Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Coolest Target I've Ever Seen {+ A Peacock Blouse}

So the day before we flew back to Seattle, my parents took us to the coolest Target I've ever seen.  Now, I've been to Super Targets, and I'm sure this is neither the biggest Target nor the only one like this... but I was impressed!  There is an actual Target parking deck underneath... and the coolest, coolest "carts-only" escalator.  This store is in East Cobb, near Marietta, Georgia.

"Target Red" elevators in the parking deck

people to the left, carts to the right

there goes a cart! (am I easily amused?)

I actually didn't buy anything - possibly since I had had several recent shopping trips to Target and they didn't seem to have much new Fall merchandise out... but I did find a cute little blousey peacock top back here home from vacation.  I think it stood out to me because of all the gorgeous blue and green (and peacock-y)  Lilly I've been looking at lately!  Just a fun little top.  It is sheer - you'll need a cami - and I think it will be cute with black Cafe Capris and ballet flats.

Mossimo Top/Blue/248231 $19.99
Happy Wednesday!



  1. I've been to this one and remember feeling the same way! Such a cool place!

  2. Ah - they have one like that in Buckhead as well. I used to go there when visiting my in-laws before they built the new Target in Alpharetta. Its actually kind of a PITA to really shop in LOL. Esp if you are like me, and remember the soap right before getting in line, and then have to take the stupid cart escalator back to the other floor to get it. Ugh.

  3. That's like the Northgate Target. I was in awe of the cart escalator the first time I saw it. :)

  4. I need to stop coming to your are dangerous with these beautiful items you find. LOVE the top!

    BTW, one of our local targets (springfield, va) has that cool escalator thing. I LOVE IT! Real fun...

  5. I knew I had seen that peacock print before:

    Hmm...20 versus 200?

    Go Target!

  6. I went to a Target like this in LA once, but didn't know ATL had ones like this too. I so want to go to the ginormous Targets in Minneapolis. Love seeing the snippets of your vacation!!! :)

  7. Love that top! I am digging all things peacock atm. I started to LOL at the cart escalator bit since they're all over NYC and the burbs until I remembered being amazed at them myself. Those inventors -- what won't they think of next??!?

  8. wow Dina - interesting!
    MLG - I'm flying to Minneapolis tomorrow! Hmmmm.....
    The New Black - I haven't been to Northgate in forever! I didn't realize that Target was like this too!
    Thank you Roxy, Gigi, Bianca & Rachel for stopping by! :)

  9. What a cool Target! It's so fun to find a store you love that's different.

  10. omg, i would LOVE to go in this Target!!!!! I would need at least three hours, though, alone, to peruse the store. What heaven:) Love the top, so cute, did you get it?

  11. I LOVE that top--totally reminds me of the new Milly fall print. My Target has the cart escalator too--isn't it great?!