Thursday, April 23, 2009

OOD 4.23.09

Our two days of beautiful Spring weather were lovely while they lasted!  Today it is gray, cold and wet and I am totally uninspired to put together an outfit because I want to dress for summer so I just browsed through my Polyvore sets and am wearing this:

Except... in all my excitement to look at my new spring pedicure all day long the past two days - the lovely, shiny, sparkly thong sandals I've been wearing have given me a blister.  So, Uggs it is.  I won't bother with an IRL!  I did wear this same outfit last month in my Honey, Navy and Knotted Pearls post.  

It was funny, last time I wore this, a Kindergartener asked me why my necklace was all "tangled up" so I got to explain knotted pearls :)  Today I am just switching it up with a turtle necklace from last year's collection at Old Navy.

So now I am off to get my three darlings fed and off to school, and spend a couple hours volunteering at Kindergarten.  

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!  I am greatly looking forward to shopping the new arrivals at J Crew in the next few days!!


  1. This is one of my favorites outfits you have put together~I tried to duplicate your look with what I have in my closet! Benefits of having Polyvore---just when you think you don't have a THING to wear, tada! Look through Polyvore! Happy Thursday!!

  2. Polyvore is great! I spend too much time on it, but I really do save time in the morning (and my husband commented that I don't go through several outfits before leaving the house LOL) It makes it easier to get dressed quickly in the am, that's for sure! Have a great day :)

  3. You look good. What a funny comment from the kiddie. Your turtlenecklace is so cute.

  4. Great outfit! Comfy but stylish

  5. I love the turtle pendant! I'm actually wearing the opposite-- navy cardi and yellow t. I love your blog and your Polyvores inspire me!

  6. Sea Glass Mom, thanks so much for the compliments! I love navy and yellow together :)