Monday, June 17, 2013

A Peony and a Scarf

Hermes Casques et Plumets

I finally took my new DSLR camera out of the box and took off the lens cap.  I had been a little intimidated. On the automatic setting, however, things are working out and I've captured some great pictures at my children's events, even with a little fumbling.  I'm looking forward to learning more about the camera settings and taking it on vacation.

I wanted to capture some images of detail - I had some beautiful peonies in the house, and unboxed a scarf:

I haven't forgotten about China. We are easing into a summer pace around here and I'm going to post more travel pictures soon.


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Saturday, June 15, 2013

OOTD 6.12.13

OOTD 6.12.13

Zara blouse, F21 denim, Target scarf, Stuart Weitzman Minx sandal

Nice detail on the blouse. I had to return the first one I ordered (by mail) because it arrived with a mark on the fabric and I found Zara's return process to be easy and efficient.  In order to exchange by mail, you have to place a separate, second order.  My second blouse arrived quickly and I have already been refunded for the first one.  Return shipping is free with the included FedEx label and Zara requests original packaging be used and the red "security" sticker be affixed on the box (I had wondered what those were for, having not returned anything to Zara before).

These sandals are pretty high but are so comfortable.  I think I'm going to take them to Europe with me this summer. I'm going to feel so tall.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Zara Shopping and Books

I've been online Zara shopping again.  It is now my go-to for dresses for my girls.  Quite a selection of fun, pretty, appropriate, and 10-11 yr old approved dresses.  From very casual everyday to lacy fancy.  I recently ordered the embroidered dress in midnight blue and striped dress with zip in bluish for my youngest, and the ponte di roma jacquard dress and dress with collar detailing for my oldest.  She is excited to do some in-store Zara shopping in Spain this summer, where the retailer originated.  We are only going to be very close to the French border but I looked up store locations around San Sebastian and it looks like there are a few Zaras to choose from in the area.

For myself, I've just received an order of some black and neutral tops, thinking of summer vacation packing already (Copenhagen, London, Paris).  I wore this one the other day.  I think it will be nice neutral background for colorful scarves:

Zara Oversize Sweater in Natural over an ON tank, F21 denim, Tiffany Keys three-key pendant, kate spade London Calling bangle

I find the leather strap on these rubs at the back of the heel and I use Dr. Scholls rub relief or a little bandaid.  I bought a Dr. Scholls moleskin roll to try with rubby shoes too (Target).

So, these are iPhone snaps.  I now have a new digital SLR camera - my first -  which I just started working with yesterday.  I am hoping I will be getting some great photos of my children's activities, on travels, and for the blog very soon.

As for reading, I finished Sharp Objects by Jillian Flynn a week or so ago.  Great writing and could barely put it down, but so very creepy and disturbing.  I'm looking forward to reading Dark Places, but I needed an emotional break after that one, so I'm currently on Habits of the House by Fay Wheldon.  A much lighter novel set in turn of the century London (very Downton Abbey-ish if you are a fan).

Any great summer reading recommendations?