Tuesday, September 15, 2009

OPI Tickle My France-y

I've had this polish for a few weeks - I purchased after reading HeidiG's review.  So today after a fun week with OPI's Give Me Moor on fingers and toes, I took in my Tickle My France-y for a manicure.  The color on me looks lighter and less gray than it does in the bottle.  I took a couple of pics - the second with more natural light - as I felt it was a little difficult to get the color in a photo.

I think this is a great color for transition and Fall when you are feeling like something soft but not too sheer or pink:



  1. Ohh I think it looks very pretty! I love how neutral and natural it looks.

  2. Love the name!! I also love how soft and feminine it looks.

  3. Love it on you. Isn't it such a great color? I almost put it on again last night, but I had Suzi Skis on my fingers previously and needed something a teeny bit darker (so I went with Essie Chinchilly - which is just opaque gray so it was perfect). probable will be pulling this one out again soon.