Thursday, April 2, 2009

OOD 4.2.09 - Busy Basics

Comfort is key today - which is one reason I love cute shoes and accessories to dress up the basics.  After the school drop-offs I am zipping downtown to warm up my little red Crewpon (thanks for such great terminology, Gigi!) and check out the latest at Anthropologie.  Who knows what the weather will do or how fast I will need to move - so it is basic jeans, tee, and J Crew Sophie peacoat today (different than cardi pictured below but similar idea - it is a heavy knit).  My Target cluster pearl necklace, Juicy Couture cupcake earrings, Tori Burch "Amy" pumps and LV Damier Speedy will give these basics a little style boost!

Early afternoon, I will hang out with my little guy, and get the house ready for hosting an afternoon playdate for five, and a dear friend who is coming over to help me decorate my son's birthday cake!  She is a fabulous cake maker and me - not so much.  But I have the supplies and am ready to go.  The cake, by the way, will look nothing like the one in the Polyvore!  It will be a big ol' Spiderman, covered in 5 million red and blue M&M's!!!  Maybe not quite that many, but it will seem like it!  So, my Old Navy tee and Sophie peacoat sweater will see me through the day... the only change I need to make is switching out the TB pumps for my cozy blue Ugg slippers (it's just my own kitchen after all).

Have a great Thursday everyone!  I can't believe we are more than halfway through the week!


  1. Good luck at your son's bday party today!! how old is he?? i hope you found something fabulous today, while out shopping. Love the cupcake earrings!!!!!! how adorable!!!!

  2. Thank you! He's turning four :) Unfortunately my shopping trip was thwarted by a sick 5 yr old :( but she's all better now... just home from school... so I plan to go shopping tomorrow!

  3. Love the outfit and the Target pearls make everything better, don't they? Love those Tory Burch pumps!!

    I want to see IRL pics of the Spiderman cake, by the way!!

  4. Love everything as usual! I really like the scarf with the cardigan photo. I will have to try that! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Heidi - thanks & spiderman pic coming up :)