Friday, April 3, 2009

Quick Shopping Report

First of all - I could have worn my huaraches today.  Once I got about a mile out of town the light dusting of snow was gone and the sun started to show.  Luckily I had my rarely-used-as-of-late sunglasses in the bag I was carrying - it is now bright and beautiful out there!

Anthropologie was jam-packed with sale items but I didn't find much to try on... I only purchased the Meridian Blouse, pictured below.  It has such a flattering fit with the wide, piped waistband!   As soon as it warms up just a tad I'll be wearing it... I'm thinking with my J Crew Claire pants or some cafe capris (and it looks like I'll be needing to buy some TB Revas in navy sooner rather than later! :) ).  I tried it on with a couple cardis but I want the sailor collar to show and it just didn't look right to me pulled out over the cardigans.  There were lots of cute little earrings... I could have bought 5 pairs.  But I practiced self-control and just purchased the adorable little yellow enamel ones shown below... and I plan to wear them with this blouse, among other things this Spring and Summer.  Perfect.

At J Crew I tried a few things... but even with my 25% off card, I came away empty handed.  What I really want to get are some non-denim pants and I am kind of between sizes in the cafe capris and chambray cocktail capris.  I am definitely going to try them on again before the coupon, excuse me Crewpon, expires and make a size decision for summer.  They had tons of promotions by the way... little signs were up everywhere and I can't even remember what they all were!

Anthropologie Meridian Blouse - was $88.00, now $39.95

I believe these are the Little Larsen Posts ($28.00) - they don't show yellow on the website

This is the back of the blouse - I love the three little button detailing!


  1. Oh la la. I am LOVING the blouse and earrings. Xoxo-BLC

  2. That blouse is so fabulous. And I love the earrings! Excellent finds!

  3. Super-cute! Can't wait to see it on!!

  4. LOVE the blouse, and the earrings are adorable...can't wait to see pics of them on you! :)