Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RHONYC: And Another Renovation

Well, I posted on Jill's so wanted to give a little air time to Alex's also.  There are some good pics on Cobble Hill Blog and from here.  GE Monogram seemed to be placed pretty prominently on the episode.  Any thoughts?

Also, I think I heard mention that Zarin re-did Bethenny's place.  I would love to see what she chose!

Zarin Fabric's Bag, Zarin Fabric's Picture


  1. I think this makeover was just too dramatic for me personally. I like parts of it but the living area that was bright red and black was just too much for me. Then I thought other rooms like their bedroom were a bit plain in comparison. In reference to your other post on Jill's apartment I think the photographs in the magazine made it look so much better than it did on TV. I think Jill's apartment was just too over done, there were some nice elements but the entrance way was so busy I'd just run out screaming!

    I love this show! I'm glad someone else is watching it with me every week. Do you watch the others? The New Jersey ladies frighten me a but, I think NYC is my favorite.

  2. Oh la la! Next time I am in the city, DEFINITELY going to Zarin!!! Unless one of the housewifies want to have me over. :) Xoxo-BLC

  3. Summerilla - oh yes, I cannot miss it! And I usually have to watch by myself as Hubs can take it for about 10 min. and it's at 10:00 on a school night! But I look forward to my "Housewife Night" and a glass or two of wine :) I watched OC and a little bit of Atlanta (I am from that part of the country and it just seemed soooo far from reality) I agree - the NJ ladies scare me too but as long as there is a TV screen between us, I'll tune in! (And yes I thought the contrast from very dramatic living room to plain bedroom was interesting... maybe they haven't finished the bedroom yet??)
    BLC - I would love to visit Zarin IRL. I love fabric/design stores!

  4. oh and I didn't mean I would have my 7, 5, and 4 yr olds watch it with me if it weren't a school night... I meant all the mommies around here are tucked in at home by that time! :)

  5. Thanks for finding those pics of the renovation, I looked and couldn't find any. You rock!
    The thing that bothers me the most now is not the bordello living room. If it was ALL bordello, that would have been better than the total disconnect in styles. Edgy and cool...NOT!
    (Also, I thought the same thing about the GE Monogram product placement.)

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