Wednesday, April 29, 2009

La Vieille Ferme

So I stopped in over at Sea Glasses' Winey Wednesday (how cute is that) and it reminded me of a wine recommendation that I never posted.

I am not a wine expert by any means... I pick up a wine magazine maybe once every year or two and stop in a local wine bar maybe 3-4 times a year, if that.  I buy wine at the grocery store or Target or World Market and I tend to go with what looks reasonably good at a reasonably good price.  We like what we like and that's enough for us!  

That said, I usually do all the wine shopping (and food shopping, and clothing shopping, and shoe shopping - you get the picture) but one evening I sent Hubby out and he came back with a fabulous (we thought!) bottle on sale for $8.99.  

His method:  stand around in the wine section and try to find someone who looks like they know what they are doing and get what they get.  He felt he had great luck as he heard someone speaking French and loitered around looking nonchalant while they chose their bottle.  Once they did, he zipped over, grabbed the same, and checked out.  Here it is:

La Vieille Ferme Cotes du Ventoux Rouge 2006 - just a nice fruity, medium bodied table wine at a nice price.  And I like the pictures of the chickens.


  1. I love that wine - although I am not sure if it is because of the great label, or that it is french... I can be wine-shallow... :)

  2. I love that story and I am going to try that wine.

  3. AH! I get their Rose wine (really lovely red flavor, but without the headache!).

    If you can find the Rose, chill it to white wine temp, and it's perfect for a summer dinner--goes with pasta, chicken, fish (yes, I've even had it with a hamburger). And with chocolate cake. ;)

  4. I like your little cupcake sign. :)

  5. thank you all for stopping by! KatyO I will look for the rose & chill it... I had a great Rose somewhere once... I think it was Argentinian... that was sooo good! yes perfect for a summer dinner al fresco. thanks Julie - that's from a little shop in Snohomish WA a couple years ago. :)

  6. Now that is just as good of a method as I've ever heard for choosing wine. It's just ahead of mine-- find a pretty picture. I am a sucker for a nice label! Thank you so, so, so much for the mention! You are wonderful!! :D

  7. This sounds yummy. I am too, a "sucker for a nice label" as seaglass mom said! I love my cheapo Little Penguin Chardonney, too!!

  8. i'll have to try that!

    great blog!


  9. Great story! I love wine, but know almost nothing. I like most reds...especially Chianti.

    I try to pick a wine from somewhere I have been in Italy.... brings back good memories. Right now I am into Montepulciano wines - some really good ones for a moderate price. You can get them at TJ's too.

    If all else fails.... I am a sucker for good label too. :)

    My best wine recommendation really - watch the Movie ~ SIDEWAYS. It is one of my all time faves - great vino humor.

  10. SGM & mrs.a - a pretty or unique label goes a long way with me too. There is one that Target carries called "Middle Sister" with the cutest little drawings! Can't remember what it tasted like but I'll buy it again!
    Zarna - thank you!
    Mindy - I agree on the memories from travel - a great way to pick wine! And I was JUST thinking about that movie - I haven't seen it yet but want too. Also Bottleshock... it's hard to get around to watching a whole movie these days!

  11. I love the cupcake sign too! My mother and I have an obsession with cute, vintage 'looking' signs and would like to start my own collection.. Plus cupcakes are my guilty pleasure =)

    I am from WA and will be moving back in July.. Do you remember which shop in Snohomish or a place similar you think might have cupcake signs?

    (Sorry I have no input regarding wine.. I'm a beginner)

  12. Hill, I just looked on the back of the sign and the tag is still on it! I got it at Queen Bee (and it was $34.95). The artist is Angela Shtaehling and there is a website I also love the shops Joyworks and Haley's Cottage. Hope your move goes well! :)