Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little Easter Decorating

My children love having seasonal decorations around the house as much as we can - not just for Christmas!  I've just recently started decorating for Easter - besides fresh Spring flowers and the eggs we dye.  Here are some things I have out right now:

Since I have two girls and a boy, I like putting out little figurines like these.  These sparkly cuties are from Michaels, last year.

I love these Bell Shelves from Ballard Designs.  They are so versatile!  I usually keep candles on them, but change for the seasons... these topiaries for Easter, pumpkins at Halloween, star wreaths at Christmas, etc.  They also have little indentions so you can prop plates on them.

I found this candleholder at Marshall's last year.  I love candles, all sizes and kinds!


  1. That's the cutest candleholder. Betcha gota deal, too.

  2. such cute ideas and decorations!!! Where did you find those topiaries, for Easter? what about the egg garlandy thing around your candles?? that is SO cute!!!!

  3. You know it, Gigi ;)
    MrsAnketell - I'm pretty sure I got those topiaries at Marshalls (last year) & also the candleholder - it came with the eggs and twigs all attached. I just added candles :)

  4. Love those topiaries and the candleholder is great. Such fun decorations!!

  5. oh, yeah. I noticed that AFTER I posted my question!! Silly me. Well, with only one boy (for now) ill probably hold off on the Easter decorating......except my one brown rabbit that's sort of Easter-ish that i put out every year!

  6. Very cute! I love it all--very tastefully done!