Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do you think of Jill's re-do?

OK, I must ask.  

And now you will all know a little bit of a secret about me:  I cannot miss an episode of Real Housewives of  NYC.  OK.  Out in the open.  Now, if reality TV bores you to tears or you absolutely cannot put up with the antics of these ladies, you are probably no longer reading... but I promise, this post is about the decorating!

The decorating, clothing, and accessories are a big part of the fun of these shows for me.  Plus, when I am able to get Hubby to sit down and watch with me for 15 minutes, he tells me how happy he is that he's married to me!  

So anyway... Jill's apartment re-do - which was featured on an episode -  is in the latest Traditional Home Magazine, on newsstands now!  I read that it was out over on Tickled Pink and Green this morning, so right after picking up my son from preschool, we zipped to the store to get my copy!

Traditional Home's pictures of Jill Zarin's home - May 2009
I love the placement of pictures over the headboard and end tables.  We have a tufted headboard also with nothing else on that wall, so this gives me an idea!

For anyone who saw the show or has the magazine already, anything you particularly love -  or not so much?  

Personally, it is a little overwhelming to me... so many textures, busy fabrics and lines going this way and that... the POP tables are fun but... for me, no... 

But I loooooove the faux shagreen finish on the walls, the gorgeous chandeliers, and the better utilization of space.  The lighter, airy palette is so refreshing.  Cute print of Audrey Hepburn in Allie's room too... I have that somewhere!  One of my favorite movies.

So - any thoughts??


  1. I have a (not so secret) obsession with the RHONY! Love the show. Jill is my alter ego. I'm originally from NY, my name is Jill, I have a chihuahua, and a daughter named Allie (mine's Ally). Similarities stop there! She is so over the top. Although the bones of the makeover look beautiful, I would have to take away 90 percent of the tchotchkes. I like a much more serene environment. I have to check out the magazine.

  2. Jill is my favorite! Along with Bethenny :) I love listening to the NY accents. Too funny about your similarities! I agree on taking away a lot of tchotchkes... I bet (hope) they do IRL. The magazine is great because you can really take it all in, which was difficult for me to do while watching the show!

  3. I think the magazine photographer did a great job. On the show, Jill's apartment looks TOO busy for my taste. The entry way with all the glass cases displaying items is too much. I must admit her bedroom looks much better.

  4. Yes I definitely prefer the bedroom decos - both Jill's and Allie's are very nice! I agree that entry hall is a little jarring... not how I would do a transition space in my house.

  5. Hey, another thing that we have in common, I cannot miss an episode either. It's so much fun, I cannot choose between Betheny, Jill and Alex/Simon.
    Re. the apartment makeover, it wasn't my style before and it isn't my style now, but the best part it's definitively the bedroom and the dining. I hate the kitchen with the paperpaint though, it's hideous to me!
    Do you know that the countess had been damped by her husband?

  6. Yes... I heard he has left for another woman. He was never around anyway... I wonder if she was suspicious. Also, did you hear that Alex has been laid off from Victoria's Secret and looking for a job? Btw, if you go to the Hotel Chandler website that Simon manages there is a picture of Alex with one of the boys.

  7. I'm kind of a geek but I must watch this show every week along with Antiques Roadshow on PBS. There are elements of Jill's apartment that I really like but then there are some that are a little funky for me. I really love the bedroom. I'm a big fan of the Parisian look. I already have a chandelier and some wallpaper with bees on it picked out for when the BF and I get married and have a house. I showed him the wallpaper and he freaked. I heart Jill and her Mr. Potatohead hubby.

  8. Oh, I forgot another similarity. Jill also plays tennis, as do I. Maybe, I should start calling my husband BAH-BEEE!!!!

  9. Emily, I love Parisian too and touches of Country French. When we went to Arles we stayed at this lovely place in the Camargue region - - and I remember there was this couple there specifically on a big shopping trip for their new house. How fun!

  10. Jillle you crack me up! I want to start playing tennis!! I am trying to talk Hubby into joining a local club so we can get the kids started early!

  11. I'm a huge tennis advocate! We always play as a family on vacation. I have played on leagues for years and now I coach tennis at the high school. Its great exercise and a sport you can do your whole life...end of speech. :)