Friday, April 24, 2009

{super quick} OOD 4.24.09

I snapped a couple quick shots of today's OOD before I ran the kids to school and zipped to J Crew!  Yes I found a few great things... a lot going on this afternoon but hopefully I can put together some pics of my "new arrivals" purchases and give an update by this evening!

J Crew rolling ruffles tank in the pink color and cotton cardi in Snow, Paige Premium denim, Michael Kors Reese slides, F21 pink pearl necklace


  1. Very cute outfit! How do you like your Paige jeans? I just tried a pair on last week and was wondering how they hold up? My Joe's stretch out too much and are falling off by the end of the day. I am starting the jean hunt again! Love that F21 necklace too. What a good find!

  2. Thank you Dina!
    Sea Glass Mom - I love my Paiges! I have Joes also and yes, mine stretch out to quite baggy by the end of the day! My Paiges don't seem to do that. I also like Hudson & Seven but would have to look at what the specific styles are... I have heard fabulous things about William Rast but don't have any (yet!) Nordstrom Rack is usually a fabulous place to buy jeans if you have one of those nearby!

  3. Big fan of William Rast, and if you (seaglass) live around Danvers, MA---there is a Nordstrom Rack where I bought my William Rast jeans!!
    Sparrows: Love the outfit! What a relaxed, but cute outfit for Friday. Love the sandals, love the pedicure....finally got one myself today!! Can't wait to see more polyvore sets with what you got recently from jcrew........hey, didn't you find a cute skirt at Target, too??!!

  4. How funny, I wore almost the same outfit today (I went to a girlfriend lunch): rolling ruffle tank in natural (first time that I wear it, just got it on sale), Seven jeans and Michelle cardi. I prefer the rolling ruffle tank tucked in the jeans, I think it's more flattering.
    What style are the Paige that you're wearing? I have a paire of Laurel Canyon and LOVE them.

    Can't wait to see what you picked at the B&M, I just got the new catalog.

  5. mrs.a - I need to try some Wm Rast! Yes, I got two cute skirts at Target, $19.99 each... very J Crew looking! I will try to get a post up this weekend! :)
    Ema - it's so funny the things in common... I never run into anyone around here wearing the J Crew things I have but you all are out there buying up the same stuff! My Paiges are Hollywood Hills. I love them too. :) The new catalog has some great ideas. And I really like 3 or 4 of the swimsuits.

  6. After seeing you and Ashley with the rolling ruffles tank, I actually got one last week - but then returned it yesterday because, much as I loved it on both of you, it just didn't work on me. the color, especially, was particularly blah against my skin (I got it in natural). So I ended up with the rosette tee in white - which works for me much better. And I will just admire you and Ashley looking totally fab in your RR tanks

  7. I know - the style and colors of the RR are not for everyone. I am glad you found the rosette! It is a great tee. I saw the white and it was beautiful - but they didn't have my size. I love white tees!