Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Korres Promo

Have I mentioned I love Korres?  I've only tried a handful of their products but from what I've tried I am definitely a fan - especially their lipwear and silicone-free primer.  I just recently placed an order with StyleBakery's code (STYLEBAKERY - through Sept. 15th) which got me 30% off my entire order, which was my second tube of primer and some fabbie new lipcolors for Fall!  

I also just got an email on a new promo: a full size cherry oil lip gloss in Lt. Pink (love!) and free shipping with your $25. order.  The offer is good today through Friday, Sept. 4th.

Korres' lipwear, Korres' photo
I bought this great little set at Sephora this summer and have really been so happy with all the products



  1. Thank you!!! I love the Kierra silicone free primer too! This is very timely!

  2. Oh my, I just realized how bad this comment was typed. i was on my phone at work! I meant to say I love the KORRES primer! I placed my order today. Thanks again!

  3. oh that's so funny... I was thinking I need to look up the Kierra primer LOL

  4. I am a korres fan too! I got stuck overnight in Munich and had to buy some emergency provisions at the drugstore so decided to give this a try. next time try the watermelon scrub. It is fantastic! I also got the cucumber make up wipes and they were divine as well. Everything they have is very natural and really good for the skin.

  5. Jemma Ruby - thanks for the recommendations! I will look for them. I agree, everything I've tried has impressed me :)