Tuesday, March 31, 2009

...and a little more giraffe

It really is a giraffe-y day! Guess what was in my mailbox this afternoon... the darling Lilly shifts from CWD Kids that I just recently ordered for my girls! That was fast! They are so bright and cheery. I'm thinking Easter Egg Hunt...

OOD 3.31.09 (a little giraffe)

Today's outfit is basically inspired by the fact that it was so cold yesterday... the kind of cold that is just warm enough to keep the rain from turning into snow... and I just couldn't shake the chill in my sweet little J Crew tissue cardigan and tank.  

So today I am going for warmth in a turtleneck, merino cardi and Uggs.  I thought about the Brewster boots or some cute ballet flats, but no... it's an Ugg day.  To add a teensy dash of style I am wrapping my new chocolate brown giraffe-print lightweight scarf around my neck.  I do love animal prints... a little python, leopard, zebra... but in small doses like a silk cami under a cardigan or a pair of ballet flats... so this little scarf is perfect for me, and I believe it is my first giraffe! (Pink giraffe LP shifts are on their way to my girls as we speak, though!)

The scarf  shown in the polyvore below is the same style & colorway, but it's actually a floral print... I wasn't able to find the giraffe online - I just purchased it yesterday, so maybe it is brand new.   IRL pic of the actual scarf follows below!

Old Navy Giraffe Print Lightweight Scarf - $12.50

Monday, March 30, 2009

Navy + Pink Dots + Chiffon + Peep-toes = Must Have

OK.  I was in a bit of a panic this morning because of all the things I need to do in a relatively small amount of time - today, and this week in general.  

So what do I do with my single non-committed hour alone today?  Why, zip down to Payless for a pair of navy, pink dotted, chiffon-embellished, peep-toe pumps (because I saw them in one of FFM's fabulous Polyvores) and then zip back home to try them on and write about them!  I think this is my very first purchase at Payless ever!  

They are so delicate and feminine - I am picturing wearing them in an outfit very similar to the one FFM put together, as well as with capris and my navy ON ruffle collar cardi with pearls!  Tres chic!  And guess what - they are on sale!  Yes, $19.99 for these little beauties!  Scroll down, because I took a few pictures of my new girls:

Payless Fioni Navy/Pink Lovely - regularly $27.99, on sale for $19.99

Here are my plans for dressing around my new Dotty Pumps!  The outfit on the left is very similar to FFM's polyvore mentioned above, except it features an Ann Taylor Loft khaki pencil skirt and F21 pink pearls.  The capris in the other two outfits are J Crew's Chambray Cocktail Capri in Rose and Claire pant in Ivory:

OOD 3.30.09 Blush & Brown, Pearls & Python

Today I think we may have sunshine!  We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon and the kids were actually able to get outside on their bikes... so it might not be unreasonable to think today could be pretty too, right?  

So I am forgoing my "dress against the weather" technique and wearing soft, earthy colors:  my subtle "warm blush" J Crew tissue ruffle cardi and a brown tank - and adding some python print ballet flats and my F21 cheapy-cheap but oh-so-fab pink pearls!  The shoes are different than pictured in the Polyvore below - they are Isaac Mizrahi for Target from last year and are closed toe ballet flats with a little bow.   Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Paris Map French Memo Board (at Target)

I am organizing around the house in hopes of actually getting to some Spring cleaning - this Spring - and found this adorable French Memo board that I purchased for my 5 year old's room and never got around to hanging.

Now, I bought this a few months ago - at least - but I recall that they sold out and then restocked so there possibly may be more out there somewhere. I could not find it on target.com. The map is done in such pretty colors with pink twill ribbons to hold notes and postcards, and hanging hardware is on the back (must get around to using that). I believe I paid around $19.99 for this and it was hanging in the artwork aisle.

I think something like this would be a really fun crafty idea too... just a board/corkboard, map of your favorite city, some pretty ribbon and a glue gun!

Janie & Jack F&F

Janie and Jack is one of my favorite clothing stores for my little ones and this weekend is their Friends & Family event. For anyone who didn't get the email, the online code is JJFRIEND, and that takes 25% off of your total purchase. Also, if you spend over $100, they are throwing in free shipping. Great promotion!

My favorite collections right now are Ciao Bella (for girls), Little Rome (for boys) and Coastal Swim for both. I just placed my order for some Coastal Swim for my three. Reviews from a box of cute little things coming shortly!

Parasol Dress, $48
J&J's dress, J&J's picture

Seaside Swim Trunk, $28
J&J's trunks, J&J's picture

Friday, March 27, 2009

OOD 3.27.09 Lemon-Lime

Once again I find myself dressing expressly to counteract the gray. Gray. Drizzle. Gray. Drizzle.  But not me! I am citrusy lemon-lime!  

I love, love, love my Tory Burch Reese flats... these and the Revas are my absolute favorite ballet flats.  And the colors!!  So... motivated by the weather and the desire to finally break out my bright green Reeses, (and possibly inspired by a bubbly citrus soft drink), here I am today:

How cute are these?  Bows, tassels, gold hardware, scalloped edges, and bright green - all in one shoe!

It's kind of difficult to photograph the back of your shoes - but I had to show Tory's little gold logo in back and a detail of the scalloped edge!

J Crew's cotton-cashmere Primrose Cardigan.  I have a lot of texture and color going on today (for me) so I kept the jewelry minimal!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

OOD 3.26.09 Honey, Navy and Knotted Pearls

My little J Crew box with three lovely 20% off items arrived yesterday, so today I am wearing my new Chiffon Pleated Cardigan in Honey (love this color!).  Normally I would have just done a plain white tank or tee underneath but today I am switching it up a bit with a navy tank and adding some knotted pearls & bezel set sapphire earrings.  Add in my requisite jeans and some loafers and I am ready for 2 1/2 hours volunteering in the Kindergarten, running errands, and then taking care of things around the house.  We actually had a few sun breaks yesterday afternoon and the robins are out again so I am hopeful for a great day!

J Crew Chiffon Pleated Cardigan, ON tank, Faux Pearls from Nordstrom Rack

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Girls' First Lilly Shifts!

I just ordered my girls their very first Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses! I was having trouble resisting the pink giraffe print with the cutie pie green trim at a marked-down price... so when CWD Kids sent me a free shipping code (CFWLV2 - good today only!) - I had to order. So I have a couple of these little lovelies on their way for my little lovelies! Yay! Now I just need to find a green polo and some white shorts for their little brother and we will all be feeling summer! :)

Lilly's shift, CWD Kids' picture

OOD 3.25.09 Crisp White With A Little Sparkle

Today I am feeling like a little crisp white and shine... so I am just putting a tank and freshly pressed button-down with my jeans and sparkly silver Sam Edelman slingbacks.  Yes, it is still gloomy (and currently pouring rain) outside, and no, I do not always dress weather-appropriately!  I am going to be wrapping a super cozy grey-blue pashmina around myself all day though.  I got this on my first trip to Paris nearly nine years ago!

Ann Taylor Loft button down, ON tank, Joes Jeans, Sam Edelman slingback flats, blue pashmina

PS:  My J Crew order is on the truck and out for delivery!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cute Shoes for the Smaller Set

Heidi just posted about some cute shoes she found for her little girl at Target and it reminded me - I forgot to post about a couple more cute finds!  Oh how I wish these metallic flip-flops came in Mommy sizes!!  (Do they remind anyone else of J Crew??) And the multicolored butterflies are precious too... they are for little girls, sizes 5-12, and the others were in bigger girl sizes, 12-5. 

Cherokee Freira Flower Thong - Gold  ($14.99) and Circo Darena Butterfly Toe Thong - Multi ($14.99)

IRL Valonia and Vernice

Here are the try-ons.  Boy the navy pumps (Valonia) are high!  Don't worry, I am not wearing them out  like this... just trying on!  I ordered my regular size 8 1/2 in both of these.  The peep-toe pumps (Vernice) are slipping just a tiny bit in the back but I'm sure some little heel grippers will be good enough to fix that.  My feet are a little wide and I think I'd be uncomforable sizing down, plus I don't want to return and re-order!

OOD 3.24.09 and Good Things

Well it is all gloom and gray out there again.  I've lived here for years but I am from The South and this time of year in the Pacific Northwest is always hard for me and I am dreaming of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas...  

My outfit, too,  is a little uninspired... I just wanted to have a little pop of color and wear my Burberry scarf wrapped around my neck all day... so I went pretty basic - (Polyvore below).  Color and my scarf make me happy - plus I have a few other Good Things to report:  

1. Easter pictures yesterday went great!  Nobody ran away and we didn't have to bribe anyone with anything!  Afterward the girls just twirled and twirled in their pretty dresses - feeling like princesses - and I love seeing them like that.  I didn't even have to take any Advil.

2. I am able to stand in my sky-high heels without having to hold on to anything!  Gigi asked for some IRL pics to gauge the height on these so I will work on posting those in the next day or two...stay tuned.

3. The eagerly anticipated email from J Crew came through!  My order has shipped!  In its entirety!  I knew the cardis would make it but I was worried about the Golden Olive Victoria Cami... It popped up early one morning in my size (hadn't been there and believe me, I had been stalking) so I ordered and three minutes later looked at the item again and my size was gone.  I guess J Crew is just getting really efficient!  I have so many plans for this little beauty... (guess what, she's going to Paris!)   I'll post when the goodies arrive!  Have a lovely day everyone!

ON red layering cami, Target Mossimo black cardi, Joes Jeans, Donald J Pliner boots, Burberry scarf, Damier Speedy 30, pearl earrings, Ann Taylor trench coat from ages ago

Monday, March 23, 2009

Loubou-you-know-who Copies Arrive

Oh, I know these wouldn't pass for Louboutins... not even if I painted the sole red... but they could be considered slightly similar...

My husband doesn't like cheap shoes.  He's kind of a shoe snob (he so would not like me saying that because he so is not snobby about anything else)... though he really doesn't care about anything else I clothe him, myself, and our kids with... But you know what, I wear this type of shoe SO rarely that I decided to go with these super bargain lovelies and see how it turns out.  If Hubby only knew how much a pair of sky high patent peep-toe pumps *can* cost, he might agree.

(update:  He knows now and when he saw the black peep-toes sitting on the stairs he gave me a look and said "Heeeeyyyy... I hope you didn't pay $800.00 for those."...no, honey - $26.99 at Target heehee!!)

So this box with the telltale bullseye packing tape was on my porch this afternoon!

Let's take a peek inside:

Wowzie - look at these HEELS:

I hope these girls like their new home... they have lots of new friends to meet upstairs!

Easter Portrait Anxiety

Is it really that time of year already?!  We are going for our annual bunny pictures this afternoon and let me just say that for some reason children's portrait time always gives me such anxiety!  They always turn out lovely (well usually) but I can't help having mild panic attacks thinking about it each and every time!  My three year old has recently reached the "cheesy grin" stage of smiling for the camera - although he is past the "running away" stage so that is an improvement.  I recall my husband offering him $10,000 to cooperate at some session when he was two (joking for my benefit of course - but that tells you how things have gone in the past).  

Anyway, how beautiful will they be in these darling confections from Strasburg?!  I always love a smocked dress and a sweet little pique suit!  And this soft blue is perfect on my little blue-eyed blondies (they get that from their Danish daddy).  Oh no... I just realized I forgot BOWS... I am off to the mall...wish me luck! 

OOD 3.23.09

It's a usual Monday - with places to go and lots to do -  and veeeerrrryyyyy gray and rainy outside.  At least it isn't cold enough to snow (It is Spring, right?)...  so I am wearing *red* to counteract the gray.  And not just *red*, but Radiant Red (as proclaimed by Old Navy).  Today's Polyvore is below:  I actually don't own any zebra flats (why is that?!) so would wear my lovely little leopard ones with the black cap-toes until I aquire some... but actually with the weather I'm going with the Burberry rain shoes on the right.  Cost-per-wear these are probably the biggest bargain shoe in my closet.  Stylish rain shoes in the Pacific Northwest = Good Deal.  The zebra flats pictured, btw,  are from Target and you can see them on the website here.
ON Lightweight Cropped Twill Jacket, ON white turtleneck, Paige Jeans, Nordstrom Rack long faux pearl necklace looped twice, Nordstrom pave ball earrings, clutch similar,  Burberry rain shoes

Sunday, March 22, 2009

F21 Review: Necklaces

So I found a couple of super cute necklaces at F21 recently and they came home to find a spot on my corkboard! I think I need to buy some more pushpins...

This is the Hilda Chain Necklace. It is a longer length, five strand necklace in turquoise/gold and priced at $6.80. The tiny "turquoise" beads have little reddish flowers on them. Cute! I won't wear it with the gray/stripe & navy combo shown below - I just slipped it on to show the length. I think this necklace will be great against white and also with yellow and browns.

I also purchased the Double Faux Pearl Necklace in light pink/gold for $5.80. It is a very very pale pink but you can definitely see the difference compared to the cream version. I think this shade of pink will work really well with all the grays, browns, and navy in my closet. It is not very pink , though, so I think it would be fine against just about any shade. I like how the pearls vary in size. I featured this in a Polyvore, and also have a pic wearing it IRL, in this post.

Three Fab Finds: Tabletop at Target

First of all:  The cutest salt and pepper shaker set ever.  Cutest!  Ever!  This is from Target's Easter collection and was on an endcap near pots/pans/dishes.  Two sweet little speckled ceramic egg shaped shakers in robin's egg blue and yellow - cozied in a  twiggy "nest".  Item #200021675 - $7.99

And second:  These darling little appetizer plates (they are the size of teacup saucers) in cream and sage with prints of dragonflies, mushrooms and a dandelion!  There was also one other design that I didn't purchase.  The collection is called "Green Gardens" and they are melamine.  There were a few of these left on a pretty much empty endcap so I don't know what else had been there.  Item #200090625 - $1.99 each

By the way, if you search for "appetizer plates" on target.com - about 150 items/sets come up... wowzie!  Unfortunately, these weren't one of them... I couldn't find the shaker set either but there were several other items from their Easter collection including...

Third: These Easter plates - *adorable*!

Target's plates, Target's picture

Melamine Floral Plates Set of 8 $21.99.  In store you can buy the pieces separately but I can't remember the price.  The little bunny salad plates are darling and make me think of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

OOD 3.21.09 - Heading to Target

Not surprisingly, I am wearing a couple of items from my Friends and Family box that arrived yesterday afternoon!  The navy sweater is just such a perfect little cardi for the price ($14.00).  It is still a deal at $20.00 imo, and I may have to pick up another one before too long.  Also, I've wanted a gray striped tank since seeing J Crew's version.  I love the painterly look of J Crew's but I don't always love the tissue weight they are so fond of...  ON's version is their hearty ribbed tank... I have so many of these in white and they last forever!  At $3.50 I would say that is an amazing bargain.  My venti latte is going to cost more this morning.

Also, I picked up a couple cute necklaces at F21 last night.  I believe that may have been my very first purchase there, although I've been in to look a couple times.  They are super cute and were amazingly cheap!  I'll review later... right now I've got to get to my beloved Starbuck drive-thru and on to a little shopping.  My Polyvore for today is below with one  IRL pic.  Reviews of anything fabulous I come across today to follow along with info on the F21 necklaces! 

ON ruffle neck cardi, ON long layering tank, F21 necklace

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Friends and Family Box Arrives

Yay!  Happy Friday from the UPS man!  As I drove out to pick up my girls from school I saw this lovely little box sitting on my front porch.  Everything is great!  14 items - 14 very wearable, useful, and cute items, more importantly - for under $115 before tax.  Yes!  

I have to get my girls to ballet in 30 minutes but I wanted to do a quick post.  Just about everything was just as I expected... the braided sandals are cute, cute, cute... ruffle neck cardigan in "Dark Night" is a perfect basic navy cardi... the tanks and tees are, well, ON tanks and tees, and perfect layering pieces.  The sleeveless button front cotton shirt in "Bright Coral" is brighter than I expected - kind of an orangey-red - but they did say "bright".  And I LOVE the jacket!  I posted about it here and I liked it... but that was in a M size in olive.  I ordered a S size in Radiant Red and now I love it.  SO Cute!!!  And only $21.00.  I snapped a couple quick pics in it in front of the mirror in our entryway.

OOD 3.20.09 - Breaking out the Fireballs

Fridays feel like a marathon around here - one thing after another all day long.  But there's almost always a reward in the evening with dinner out or getting together with friends.  And it rolls into Saturday morning which means Hubby makes breakfast for and plays with the kids while I get to get out and about a bit on my own, then return to a houseful of happy (though crazily dressed with messy hair) children for fun family time and more non-cooking!

So here's today's Polyvore, which should be subtitled  "First Wearing of the Fabulous Faux Fireballs!"  I can't stop looking at them in the mirror!  Perfect.

J Crew's Portland Merino Cardi in Melon, a Banana Republic silk ruffly sleeveless blouse (not JC's Victoria as pictured), Sofft caramel suede boots (not quite as sky high as the Guccis), Nordstrom Crystal Collection pave earrings and Anthropologie's Plucked Fruit Necklace