Thursday, April 9, 2009


CWD Kids got me again!  

My 5 year old wants a "panda" themed birthday (not till June, but we are planners!).  She likes panda bears, and when she saw these cupcakes, it was all over:

photograph and fabulous idea from Karen Tack & Alan Richardson's amazing book Hello, Cupcake!

So, I am going to make these and somehow pull off a Panda Bear Party.  

Anyway, I had been eyeing some cute little brother/sister panda outfits for party-wear in the CWD Kids catalog, so when they sent me a 15% off coupon code today (CFWSAV good through 4/13), I surfed on over to their site and found that a couple of the outfits had already been marked down and the code is good for sale items too.  So... these cuties are on their way!

dress for the birthday girl, swing top set for her big sister, tee for her little brother
CWD Kids' clothes, CWD Kids' picture

And one more thing... she's going to love this - how cute!

Sara's Prints' ruffled nightgown, CWD Kids' picture


  1. OMG------these sets are adorable!!!!!! I can't believe you found matching panda outfits for your kiddies. That is SO awesome, love them!!! You are a good mommy:)

  2. I *so* want a panda cupcake too!

  3. Those cupcakes so so freaking cute. I love it.

  4. Those cupcakes are too cute. P.S I recently had to go private but would love to send you an invite. I couldn't find an email address on here but if you'd like to follow along please email me at and I'll send you an invite!

  5. How cute! I love the nightgown, too. :)

  6. thanks mrsanketell :) cwd has the cutest things.

    This book is wonderful! If you haven't seen it and like cupcakes, take a look... easy instructions for making just about everything... sharks, penguins, circus theme, garden, snowmen... amazing!

    Lou Lou - thank you - I sent an email & also added email to my profile.

  7. Hi,

    I popped over to say HI!

    The cupcakes are so cute! You are going to have fun planning this party! It would be neat to use bamboo flatware and plates (Panda's favorite food). My friends carried in their shop at one time these cute little bright asian coin purses that not only would make a great party favor, but placecard holders. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


    Have a golden weekend! xoxo

  8. Joyce - thank you for the ideas! Love the idea of incorporating bamboo and some bright Asian fabrics! Little coin purses would be too cute. :)

  9. SO glad you found our cute pandawear. My daughter loves the panda nightgown too!

    I hope you had a great Easter.

    Ashley, with CWDkids