Thursday, April 30, 2009

OOD 4.30.09 Lavender + The Chandelier

Well, my Lavender Jackie arrived yesterday, so what am I wearing today?  My Lavender Jackie, of course.  And since I cannot wait to debut my Chandelier Necklace (I've only worn it around the house ;) ) I will put that on and keep everything else very simple!

I am volunteering in the K all morning, then my little guy and I will just hang out in the afternoon and I might quite possibly get caught up on laundry and tackle a small corner of the playroom (I need to have Mr. Carpet Cleaner out and you can't even walk through there).

And oooh I just picked up the May issues People Style Watch and InStyle last night and flipped through... lots of cute ideas and some J Crew spotting!  I can't wait to read through in more detail.  Have a great Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RHONYC: And Another Renovation

Well, I posted on Jill's so wanted to give a little air time to Alex's also.  There are some good pics on Cobble Hill Blog and from here.  GE Monogram seemed to be placed pretty prominently on the episode.  Any thoughts?

Also, I think I heard mention that Zarin re-did Bethenny's place.  I would love to see what she chose!

Zarin Fabric's Bag, Zarin Fabric's Picture

La Vieille Ferme

So I stopped in over at Sea Glasses' Winey Wednesday (how cute is that) and it reminded me of a wine recommendation that I never posted.

I am not a wine expert by any means... I pick up a wine magazine maybe once every year or two and stop in a local wine bar maybe 3-4 times a year, if that.  I buy wine at the grocery store or Target or World Market and I tend to go with what looks reasonably good at a reasonably good price.  We like what we like and that's enough for us!  

That said, I usually do all the wine shopping (and food shopping, and clothing shopping, and shoe shopping - you get the picture) but one evening I sent Hubby out and he came back with a fabulous (we thought!) bottle on sale for $8.99.  

His method:  stand around in the wine section and try to find someone who looks like they know what they are doing and get what they get.  He felt he had great luck as he heard someone speaking French and loitered around looking nonchalant while they chose their bottle.  Once they did, he zipped over, grabbed the same, and checked out.  Here it is:

La Vieille Ferme Cotes du Ventoux Rouge 2006 - just a nice fruity, medium bodied table wine at a nice price.  And I like the pictures of the chickens.

OOD 4.29.09 Porcelain Green + Gray. And Tory Burch.

As soon as I get something new, I can't wait to wear it.  I've been thinking of ways to wear my new "Porcelain Green" (almost turquoise but more on the green side) cardi.  I'm spending a couple hours at the office this morning, than domestic things the rest of the day so I'm just putting it with a super comfy ON ribbed tank & jeans and my Michael Kors huaraches.  Easy and cas.


The J Crew Red Cards expire in less than 48 hours and I am resolved to staying away from the Crew!  In fact, I have moved on!  Unfortunately, I have moved on to Tory Burch (and Kate Spade a little too).  Now, I am not a crazy spender - I really think about my purchases and I have a budget.  And right now that budget is seriously depleted and I will not be make any big purchases for a while... but a girl can look, right?  Oh my, oh my, check out these Tory Burch shoes!  I heart Tory Burch shoes.  I have three pairs, and the two pairs of flats (Reva and Reese)  fit me like a glove.  Love!  So here are some new ones that have caught my eye:
Tory Burch "Romy" Ballerina Flat in Latte/Arabian Pink - $235.

Tory Burch "Kelsey" Low Cork Wedge - $250.

Tory Burch Wedge Flip Flop - $55.

Tory Burch "Amber" Sandal - $195.

Tory Burch Flat "Reva" Espadrille - $195.

OK, time for me to leave DreamLand...  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AT Loft F&F Store Report

Thank you to mrs.anketell who left a comment on my post today, letting me know that the AT Loft cardis are indeed still promo-d at $24.50! (Love having my emails come through to my Blackberry - I was at the office for a couple hours this morning and was planning on staying till I picked up my son from preschool - and as all Mommies know, it is quite a bit easier to shop alone!) Anyway, that makes these great little cardigans only $17.15!

So I ran down to ATL and I'm glad I went early. They had tucked the cardigans away to some low shelving on a side wall (took me two walks around the store to find them) and they appear to be selling pretty well, especially the Smalls and the hot pink color. They had the ivory that I wanted and I picked up one other color - a pretty turquoise.

The 3/4 sleeve ruffle cardigans were also on promo - regularly $44.50 (and still this price online), currently $29.50 in-store - so with F&F that makes them $20.65. So I also purchased one of those in a great neutral a little darker than the ivory... I would call it "latte"; since ATL doesn't have it online I don't know what they call it. I bought this in a Medium when I normally buy Smalls - it is much more sheer than the other cardis and I picture it looking good a little looser and more relaxed. I think it will be great with my ON linen drawstrings!

There was a lot of pretty new merchandise too. I was in a hurry so didn't try anything else on but I noticed lots of ruffles, turquoise and yellow.

By the way, they did not say anything to me about F&F when I walked around the store so I think you do need to bring your email!

the cardis appear a little lighter here than IRL - the colors are ivory, a rich turquoise and a tan/sandy/latte color

OOD 4.28.09: Resembling My Coffee Cup + Oh My I Just Found Quinn

I don't wear a lot of green, but I love the styling of this top so wanted more than just one white one... and was drawn to this color because it is different from anything else I have. I added a white cardigan and noticed... hey, I look like a Starbucks coffee cup. And I don't mind.

My white cardi is AT Loft but (as I've said many times) quite similar to J Crew's Jackie, which I love and own in other colors. But - last I was in the Loft these were on promo for $24.50. F&F starts today so if they keep it at that price, these will be just $17.15. I did notice this morning that online they are back to $39.50 (I purchased two a couple months ago for $24.50 each online) so that would make them 27.65. Still a great price for some pretty new Spring colors. I'd like to get a champagne/ivory and, if they are under $20, am contemplating a Spring color or two.

So here's today's Polyvore. The shoes are similar... I'm actually wearing some Mia slides I bought at Nordstrom Rack last year.

The watch is the CUTEST. My daughter and I spotted these at Nordstrom on Sunday in the girls department. They come in all kinds of fun colors - turquoise, bright yellow, etc and have those rubber/flexible plastic bands and sparkling rhinestones or crystals around the face. And guess what - $14.00! Only $14.00! What a perfect summer watch. On the face of every watch at Nordstrom, it says "Sophie" with the "o" as a heart. I had never seen these before and when I went to the the website engraved on the back of the watch (, all the watch faces are plain. I am wondering if they have named these "the Sophie watch" or if they customize them and accidentally printed up 500 with the name Sophie. Either way, they are cute, cute, cute and the SA said Mommies were just buying them up for themselves too so we both got one!

Also, I just found the Quinn. I have an old Kate Spade diaper bag around here somewhere which was a great bag, but I once had a beautiful red KS in some kind of grosgrain fabric that did not hold up well at all... fabric rubbing off on all bottom corners after just a few months of occasional and gentle use. They told me it was because it was rubbing on my clothing, which did not make sense to me at all, so I've kind of not been looking at Kate Spade for the last 8 years or so. But now, though she's been around 10 years, I've found Quinn! This has got to be the most darling Spring bag ever. I want the tangerine tulip and the apple green! I joined the site for email updates and they sent me an email for 15% off... but it seems I've heard of better discounts on the KS site? At any rate, I am waiting. But I've got my eye on these...

Happy Tuesday!

Kate Spade Fairchild Gardens Quinn in Tangerine
KS's bag, KS's picture
Kate Spade Tarrytown Quinn in Apple
KS's bag, KS's picture

And a couple IRL pics today:

Anthropologie vs F21

If you have not been over to Effortless Anthropologie today, you have GOT to read Roxy's post on the Anthropologie/F21 lawsuit.  Oh my, it is HILARIOUS.  I was still laughing as I was posting my comment!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Two Target Skirts + A Tank Top

OK, after having these for a couple of weeks, I am finally getting around to some reviews.  

First off, the lovely Merona Patchwork Madras Skirt in Blue for $19.99.  All the pink & green blogs I have been reading lately are bringing out my inner preppy.  Please pardon the blush tee/brown cardi with this - horrible combination - but I just threw the skirt on to take a quick blog pic.  I envision this skirt looking fab with any combination of white and/or navy tees, tanks and cardigans, as well as a little light blue and possible some fuschia or a dark pinky-red.  This is a straight skirt, with pockets and belt loops.  In the size 4 it is about 17.5" long down the front center.  Sizing is pretty consistent to what I am wearing in J Crew.

Secondly, the Denim Full Skirt in Light Wash, also $19.99.  This also comes in a dark denim, and stood out to me because of J Crew's retro-chambray Wendy skirt.  It's pretty similar and I can't find the Wendy online anymore. This is pretty full and I was able to size down to a 2 in this.  And I am not a size 2, my friends, so I would say it runs a tad big.

I also came across a table of great little Mossimo stretch micro-rib tanks priced at $8.99.  I purchased the "coral"  and took a photo of it next to my new Papaya "Claire" below to show a color comparison.  I think this tank will be great with the J Crew hues desert brown and light pewter/pewter.  It is very similar to J Crew's perfect tank but at half the price.  I purchased a perfect tank last year online in yellow, and after wearing it for about two hours, looked down and noticed little holes in the front knit.  They were also in the back and there is no way I could have done this unless I took a stapler to it or snagged it on several nails while wearing - which I might have noticed!  And that is the last time I paid $18 for a plain tank top.

OOD 4.27.09 + upcoming reviews

Courtesy of the Mickey Card campaign ( btw I am done with that card, done!) I have lots of new J Crew pieces in my wardrobe to put together in outfits.  On Friday I purchased the rosette tee, and the desert brown cardi recently arrived in the mail... they are great together so I'm just adding jeans and some gold sandals & gold earrings for today.

I don't have the Jack Rogers in the Polyvore but am looking at buying a pair after reading all the raves about them in blogland... so I've been putting them in some sets to help me decide.  First, I must save up as J Crew has depleted my clothing fund for a bit!

Oh, except I may need to stop by Ann Taylor Loft tomorrow for one little Champagne cardi... their 30% off everything "Friends and Family" event starts then.  Otherwise, I will be putting together outfits from my closet, and reviewing some of the items I am still waiting to receive from Red Phone orders... those are:  the Misty Lavender Jackie, the  Ruffle V-Neck in Heather Cloud, the Linen Getaway Skirt in Fresh Melon, and the Cate Patent Slingbacks in Soft Seashell.  And I did bring home the "Claire" in Papaya yesterday too.  I also need to get around to reviewing a couple great little Target skirts and put together a post on some scarf tying!

After spending a little time in my daughter's first grade class this morning, I will have a couple hours to get this house and my laundry baskets under control... so hopefully by the evening I can get another post or two up!  Have a great Monday everyone!  (Whew, last night's Celebrity Apprentice was a doozy, huh?)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Item Review: J Crew Rattan Clutch

This is part of the reason I went into J Crew today. I was in on Friday and the accessories boxes were not unpacked so I requested a call when these were out so I could see it IRL. Well, I got a call that they had it and would hold it through today. I didn't see any out on the floor but they had my hold.

J Crew's Rattan Clutch is a super cute summer clutch - very simple. It has a brass colored metal turnlock, white patent leather trim and khaki twill lining with one small pocket inside. The rattan appears to be lightly lacquered - a little shiny, but still very natural looking - and rattan and white patent just shout out summer to me!

The pricing had me a little confused - in the catalog it says $68, while the website has $48. Well the tag on mine also says $48 so either they re-thought the price after the May catalog went to press or it was just a typo. With my 25% off card, this little beauty was $36. - definitely worth it.

I envision getting a lot of use out of this on date nights and family dinners out (well, mostly family dinners out... date nights are about 3-4 times a year) when I don't feel like carrying a big satchel or tote. And it's nice to have something a little different from my usual. Inside, it is plenty roomy for Blackberry, keys, wallet, lipstick, compact, even checkbook - all the necessities!

"It's The Last One" or: "My Acquisition of the Chandelier Necklace"

"It's the last one."

Has anyone else ever heard this phrase uttered by a salesperson?  And did it elicit irrational feelings and spur you to action?

Well, first let me tell you I now own the Chandelier Necklace!  Here's the story...

I know I bought the bracelet on Friday but I just kept thinking about this necklace all weekend... so I went in today to try on one more time (with my daughter's opinion... and let me tell you:  I knew my five year old sparkly girl was going to love it).  It was no longer on display so I asked to try it on... and yes, she brought out the last one.  Maybe they only got one, I don't know.  And I know I could always use the red phone, and they get replens, but... it was the last one.  

I tried it on, and my little girl loooooved it.  I decided to get it and left it at the cashwrap while I shopped some more.  The manager came up to me later and said someone wanted to try it on just for sizing, and was that OK?  "Of course." I said - smiling - "But don't sell my necklace"! Ha ha ha.  But not kidding.

Like or dislike, it is definitely a statement.  Personally, I love it.  It is heavy, and it is voluminous, but it is clear and sparkly so I don't think it looks heavy and overwhelming. I have it on below with my "Claire" dress - (some of my readers and I are just calling it that, thank you ladies, as "Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress" sounds rather uninspired) - and the melon Portland to show melon with the dark charcoal.  More Polyvores to come!

OOD 4.26.09 Dark Charcoal + Tiffany Blue

I can not wait any longer to wear my new J Crew Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress.  I wish they had given this a cute name like the "Claire" or the "Katie" so I could just say that.  Maybe I should name her myself.  Anyway, this dress is seriously fabulous.  I think I am going to get it in another color - the Marine Aqua or the Papaya.  The only other color out is a dark navy (thanks Sumerilla for letting me know!  I thought it was black!).

So today I am wearing it to church, shopping, and a lunch date with one of my little girls, with an AT Loft Jackie look-alike in a beautiful Tiffany blue and shoes similar to the Polyvore.  I don't have the clutch yet, but if I like it as much IRL as I do in the pics, I will soon!  Btw, it is priced at $68 in the catalog, but $48 online.  Haven't seen the store tag yet.  Easy, comfy, polished, perfect.  

I purchased the Loft cardi yesterday - they had a whole table of them in the front of the store marked to $24.50 (from $39.50).  It didn't ring up at the price, but they were clearly marked, so the SA adjusted it.  I have it in white and black, and I should have picked up the champagne color also... such a great piece that I use a lot.  They had all the basics and some additional pretty Spring colors.  They also have a nice brown similar to J Crew's desert brown (which is currently on sale for $39.99 from $59.50).

I also stopped by Old Navy yesterday... they had some amazing deals going on... but I only got a price adjustment on the baby doll tops I bought last week - they are now marked to $15 from $19.50.  Super deal!  I love this top.  So, I will look at it as I actually made money for shopping at ON yesterday!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

OOD 4.25.09 - The Crosshatch in Light Pewter

I love my new Crosshatch.  I had been wanting a cardigan in pewter and this one turned out to be a great basic with a nice bit of interest added from the basketweave silk chiffon detailing along both sides of the front placket.  The detailing on my cardi is much straighter and not as poofy as in the catalog pic - less "ruffly".

It is a very thin merino wool - you can clearly see the strap of my ON ribbed tank through it - but I am fine with the weight for Spring and Summer.  This was originally $125.00 and came in this Light Pewter, Dusty Rose, and Beechwood.  It is now marked down to $79.99 on the website, and I was able to use my red card on the red phone to get an additional 25% off and free shipping, so I am happy with the deal!

close-up of the chiffon detailing IRL

J Crew catalog photo - p. 59, March '09

Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's what I got: {and brief new arrivals report}

First of all, going off my New Arrivals Polyvore set:

They did not have the pink jacket, melon skirt, or ruffle swirl tank in, and they said they would not be getting the ruffle swirl.

They had the tuxedo tank in all the colors, including the leopard print (cute), and plenty in all of them except the bright pink - no 2, 4, or 6 - only three of these were left, in 0, 8 and one other size.

They did not have the Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress in the Papaya color, and their accessories were just arriving and still boxed up in the back so I wasn't able to see the rattan clutch, but they took my name and number to call me when they got them out.

By the way - they had lots of the Misty Lavender Jackie cardis! In my size too! What in the world. But mine is on the way from the red phone.

Also, on a front table, lo and behold: a stack of the rosette tees in blush. (!!!) After reading Ema's journey to hers on her blog, I absolutely had no choice but to buy one of these! There was also one in white, in size medium.

I tried on the Chandelier Necklace and it really overwhelmed me - too large for my frame. But the Chandelier Bracelet was *Love*! And I get my bauble fix without being overtaken by beads. It is sooo sparkly in the sunshine!

I tried the Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress in dark charcoal for sizing, (thinking I might order the Papaya)... and loved it! Love, love, love!!! So I brought it home! I think a melon cardigan will be fabulous over this!

I also was able to order the Tissue Ruffle V Neck Tee in Heather Cloud, at the Mickey Card discounted price. They only had some pinks and a couple whites left in the store. Apparently these have sold through very quickly!

Also this cute little butterfly hairband which called to me from a little display at checkout, for those ponytail days:

My last purchase was from the sale rack but oh my, oh my! This dress is Fab-u-lous!! It's the Super 120s Jayne Dress in Tea Rose. The (gorgeous, striking) color, the (super soft & smooth) fabric, the (perfectly tailored) fit! Why on earth it is marked down to $69.99 (less another 25%) I'll never know! I am planning on wearing it to a wedding next weekend!

I am looking forward to putting together Polyvores and wearing these new additions! Have a great weekend everyone!

{super quick} OOD 4.24.09

I snapped a couple quick shots of today's OOD before I ran the kids to school and zipped to J Crew!  Yes I found a few great things... a lot going on this afternoon but hopefully I can put together some pics of my "new arrivals" purchases and give an update by this evening!

J Crew rolling ruffles tank in the pink color and cotton cardi in Snow, Paige Premium denim, Michael Kors Reese slides, F21 pink pearl necklace

J Crew: My April New Arrivals List

I've put together a little Polyvore of the pieces that I will be looking for before the end of the month (and expiration of my Mickey card!).  I'm pretty sure I will love the tops but will definitely need to check the fit of the jacket, and the length of the skirt on me.  Also I'm hoping the dress a good fit - I never know - and that I can style with a long cardi I have in color Snow rather than purchasing the one in the Polyvore... it seems so similar.  
I will post some reviews after I get into the store!  Oh and Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is gearing up for a great weekend.

Descriptions of each item are here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lavender Love! ...and what are your new arrival wishes?

J Crew did not let me down!  The eagerly awaited email just came through... my Misty Lavender Jackie (that was backordered until 4/28) has SHIPPED!  The desert brown and light pewter Crosshatch shipped a few days ago... so look for more Polyvores coming soon.  And did I mention I can't wait to see the new arrivals!  Ashley (of Love It) has her wishlist here and Joyce (of Making the Best Joyce) has her wishlist up here.  I'll be putting mine together soon.  What's on yours???

Have a great night everyone!


What do you think of Jill's re-do?

OK, I must ask.  

And now you will all know a little bit of a secret about me:  I cannot miss an episode of Real Housewives of  NYC.  OK.  Out in the open.  Now, if reality TV bores you to tears or you absolutely cannot put up with the antics of these ladies, you are probably no longer reading... but I promise, this post is about the decorating!

The decorating, clothing, and accessories are a big part of the fun of these shows for me.  Plus, when I am able to get Hubby to sit down and watch with me for 15 minutes, he tells me how happy he is that he's married to me!  

So anyway... Jill's apartment re-do - which was featured on an episode -  is in the latest Traditional Home Magazine, on newsstands now!  I read that it was out over on Tickled Pink and Green this morning, so right after picking up my son from preschool, we zipped to the store to get my copy!

Traditional Home's pictures of Jill Zarin's home - May 2009
I love the placement of pictures over the headboard and end tables.  We have a tufted headboard also with nothing else on that wall, so this gives me an idea!

For anyone who saw the show or has the magazine already, anything you particularly love -  or not so much?  

Personally, it is a little overwhelming to me... so many textures, busy fabrics and lines going this way and that... the POP tables are fun but... for me, no... 

But I loooooove the faux shagreen finish on the walls, the gorgeous chandeliers, and the better utilization of space.  The lighter, airy palette is so refreshing.  Cute print of Audrey Hepburn in Allie's room too... I have that somewhere!  One of my favorite movies.

So - any thoughts??

OOD 4.23.09

Our two days of beautiful Spring weather were lovely while they lasted!  Today it is gray, cold and wet and I am totally uninspired to put together an outfit because I want to dress for summer so I just browsed through my Polyvore sets and am wearing this:

Except... in all my excitement to look at my new spring pedicure all day long the past two days - the lovely, shiny, sparkly thong sandals I've been wearing have given me a blister.  So, Uggs it is.  I won't bother with an IRL!  I did wear this same outfit last month in my Honey, Navy and Knotted Pearls post.  

It was funny, last time I wore this, a Kindergartener asked me why my necklace was all "tangled up" so I got to explain knotted pearls :)  Today I am just switching it up with a turtle necklace from last year's collection at Old Navy.

So now I am off to get my three darlings fed and off to school, and spend a couple hours volunteering at Kindergarten.  

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!  I am greatly looking forward to shopping the new arrivals at J Crew in the next few days!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Unexpected Way to Wear a Scarf:

on your wall! 

OK!  I was asked about some different ways to wear scarves - so I am going to put together a post on my favorites.  I used to wear scarves quite a bit, and now, thanks to blogging and Polyvore, I am pulling them out and enjoying them again.  So thank you for the interest!  

But before I put that together, I wanted to share this Napoleon themed Hermes scarf that I had framed for the living room of the little apartment Hubby and I had when we were first working after grad school (long time ago!).  It now hangs in his study over a leather sofa.  From a distance, it looks like a print - but when you look closely you see the beautiful detailing in the silk.  Little bees are woven throughout in addition to printed.  

Some of these scarves are so elaborately detailed - and there is such a huge variety of themes and colors - that I think they make great artwork for your walls as well as your wardrobe!