Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anthropologie: Compass Points Tee

There is a ridiculous amount of clothing in the sale section at Anthropologie right now!  Seriously - I was overwhelmed.  If I had not been in such a hurry to get over to J Crew, I could have probably found several more "must-haves"!  As it worked out today, though, I just brought home one little top:  the Compass Points Tee.  

I love the detailing at the neckline, the colors, and the crazy mod print.  It will work great with my new AT Loft white cardi as well as my ON navy one.

Anthropologie's tee, Anthropologie's picture

After I got home, I realized the print seemed familiar... and I ran upstairs and pulled this little Gap dress out of one of my girls' closets.  I bought these last year for them and just loooove this print!  No wonder this stood out to me!  Now I get to wear it too!

Anthro tee on the left, Gap Kids dress on the right


  1. That is so funny! What a great match! And what a beautiful top :) I love it!

  2. You are so lucky!!!! My Anthro didn't have this top on sale, and the sale section was filled with things that I've seen for a month or two now. It makes me wonder how they mark things down in stores.... :|

  3. So funny, I just bought this top today as well. It is still available online as well in the sale top section.

  4. Oh so cute! Congratulations on your great deal! :)