Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some J Crew Try-Ons I Forgot About. And a Charlotte Russe Necklace.

Here are some Atlanta J Crew try-ons I had forgotten about:

mohair sweater with the dog tee

necklace from Charlotte Russe - just $7.99 - I bought this

leafy top from Talbots'  - I bought this also, on sale for around $29.99

So I have a crazy busy morning and then we are flying out to Minneapolis this afternoon (please, hotel, have Bravo TV!!).  We are going to my cousin's wedding and will be seeing lots of extended family (some of whom I haven't seen since 2001... some little ones I've never met... and of course my children will be meeting lots of family for the first time as my oldest was born in Fall of 2001!) 

I'll be taking along my mac and camera of course... hoping for a little trip to Mall of America.  My mom told me there is something at J Crew she needs to get... ummm... I think I'll join her! :)

Happy Thursday!



  1. I can't decide if I like the wool pleated-silk Chimera jacket. One you it looks great. I think I will need to try it on in person and decide. Great find on the Charlotte Russe necklace!

  2. I live in WI but I am only about 50 miles from the twin cities of MN! Enjoy your shopping trip to the MOA!! FYI, Southdale mall (in Edina) is only about 5 minutes from the MOA and they have a HUGE J.Crew there! :) I am hoping to make a trip to the Southdale J.Crew on Friday night! :-P

    Thanks for sharing your IRL pictures- I always enjoy seeing them!

    Have fun at the wedding!

  3. have a good trip!
    love the first picture with the dog tee and the mohair sweater. did you buy it?

  4. thanks Emily - I'm not quite sure about it either (esp at full price)
    MMM - thanks so much. & thanks for the info on Southdale!!
    Ina - thanks :) I didn't but I am thinking I may get the mohair in Mpls.

  5. Great pieces! I tried on the jacket, looks nice on you, and I loved it on the hanger, but on me it didn't look that great. I have that Talbots leaf top in black and really like it; I will have to wear it this weekend! I tried to buy the green also but it was sold out in my size. Have a great time on your trip!!

  6. I forgot to mention, there is NO tax on clothing in MN! YAY!! That's why I don't mind traveling 50 miles to buy clothes! :-P

  7. I think tkhe gray mohair sweater looks awesome on you-----with the doggie tee. Not too crazy about that jacket you tried on, and i LOVE the necklace and green top you got!!! Super stylish!! Have fun at your cousin's wedding and seeing lots of family!

  8. Love the mohair cardi (must get around to trying that one on) and LOVE that Charlotte Russe necklace - so pretty.

  9. I bought the same necklace in black! For $8, I couldn't resist!