Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's J Crew Visit: Hit and Miss

First the "miss":  I went downtown today fully expecting to come back home with my hot little hands on some new Jackies.  My store had stacks and stacks... in all colors... except... Desert Brown.  Which I neeeeeeed after making a Polyvore with it and my rolling ruffles tank!  Also, the Misty Lavender stack had dwindled but I searched through it only to find that every last one was a Large.  They called another store I could drive to and they were also out!  Apparently the misty lavender is selling through quickly.  I don't know what's up with the desert brown!  And the shells are internet/catalog only which I didn't realize!

They offered to call and have them sent to my house, but then they would not let me use my 25% off red card... after receiving two beautiful Jackie-look-a-likes from AT Loft yesterday at $24.50 a pop I just couldn't commit to a full price order then and there... I am going to have to mull this over.

Now the "hit":  As the rolling ruffles tank went on sale and I had just purchased it, Ashley over at Love It! had recommended that I get a price adjustment.  (Thanks Ashley!)  My tank was also missing the tie when I purchased it (noticed when I got home) so I had brought it along to see if they could also give me a tie.  They said that with the missing tie it was considered "defective", so to return it and purchase one of their tanks that had a tie - at the lower price.  So that made me happy!  I was trying to convince myself that I didn't mind the tie missing... but you know what, I did.  And luckily this store had several blush and several ivory tanks!

I also purchased a pair of Cafe Capris in the tan color... I bought navy last week along with the rose cocktail capris and I just love these pants!  The Cafe Capris ($79.50) are still on promo at $59.50 + 25% off + price adjustment from tank = I only spent $34.12 plus tax today (at J Crew).

One cute find on the (crowded to the maximum) Anthropologie sale racks!  Stay tuned!

Does everyone have this but me?! ;)
J Crew's Misty Lavender Jackie (sigh), J Crew's picture


  1. Nope------I was in my J Crew store last night, (funny how we end up going at the same time, huh?!!) and i did not see ONE lavender jackie. I did look at the Desert Brown....but couldn't pay full price for it....yet. So, im waiting. However, I did purchase one of the Rumpled French Terry Cardigans----these are listed for $59 online----I got mine for $25, with my teacher discount! In the pink color,which I loooovvvee!! I thought that was quite the score, considering that color is full price online!! I think you need either the brown or lavender cardi, but maybe wait to see if they go online, on sale...?? I think you would get a LOT of use out of the brown color the most....but where are they??!!!

  2. Very good find!! The associate helping me last week was wearing the rumpled cardi and it was sooo cute on her! You got a great deal! ...Yes I know... now I must have that brown cardi! I think it will also go great with my DVF top I scored at the Rack! It is "in my cart" online with the lavender shell but my total doesn't even qualify for a free ship code so I am waiting. I will probably visit a J Crew one more time before my red card expires at the end of the month and just do a red-phone call if I have to!

  3. I got my Lavender Jackie delivered yesterday, that I ordered via red phone on Friday - with the 25% card. You could try calling customer service and asking them. Or try another store, or just another SA at your regular store. I am planning to go to mine tomorrow. Do you want me to see if they have your size and hold it? Not sure if you can use the 25% off that way or not...

    But very excited that you got price adj on the rolling ruffles tank (that was SO cute on you) and the capris. Can't wait to see your Anthro find, too!!

  4. hmmm... I think I am going to try the other store near me and I will ask there if I can use the red phone + card if they don't get a replen... the guy today told me they were getting more merchandise in next Thursday! Don't know if that is new stuff or may include some of what they have sold through. Thank you for the offer though! I wonder if there is going to be a new promo starting May 1? I bet they've had a little surge in sales with all the 25% off cards out there and that ends on the 30th! I'm really hoping for another % off full price deal! One that can be used online would be awesome. :)