Friday, April 3, 2009

OOD 4.3.09 Hermes & Huaraches

Alright, so yesterday I had big plans for my Crewpon and Anthropologie, when, just as I was about to merge onto the highway during a torential  downpour, the school's name popped up on my Blackberry and I took the next exit and turned around.  

My little Kindergartener had said her tummy was bothering her earlier that morning but I thought she would be okay... no fever... well, not 10 minutes after I left her classroom my poor baby threw up all over her desk.  So no shopping for me yesterday.  Good news is by 10:30 she was completely fine and bouncing around the house happily.  

So today I will try again!  Last night I put together another little basic outfit - Forth & Towne white shirt, jeans, and ivory cable cardi from J Crew... livened up a little with my pink Hermes "Royal Mews" scarf, purchased ages ago, and - since it's technically no longer winter - my Michael Kors huarache sling back wedges.  Love the little bit of height from the wooden wedge and the casual woven styling.  

I thought I could refuse to wear my rain shoes... but I woke up this morning to a thin dusting of snow on the ground.  Snow.  Again.  It's April 3rd!  So, for real life, I will revise my footwear to warm socks and Burberry rain boots but I am keeping the Polyvore the same and I will try this exact look again later!

(not actually wearing today... but as soon as the snow & rain clear up these babies are going out!)


  1. Love the outfit, gorgeous scarf! Love ivory and white together! I know exactly what you mean about the school popping up on the BB - happens to me more than I would like. Good luck getting your outing in today - I have plans for JC returns/exchanges tomorrow.

  2. Those shoes are so cute! Have fun shopping. :)

  3. Good luck on shopping trip, hope your son's party went well yesterday! Love the shoes!!! Are they comfy to walk in??

  4. I had to revise my wardrobe again! It's cold and raining so no cute shoes for me either. I think i will pull out my burberry rain boots too! BTW, anything looks fab with a Hermes scarf! Hope your little one is feeling better.

  5. Tres chic & preppy! I love it. I have always wanted a Hermes scarf, I am so jealous! Looks beautiful on you. Have fun shopping!

  6. I love that scarf look! And those shoes... to die for!

  7. Heidi - thanks & good luck tomorrow!
    KatyO & Emily & Julie - thanks so much!
    Shopaholicdiva - she is feeling so much better, thank you!
    MrsAnketell - the party is actually tonight! so much to do... The shoes are pretty comfy. They have elastic on the back and fit me perfectly. I did read some reviews that they slip off the back but mine don't :)

  8. How do those shoes run? I wear a 9.5 in J.Crew and 10+ in nicer brands.

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Leslie Ann - I found these to be TTS. I wear 8.5 almost across the board - in Coach, Steve Madden, Tory Burch, Target - I did find one pair of Michael Kors - the Cabana espadrille, where I had to size down half a size but these were spot on for me in 8.5.