Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheapie Boyfriend Jeans Two Ways {And My New Fall Lipwear Arrived!}

So I'm a little late to the boyfriend trend, although I'm pretty sure I remember wearing jeans like this sometime in the 90's.  Anyway, on Monday I was shopping Nordstrom Rack with my mom. (My brother's car window was just smashed and his suitcase stolen in NY where he is visiting and they got lots of good stuff including his clothes so my mom wanted to find some things for him.)  While we were there I noticed a rack of Vigoss boyfriend jeans... they pretty much look like most of the boyfriend jeans out there - distressed, rolled cuffs - but were priced under $30.  So I picked up a pair.  I like that where they are cuffed is tapered so it is a nice neat cuff and I don't have to "fold and roll".  I wore them yesterday, pairing them with a couple different jacket/shoe combos for errands/shopping and then dinner out.

J Crew Crocodile Cocktail Jacket, Target tank in lt. pink, Vigoss jeans, Jeffrey Campbell flats

mac & jac jacket purchased recently at Nordstrom, ON tank in black, Vigoss jeans, Tory Burch Revas in black

Also - a little box from Korres arrived yesterday and I'm delighted!  

I am trying to fit in my first Fall mani/pedi (OPI Give Me Moor - my little bottle is ready and waiting) so I have also been thinking about some darker colors for my lips.  I ordered: 

Mango Lip Butter Lipstick in Natural Brown #36.  On my computer screen, this color looks horrible - I would never have ordered it without seeing it in person. IRL it is lovely... a very natural, soft, everyday color.  I also ordered this in Naked Rose for my mom because she likes pinks, saw it and really liked the shade.  It is very pretty.

Guava Lipstick in Wine Red.  This is in a thinner tube.  It feels a little less moisturizing than the super-soft Mango Butter lipstick but still glides on smoothly & feels great.  It has a more intense, pigmented color.  

Cherry Lip Gloss in Plum #27.  My 4th shade in this formula - I obviously love it.  Adds a nice plummy shine over lipstick or alone.

I also ordered my second tube of the Face Primer.  I love that it is silicone-free.  Korres also let me choose 3 samples with my order so I'll be trying out the Body Butter Guava, Wild Rose Mask, and Yoghurt Cream Moisturizing Cream soon.

Happy Wednesday!



  1. love your boyfriend jeans. i only recently got into it too and i am loving it!
    i have to try korres, the shades look really yummy.

  2. I love Vigoss jeans. Nice score. I forgot about The Rack. Thanks for posting.

  3. You have the exact same granite that I have in my kitchen! I have my laptop sitting on it and it was so funny to see matching granite in your photos! Love it.

  4. I need new jeans really bad! I haven't tried the boyfriend jeans yet. They're cute on you!

    Heading to mill creek town center this morning! xo

    ps let's get together soon okay???

  5. wow, what a find, great jeans at 30 USD! I found once some at target for 11 bucks and I wore those to pieces. Sometimes cheap is just as good as the name brands! Report back on the yougurt cream moisturizer please - I always wanted to try that but I am waiting for my others to finish. I am such a product junkie!

  6. love the watch (or bracelet) that you are wearing in the pictures. where did you get it?

  7. I love the jackets! Perfect for fall. And yes, where did you get that watch?

  8. ina - thanks! yes, love Korres!
    gigi - my 1st pair - love them. They had loads at The Rack
    Melli - too funny! I love this granite - Venetian Gold, right? :)
    Lissa - Yes!! Hope you had a great time in MC & thanks :)
    Jemma Ruby - I agree :) and yes I will - can't wait to try it.
    Christina & Katherine - thank you! The watch is the Michele Deco Diamond Hubby gave it to me for my birthday last year and I have worn it almost every day since! :)

  9. Love the jeans--------i have bought jeans at the Rack and love them, so i will check these out. Love how you styled them:) Esp. with the new mac/jac jacket--super cute!! And i really want some new tory flats for fall, loving your black ones. I am so excited to be reading your posts again!!!!!! (esp. your finds, and your OOTD's)

  10. oh, you tweeted that you wore your new fall sweater, which one is that??

  11. mrs.a - thank you! It's Eddie Bauer... had to go back to get that ruffle blouse in ivory and just got a basic wool sweater but in a color different from any I have. I'll do an OOD. :)

  12. Thank you for the watch info-- that's one sweet watch. And a very sweet husband too!

  13. Love the jeans and love the fall lippies. I did try on some of their shades at Sephora the other day and will probably stroll back sometime to purchase - like you said before, they are organic, and that's always a good thing with lip products.

  14. I am a lover of Jeffrey Campbell flats too. Love both the flats and the Mac & Jack jacket. If you don't mind, I'm going to have to check out Nordstrom for that one.. cute!