Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coastal Swim arrives amid snow...

Yes. It snowed all morning. And me all in my "peek of pink" capri pants & ballet flats ensemble. With cold ankles. After yesterday's sunny afternoon in my Uggs and turtleneck, I guess I should have known!

Anyway, sometime during the flurries, my UPS man delivered this little brown box from Janie and Jack - full of Coastal Swim for my three little ones. Navy, bright red, crisp white - with sailboats, lighthouses, and beach umbrellas!

The parasol dresses for some reason give me visions of Coco Chanel seaside in Biarritz circa 1915 and 4th of July on a sunny modern-day Florida beach. Love! The little sailboat swim trunks are adorable and I love the signature J&J applique-work and embroidery. I can always count on them for cute things for my girls and little boy too.


  1. love janie and jack!! sailboat swim trunks----how adorable!! were they having a sale?

  2. They had their "Friends & Family" 25% off last weekend & were doing free shipping on $100 purchases also. It was an email that went out so if you sign up on their site to get emails, you should probably get notice the next time. :)

  3. Darling outfits! I love nautical, coastal and beach scenes.

  4. I love all of it!!! too too cute. Makes me wish mine were a bit littler!!