Monday, August 3, 2009

Sun & Sand

No, I'm not lounging at the beach, but today I've been reminded of gorgeous days spent in the surf.

I'd never bought Yankee Candles before, but I was in Hallmark and saw a wall of them, and just couldn't resist Sun & Sand and Beach Walk. Yankee describes S&S as "sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender, and powdery musk"... to me it just smells like Florida! And suntan lotion. Beach Walk is salt water and citrus. A perfect combo.


  1. I LOVE Yankee Candles! My mom always had them burning in our house when I was growing up so now when I see or smell them I always think of her :) I love all of their fall/winter scents--spiced pumpkin is my favorite! I've never smelled Sun & Sand or Beach Walk but they sound amazing. Perfect scents for summer!

  2. The scent sounds relaxing. :-)

  3. Yankee is one of my favorite brands. The scents you purchased sound perfect for summer! You should try the Spiced Pumpkin in the fall. One candle will make your entire house smell yummy.

  4. These scents come in a 3-pack, all beachy scents, of car fresheners & I just bought them for my car! I can't remember the name of the 3d but they're all nice.

    *SO* glad it's cooler around here!

    Oh...I notice your Neverfull bag in the previous post. I'm considering an LV purchase but I wonder how they do in the (usually) rainy climate of Washington. What's your experience?


  5. it sounds like I should try the Spiced Pumpkin in a couple months! thanks Law & Fashion & Jill :)
    Lottie - I should look for those too. My LV Neverfull has done great! I have carried it tons since I got it this past winter, including in light rain and it's been fine. I also have a Speedy in the Damier which has a darker/smoother leather trim and it has been great too. I love LV and wouldn't hesitate to carry one out and about in our weather! :)

  6. i have Sun and Sand for summer, always!! cute candle holders, btw:)