Vigoss boyfriend jeans

suede ballet flats in brown - purchased at a small shop in Paris this summer

EB Christine Ruffle tank in Burgundy - I wore it last weekend with a gray cardi for my marathon shopping day at the Mall of America in Minneapolis

Korres also is having a promo until midnight CST today:  free shipping all day, 20% off orders over $25 (bigger discounts on some of their "favorites"), plus free gifts depending on how much you spend.  If you've been thinking about trying some Korres products, now would be a good time!