Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's what I got: {and brief new arrivals report}

First of all, going off my New Arrivals Polyvore set:

They did not have the pink jacket, melon skirt, or ruffle swirl tank in, and they said they would not be getting the ruffle swirl.

They had the tuxedo tank in all the colors, including the leopard print (cute), and plenty in all of them except the bright pink - no 2, 4, or 6 - only three of these were left, in 0, 8 and one other size.

They did not have the Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress in the Papaya color, and their accessories were just arriving and still boxed up in the back so I wasn't able to see the rattan clutch, but they took my name and number to call me when they got them out.

By the way - they had lots of the Misty Lavender Jackie cardis! In my size too! What in the world. But mine is on the way from the red phone.

Also, on a front table, lo and behold: a stack of the rosette tees in blush. (!!!) After reading Ema's journey to hers on her blog, I absolutely had no choice but to buy one of these! There was also one in white, in size medium.

I tried on the Chandelier Necklace and it really overwhelmed me - too large for my frame. But the Chandelier Bracelet was *Love*! And I get my bauble fix without being overtaken by beads. It is sooo sparkly in the sunshine!

I tried the Dressy Jersey Strapless Dress in dark charcoal for sizing, (thinking I might order the Papaya)... and loved it! Love, love, love!!! So I brought it home! I think a melon cardigan will be fabulous over this!

I also was able to order the Tissue Ruffle V Neck Tee in Heather Cloud, at the Mickey Card discounted price. They only had some pinks and a couple whites left in the store. Apparently these have sold through very quickly!

Also this cute little butterfly hairband which called to me from a little display at checkout, for those ponytail days:

My last purchase was from the sale rack but oh my, oh my! This dress is Fab-u-lous!! It's the Super 120s Jayne Dress in Tea Rose. The (gorgeous, striking) color, the (super soft & smooth) fabric, the (perfectly tailored) fit! Why on earth it is marked down to $69.99 (less another 25%) I'll never know! I am planning on wearing it to a wedding next weekend!

I am looking forward to putting together Polyvores and wearing these new additions! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Wow--I wish my store had a rosette tee because I think I need an XS and I had purchased a S way back when.
    Love your new bracelet!!

  2. I love the Chandelier bracelet...I'm going to have to add this to my list.

    Petunia - The Tyson's store in VA had two huge stacks of the rosette tee, some in pink and some in white. I just saw them today.

  3. Thanks for the update. Were you at the University Village store? I am going there on Monday and will not be pleased if they do not carry the swirl tank.

  4. Hi Melissa - no, I was at Bellevue - they get in more styles than U Vill. So I would definitely call before you go!

  5. Petunia - the Bellevue, WA store had a nice stack and may have an XS left if you feel like calling!

  6. LOVE the strapless dress, in the gray!! I actually saw those in the store last night, and kept going back to store didn't have rosette tees,but i want one now!! Can't wait to see your polyvore sets, with the new items!! Yay!!

  7. oh, yeah, i also want another tissue v neck tee and i like the gray color that you got! Im sure there's lots to pair with this!!

  8. mrs.a you HAVE GOT to try that dress on if you didn't! It is really beautiful - I love the gathers on the bodice and the fabric hangs very nicely - not clingy! I think it can be easily be dressed up and down - cas flops or metallic sandals - tons of cardis, a white menswear shirt w/rolled up sleeves, sparkly jewelry or just over a swimsuit. The second I put it on it was a definite must-have. I don't wear a lot of dresses but I am going to get tons of wear out of this one.

  9. Hi, thanks for the link and happy that you got the rosette tee ;-). Congrats on the bracelet, I saw it and it sure is very sparkling.
    I saw briefly the linen skirt in store and it's a little bit shapeless IMO, but the strapless dress that you got is really cute!I'm going to check out the new arrivals tomorrow (alone this time!), I hope that I won't go wild since it's the last weekend to use the 25% card...
    I will report if I see the ruffle swirl tank and which colors.
    Have a nice weekend with your family!

  10. Alrighty now! You've talked me into it. I also need to try on the strapless dress!! I love versatile summer dresses, that you can dress up or down.
    The chandelier bracelet is hot!

  11. ohhhhh, i love all of your buys!!! I have the rosette tee and bracelet and love them. I wear my bracelet almost everyday. Enjoy them. I can't wait to see your polyvores and IRL pics.

  12. Did you find that the dressy jersey strapless dress fit TTS? I never know what sizes to order anymore and I'm nowhere near a B&M....

  13. the dress looks lighter here, than on your polyvore.....i think i need/want the lighter gray dress:)

  14. Ema - I'm interested to see what you think of the ruffle swirl if you find it and your other 25% buys! I am going back one more time too...
    Jillle - thanks I love the bracelet!
    Patina - thanks so much! I wore my bracelet all day yesterday too!
    Lauren - I think it is TTS/consistent with what else they have right now. The small in the strapless is a perfect fit for me and I buy size S in the tees & cardigans, 4s in the capris, and I took a 4 in the 120s dress.
    mrs.A - yes - the polyvore looks almost black and mine is not that dark it is definitely a charcoal gray IRL.

  15. I neeeed that strapless dress....

    Love all of your purchases!

  16. Love the strapless dress - so pretty. I totally missed that when I was at mine. Love the bracelet, too - I saw it on Patina's blog and oooooh, it's so sparkly! And I got a rosette tee in white - I just loved the crispness of the white with the softness of the chiffon rosettes. So excited to wear it!

    Looks like you had a fantastic outing!!

  17. Heidi - glad you got the rosette in white. It's lovely! There was a whole stack at my store today - must have got in replens!