Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Target Deal-of-the-Day: $5 xhilaration Ladybug Tee

I had to go to Target for a birthday present this morning and of course I quickly scanned the clothes, shoes & jewelry. ( I did not try anything on!)  I came across these cute little pink tees and brought one home.  They are part of the St. Patrick's Day seasonal wear and are in the sleepwear section, hanging with green tees.  $5.  It says "Lady Luck Rouge Compact - for that 'Happy-Go-Lucky' Look"  Good fun for five bucks, I say.


  1. That is cute. With the quintessential cardi, of course. ;-)

  2. of course! I know it was in sleepwear but I am wearing it out and about... my little girls will think it is so cute too.

  3. I ended up here again. *lol*

    I think this is something you'd only wear a few times, so $5 is a great price. Just thinking again about all those critter tees at J Crew w/high, high prices. I'm sure there is a fabric difference, but still...I would only wear this a couple.

  4. Very, very cute!!! I found some *retro* tees at Walmart for $9 the other day when I was grocery shopping. I didn't pick one up, but thought they were a great alternative to the higher priced ones out there now.

    LOVE the new blog pic...your littles are ADORABLE!!!

  5. Gigi - yes those J Crew tees are cute but I think a couple of $5 Target ones may give me my "critter fix" for a lot less $$.

    FFM - thanks so much :)